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319 W Main St Ste 4, Lansdale, USA


03 Dec 2007

"We don't sell products, we sell education" states the owner of Arnold's Way. And, if the vibe of the cafe does anything, it depicts the owner's personality quite well.

On a raw food journey into the Northeast, my girlfriend and I sped from Cape May, NJ to Landsdale, PA in order to eat here before it closed. Arnold was kind enough to stay open late and fix us our meal of raw burgers and steak (made with seeds, nuts, and beets) and the delicious berry banana whips. The book collection on raw food was one of the best I have seen, and we were delighted to spend even more money there upon exiting.

Having been in business for 16 years, and 9 of them as a raw cafe, this place is doing something right. This will be one of the most memorable stops on our trip.

405 E 6th St, New York City, USA

utterly disappointing

03 Dec 2007

My girlfriend and I, on day 2 of our raw journey through New York City, decided to stop here on this place's reputation alone. It had a lot of potential, west-coast vibe, jazz band playing. Seemed like a cool hangout spot.

The wait staff was clueless, and having been a waiter for 15 years, I am well aware of what this entails. B.S.-ing your way through menu items that you haven't read is one way to incite the ire of customers, and then not finding out the answers and just blowing us off was mistake #2. Somehow, long after our appetizer was done and waiting for our entree order to be taken, we were given an even MORE clueless server, whose answer to a question as "difficult" as "what's in the cabbage wrap?" was (and no, I'm not making this up) "um, nuts .... and more nuts, and some dehydrated veggies"

Wow. Insightful.

The problem ensued when we found out that she may have to see if the kitchen was closed, since there was such a wait between someone coming to our table to order appetizers and entrees. That went over REALLY well, as one could imagine.

The live menu was sizable, which is a plus, but the dishes were not worth the money, and the dessert menu was not handed to us until after we paid our bill.

Word on the street is that the management is unstable, and they do not use organic ingredients like the menu states. Other customers from various NYC restaurants who have eaten at Caravan have shared similar experiences with inept staff and bland food, and have vowed not to return. A note to the owner Angel: neither will we.

17 Hypolita St, St Augustine, USA

vegan & raw friendly

24 Mar 2008

I was fortunate enough to eat their guacamole and even tried their black bean soup. Both were superb. I finished off with a tropical salad (which had shrimp - but they served my dish without it) of greens, oranges, mango, tomatoes, avocado, with their homemade orange dressing.

They also have a juice bar, and they can make live smoothies upon request. All of their ingredients are organic, making this stop here even more rewarding.

I can't wait to return.

1521 Griffith Park Blvd, Los Angeles, USA

raw delights

15 Nov 2007

I have been to raw restaurants all around the world, and Cru is in my Top 3. The atmosphere has an almost rustic aura to it, classy but not too stuffy. The menu is ecelctic and pleasing to the eye, and the spicing of the food is not overdone. The desserts were worth having seconds by their own merit. When in California again, Cru will be a frequent stop for me.

116 Suffolk St, New York City, USA

raw foods galore!

11 Dec 2007

A neat little shop that offers cafe style seating to eat some of their pre-packaged items. Nice little place to get away from typical dining experiences. Plus, one of the most comprehensive selection of books and DVD's aimed at the raw movement. Nice work.

54 Irving Place, New York City, USA

raw delight

03 Dec 2007

Day 3 of a raw journey for my girlfriend and I had us visit the legendary Pure Food & Wine. Expensive? Yes, but most of my items were worth the price. The only thing I found outrangeous was the $13 for my soup (which was interesting, to say the least) but I wanted to try something from all three courses, and so the Butternut squash soup it was.

On the entree front, I had a corn tamale with a raw BBQ sauce that was otherworldly. My girlfriend had the Chantrelle mushroom dish which was even better than mine. The finale of the night were the desserts, me with the ice cream sundae - hands down the best raw ice cream experience I have yet to gorge myself upon. And she had the flan - not gelatin like, but tasty and just what we needed.

The atmosphere is upscale (but not stuffy) as we dressed up, but there were people in jeans, including the wait staff. Surrounded by some of the best restaurants in NYC just north of the East Village, Pure Food & Wine holds its weight with just about any of them.

The only drawback was the lack of a juicebar. Every drink had alcohol in it (sake), and only a few could be virgin. The nice part about raw restaurants is the move towards nut shakes and juice drinks. Hopefully PF&W will gravitate towards this.

In all, this restaurant remains second to Quintessence in the NYC raw restaurant scene ... but a trip well worth it if money and time permits.

2796 E Point St, East Point, USA

best in town

15 Nov 2007

I have been to all of the raw restaurants in Atlanta, and Lov'n It Live surpasses all of them. They made a raw sausage out of walnuts, and I swear it was like eating the sausage from a pizza (it's been quite few years since I've tasted anything like THAT) The lighting was a bit bright for dinner, but these just minor complaints for a job well done (as opposed to a job medium rare)

The pumpkin seed and Irish Moss ice cream was like something out of an ice cream machine on the Jersey Shore Boardwalk. I will be back to this wonderful place every time I visit Atlanta.

263 E 10th St, New York City, USA


03 Dec 2007

It is a privaledge and a pleasure to be the first person to review this restaurant. My girlfriend and I took a raw foods voyage into the Northeast, and this ws our first stop in New York City. We came back for food twice more before our short 5 days in New York City ended.

The first evening was dinner, upon which we shared a caviar parfait, replete with chia seeds and tofu made from Irish Moss (aptly titled "fofu"). The next dish was the best one I think I ever had - a raw sausage pizza. I had been pining over the pizza menu with this restaurant, and the walnut sausage tasted exactly like how I remember it. The dessert consisted of their raw pumpkin pie with cashew nut cream.

We followed with lunch a few days later, and then brunch on the morning we had to catch our plane back to Florida. The brunch menu had fofu benedict and fofu Florentine - superb and creative beyond words.

Quintessence has been operating as a raw venture since 1999, the oldest and longest running kind in the city. Raw Soul, Pure Food & Wine, and even Organic Avenue offer superb choices for the raw lifestyle - Quintessence, however, trumps them all. A spectacular dining experience each time.

224 W King St, St Augustine, USA

my favorite raw experience

15 Nov 2007

I have traveled far and wide looking for raw restaurants to please my senses, and the Present Moment Cafe is #1 on my list, by far. Yvette has masterfully created a space worthy of repeat visits. And the raw cashew ice cream! Oh my!

I believe Northeast Florida's raw movement is exapnding daily, and the Present Moment's mission to keep creating this live cuisine will be at the forefront of that expansion.

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