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Shop 1033 Westpoint Shopping Centre, 17 Patrick St, Blacktown

Good Find

13 May 2012

Owned by the same people who own Dr Earth in Newtown, and if you ask nicely they can get stock out from the Newtown store. A great option for greater western vegans.

331 Church St, Parramatta

It's the vibe

03 Mar 2013

They do soy coffees and there is always items on the menu which are vegan and/or veganisable, although as with most non vegan establishments if you would like a vegan sweet or dessert you're out of luck.

The food and coffee are good but not great. It does have couches, art and a rather chillaxed vibe to it - that's what I go there for more than the food and drink.

85 Bronte Rd, Bondi Junction

Nice raw food, beware the woo

01 Dec 2013

The raw food and desserts are good but as a scientist I don't feel comfortable in the presence of so much anti scientific products and literature. Although I guess I shouldn't be surprised - I do know that some raw foodies have ideas about nutrition which are at best unorthodox, and at worst seem not to relate to any biochemistry I learned at uni.

Go for some different and tasty vegan food wise and don't look at the shelves. Or read the menu too hard.

Alpha G01/5 Celbration Drive, Baulkham Hills

Fun with mock meat

03 Mar 2013

Have eaten in once and had take away once. They have an extensive selection of c.95% vegan bhuddist foods, it would take years to work your way through all the options.

There are a lot of mock meat on the menu, but there are still some options for those who avoid mock meat.

The dessert menu is small and is mostly non-vegan. I tried one of the vegan cakes once and was unimpressed. But the entrees and mains I have tried were well worth it.

The location is out of the way in the Norwest industrial estate, on the lake. You have to drive to get there.

Shop 2, 144-148 Glenayr Ave, Bondi Beach, Bondi

If you want to pull a vegan woman, buy her a pie.

01 Dec 2013

The first time I met my partner, he bought me a funky pie. So this place has great sentimental value, and we still go there together occasionally for the memories and the pies, even though he has moved from Bondi to the inner west.

The pies are quite tasty, and there's nothing like a pie with potato and mushy peas on a cold day. I'm just classy like that. I haven't tested the desserts and drinks with the exception of the addition foods brownies which I appreciate a little too much.

There is not much seating space available, and what is available is very very casual. You may be best taking your pie away.

105 Best Rd, Seven Hills

Great food and knowledgeble staff

03 Mar 2013

Have been there twice, the food is fantastic. When I have been there it has always been with non vegetarians who were so satisfied with the food that they didn't miss the meat. You can eat very well for $20 per person.

Whilst it is a lacto-vegetarian, not a vegan establishment there are plenty of vegan options and the staff make every effort to make sure what you eat is vegan if you ask. They cater for gluten free and allium free diets also.

They do takeaway and eat in, it's a cafe rather than a restaurant environment. The service is great.

1 National St, Rozelle

Great veggie range of food

01 Dec 2013

Despite the name, the cafe is vegetarian, not raw vegan. However, vegan and raw options are clearly marked on the menu.

The breakfast menu is an all day menu and is great for lunch if you are that way inclined! They have coconut yoghurt for smoothies and cereals, as well as plant milks for coffees, smoothies, breakfasts etc.

The lunch and dinner vegan and raw vegan options could form a greater part of the menu and be a little less grain heavy and a bit more protein rich, but every vegan meal that I have tried has satisfied my tastebuds.

Most dessert options are raw vegan and divine - the raw peppermint slice does not disappoint. This is Ungaro Raw's strength.

The staff are very helpful in responding to questions and requests to make items vegan. I am confident when I order at Ungaro Raw that there will be no nasty non vegan surprises.

113 King St, Newtown

This is not a health food store

01 Dec 2013

I find it amusing that this is listed as a health food store, as 95% of the stuff I have bought from here are sweets.

But they were awesome cakes, brownies and chocolates and I regret nothing.

417 Crown St, Surry Hills

I don't always eat asian...

24 Mar 2013

Except at Yullis!

The food is alright, not too expensive and the portions are a little small to about right. There is a fantastic list of vegan beer!

My bugbear is that the vegan options are nearly all asian inspired foods - I would appreciate a few more european and middle eastern inspired vegan options, a few more vegan dessert options would not go astray either.

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