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417 Green Lanes, North London, England

Not quite as I expected

I had hoped to be able to get some decent food here, but they were quite unaccommodating and didn't seem to know what I was talking about when I asked about the vegan paté. I was offered hummus, but nothing else. I left empty-handed!

250 Camden High St, Camden, North West London, England


Understaffed, no smoothies available, very poor selection of hot food (and cold!) and the food when I did get it was tasteless. Very poor.

Travessa do Mar, Lagos, Portugal

Excellent food

Very good indeed! I had the Tofu & Spinach Soup and tofu stir-fry. Delicious.

6 Chepstow Road, Notting Hill, West London, England

Brilliant, but beware split orders



Sorry to shout, but it was a shocker to me, and I'm sure it would be to you. This is their default stance. Eat-in or takeaway. They will never cook your order with a stranger's, however.

Once you know all that (and remember to repeat it on each subsequent occasion), the vegan options are delicious!

Rua Garrett 26-28, Lagos, Portugal

Not for the vegan...

Asked for what vegan items they had, and the waiter was quite aggressive, waving his hands about and saying everything had milk and eggs in! We left.

Ataturk Bulvari, KBID Carsisi - Dalyan, Dalyan, Turkey

Lovely place

I had been recommended this restaurant by a yoga retreat nearby. It is a warm and friendly place, very accommodating of different diets, whether vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or anything else. I told them I was vegan and they said they would surprise me. They knocked me up a vegetable curry, which was delicious! There were other items on the menu I could have had, but I trusted them to come up with something good. Very pleased. :)

339 Harrow Road, Maida Vale, West London, England

Wholesome family-run Eritrean restaurant

I've been here a few times and they're a very friendly lot. What luck that Ethiopian and Eritrean fasting food is all vegan! You can have the Chef's selection of vegetarian dishes - various vegetable mushes served up with (and on - the plate is covered in it!) injera, a wobbly pancake-type bread. No cutlery is offered - you do indeed eat with your hands. It's an experience!

Westfield Shopping Centre, The Balcony, Shepherds Bush, West London, England

Vietnamese food done well

Veggie Summer Rolls are a real treat for starters - make sure you ask for no-fish dipping sauce, then check again when you receive your meal!

The soups are superb: tofu and mushrooms (make sure you ask for veg stock!) or hot and spicy tofu and mushroom soup, which already has a veggie stock base.

I've also had the wok fried flat rice noodles noodles with tofu, veggies and mushrooms, which was large but very good. Probably the thing to have at the end of a shopping trip than at the beginning!

Altogether, one of my favourite eats.

49A Goldhawk Rd, West London, England

Everything is good!

Went there yesterday - thankfully Dori does Sundays! Was treated to tea with almond milk (which worked rather well, I thought) and a vegan biscuit. Superb! Great salon space, excellent products and the cut and colour I had were just fantastic. I have plenty more praise words up my sleeve, but go and find out for yourself. It really is as good as people say. x

23 Forty Hill, Forty Hill, Enfield, North London, England

Great place

Lovely little shop, so friendly and packed with goodies! Love the cakes. I always go here when I'm up Enfield-way.

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