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3409 Central Ave NE, Albuquerque, USA

Cute place with lots of vegan selections

If you are living in or visiting the Albuquerque area then give this place a try. It is based on Japanese style food so you will find the usual sushi and such items on the menu. They also have bento boxes, soups, and salads. The prices are a bit high for the amount of food but this is what I expect for a vegan restaurant. They have veggie choices like portabello mushroom and the processed vegetable proteins like fake chicken, beef and shrimp. I rarely eat the processed stuff so I leave that up to you to try but the veggies were decent and the soup was just right.

Enjoy this place and let them know you want this to last by eating there.

1722 D Saint Michael's Dr, Santa Fe, USA

Raw food in cowboy and meatland.

I tried a couple of the menu items. It's difficult for me to give them a great review probably because I don't really care for the high fat and condiment-filled dishes that these kind of restaurants serve. I had the burger, the bun was like a brick, inedible. The rest of the burger was not much better. The nachos were a lot better. I'd go back once more to try the salads to see if they get those right.

5271 Arlington Ave, Riverside, USA

Excellent produce can be found here

When I am in Riverside on Friday mornings I always pay a visit to the farmer's market. They have a 100% organic vendor and quite a few of the other vendors have some organic selections. Most have produce that is not treated with pesticides. Go over and get some fresh produce and enjoy your new found health. I picked up some ripe and ready to eat cherimoyas today for just $1.50 a pound, what a score.

2910 Lake East Dr, Las Vegas, USA

Durian Smoothies

I checked this place out when I was in Vegas a couple of weeks ago. The purple burrito was okay, maybe a little too much nut filling but otherwise ok. I also like the buffet where you can take what you like but pay by the pound. It's a little pricey at 8.99 / lb. You have to try the durian smoothie of course if you like durian. It's almost $9 but quite good.

9550 Bolsa Ave Unit 125, Westminster, USA

Nice little place with good food

I searched for a place to get some vegan food on Christmas night. I called and they were open for their normal hours so I drove over and went in. The decor is plain but clean and nice. I ordered mainly the raw salad and smoothie, which is really good to see that they at least have some raw dishes. The other things on the menu were mainly noodle soups and other usual Vietnamese dishes. They only accept cash so bring enough. I would certainly return to this place, even with other friends.

2651 N 44th St, 2, Phoenix, USA

Similar to Sweet Tomatoes but

a lot less selection. The price was very good as I was there on a Tuesday and they discount the salad bar by $1 on Tuesdays so the total with tax was about $6.50. There are several salads already premixed and a lot of choices of vegetables. They had a few soups but only 1 was vegetarian / vegan. There was a veggie lasagna and some baked yams and baked potatoes. If you like to eat a lot of raw veggies then this is a great place to fill up and not have to pay through the nose. Each selection has a blurb on what is in it and if it is vegan or vegetarian. Give them a try.

2103 Carlilse Blvd NE, Albuquerque, USA

Grilling Burgers with Cheese on Earthday

Nothing sucks more than to walk up to a grocery store where there are grills outside burning crushed cows with their rotten udder drippings (cheese) on them. This as a celebration of Earthday which is to recognize what we are doing to the planet and it's inhabitants is a complete slap in the face, especially when the UN has said that eating meat is the biggest contribution to global warming by man.

Are they crazy? Stay away until they start doing the right thing.

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