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112 S Main St, Royal Oak, USA


05 Sep 2014

their GF pizza is also vegan which is nice. they have vegan cheese and lots of options for toppings. its basically set up like a subway fyi. the thing i HATE is that the workers never know what vegan is. i order a vegan pizza with vegan cheese and they say "did you want meat on that?" uh, no. its vegan. i feel that if you work at a restaurant that advertises vegan food, you need to know what vegan is. because of the kinda crappy service i dont like to go there. if the employees (and this is at both locations i've been to) were nicer and actually acted like they were working maybe i'd go more often. every time i've been there, everyone is goofing off and f-ing around.

Borsov 2, Praha 1, Prague, Czech Republic

so good

31 May 2010

was here may 2010. we ordered hummus, lentil soup, tempura pasta, and a stir fry. everything was huge portions, and so delicious! waitstaff was friendly. its a bit busy compared to other places so you may have to wait.

588 Bloor St W, Toronto, Canada

cool place

27 Nov 2010

my husband and i came here nov 2010. we were under the impression (because of the name, that this was a chocolate shop. it is actually a store, pancea?? something that started with a P. anyway, it was basically a mini health store with lots of things and food. they did have boardwalk chocolates there but there was only 2 or 3 in the case. bummer.

478 Queen St W, Toronto, Canada

not worth going

27 Nov 2010

my husband and i came here nov 2010. when we walked in, we were treated rudely. we waiting minutes until a waitress who looked like she hadn't washed her hair in months came up and asked if we had a reservation. we said no. she RELUCTANTLY let us sit in an open table. she was unfriendly the entire time we were there.

we ordered the morroccan stew and the crusted tempeh. both were good, but it was also something that i could make at home.

not worth going out to get treated rudely to have something to eat that tastes like something easy to make at home! we didn't even stay for desert because we didn't want to bother.

2233 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, USA

just ok

27 Sep 2012

let me start off with this: i dont normally eat sugar or wheat, so my idea of sweets is more raw type desserts or a bit healthier.

with that being said, i wasn't super impressed with the doughnuts. we got chocolate, vanilla, and almond. i thought the chocolate had a weird flavor that i wish i could pinpoint. the almond was really really almond-y. too much for my taste. the vanilla was the best one..tasting most like a doughnut. however it was VERY sweet!!
also got a blueberry scone. which was amazing. best one i've had! just enough glaze on it too. super, super good.
the girl working there was sweet and informative.

59 Spruce St, Columbus, USA


11 Aug 2016

Holy s**t, these donuts are the best I've ever had. They I'm actually shocked they are vegan, because I've had a lot of vegan donuts that were just alright. These are amazing and thankfully I don't live in the area or else I'd be huge!! ;) also this is located in the the coolest market. Definitely go check this out!

172 W 9 Mile Rd, Ferndale, USA

used to be my fave soft serve!

30 Jul 2015

there are a few places in the area with vegan ice cream but this one is my favorite! always have 2 vegan flavors and so yummy. i go here at least once a month!
Updated from previous review on Friday September 05, 2014

UPDATE: i have been here 2-3 times in the last month and there are usually only a few different kinds of fruit out, there is NEVER any non dairy choc syrup, plus they never change their vegan flavors anymore (or so it seems). i started going to sweet earth in royal oak again because they have vegan cookies and lots of fruit and chocolate syrup and the works! easy like sundae needs to up their game again!

352 N Main, Moab, USA


04 Jul 2016

Not many choices for vegans. 2 actually-and both were boring and unimaginative. I can slap some hummus and veggies in a tortilla at home and have it taste better and cost way less. The person working was rude. She only gave me one option for vegan sides but she gave my husband two options. Food wasn't very good either.

326 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Canada


06 Apr 2012

we went to eat here expecting a quick light meal and we got HUGE portions! some of the best food we've had out! we got the quinoa onion rings with the avocado chipotle sauce. yum. we also got the grilled veg burrito which was good and had many layers of flavor. the best thing by far was the powerhouse bowl. we forced ourselves to finish it after being full because it was SO GOOD. next time i will probably get the smaller bowl. i didn't realize how huge the portions were!

Franz Josef Strasse 3, Salzburg, Austria

sooo good

31 May 2010

my husband and i were here april 2010. we got the seitan sandwich, tofu sandwich, garbonzo soup, and lentil soup. along with a agave sweetened apple cake. everything was amazing. it was some of the best food i have ever had! it was a cute place, everyone that worked there was so nice!

205 3rd St N, Bay City, USA


06 Sep 2011

my husband and i were in bay city area for the day and found this little gem of a restaurant! we were expecting to find 2 or 3 items on the menu that were vegan but at least half of the menu was vegan! we let our waitress (who we found out later is the owner) make suggestions for lunch and we ended up with the un-chicken sandwich and the seitan pot pie. both were amazing!! we got sides of fries/potatoes and cole slaw. yummy as well! ended up with dessert of the banana cake with maple frosting soo good..and the peanut butter brownie vanilla cream pie. the pie was so amazing i have not stopped thinking about it! this place is 2 hours from our house and i would gladly drive that far just to eat there again. the service was amazing, the staff was so friendly, and the food was delicious.

i would have given this place 5 "cows" but because it's not strictly veg it wouldn't let me!

1901 N Halsted St, Chicago, USA

karyn's cooked

27 Sep 2012

this was the worst meal i have ever had. after i heard so many great things about this place, i had to try it. my non veg friends said it was great too, so i thought it would be amazing. my husband and i got the fried basket appetizer of tofu, mushrooms, and zucchini. came with ranch and bbq. that was good. for dinner we got sloppy joe and the steak sandwich. the sloppy joe was mushy and soft and watery with not much flavor. the steak sandwich was so SPICY and peppery you couldn't really taste anything else. they both came with sweet potatoes topped with bbq which was good. and some coleslaw which was watery as well. we didn't finish our meals and we NEVER leave food on a plate.
i heard great things about the dessert before so we got the german choc cake and the coconut cake to go. ate it once we got back to our hotel and had to THROW IT AWAY it was so bad. the german choc cake had a weird flavor. and as bad as this sounds, the coconut cake left a taste in your mouth that was reminiscent of barf. i have the biggest sweet tooth and will eat just about anything that is dessert. and i had to throw them away. it was horrible and i was shocked. an expensive meal ruined! on top of that our waiter was very unfriendly and there was a weird vibe in the restaurant. our waiter didn't even smile once the entire time we were there. and we were one of 3 tables in the place. so it's not like he was stressed and busy or anything. so disappointing!

270 Dupont St, Toronto, Canada

just ok pizza

27 Nov 2010

my husband and i came here in nov 2010. we ordered the vegan magic pizza w the gluten free crust. the pizza probably would have been good if it weren't for the crust. i have had a lot of GF pizza and this was the worst i've had.

we also ordered a regular crust pizza with daiya, rosemary sweet potatoes, broccoli, garlic, and tomato sauce. again, just ok. the sweet potatoes tasted weird and were really mushy.

probably wouldn't come back.

Tynska ulicka 6, Praha 1, Prague, Czech Republic


31 May 2010

was here may 2010. lots of things to be ordered vegan. we got the goulash and roasted veggies with dessert of carrot cake. so good!

255 W 9 Mile, Ferndale, USA

great pizza

05 Sep 2014

always yummy. they have vegan cheese. the only thing thats a downfall is that pizza takes a long time to make. so as long as you know that it's good!

39 E 100 N Moab, Moab, USA

love this place

04 Jul 2016

Great store. Lots of options!

1023 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, USA

not impressed

27 Sep 2012

i wanted to try it here because i have friends in cali that rave about native foods.
we got the soul bowl and the meatball sub. along with the strawberry shortcake dessert thing.
the soul bowl had decent flavor and was very filling. relatively good but the veggies were very over cooked. all in all, not bad. but not something i would crave.
i didn't try the meatball sub but my husband didn't like it. to me it looked like mainly bread and not a lot of fillings.
the strawberry shortcake was yummy. light and not overly sweet. would definitely eat that again!

23136 Woodward Ave, Ferndale, USA

will not return

05 Sep 2014

tried this place for the first time a month or so ago. service was ok. food was bad. i got a burger and it was more of a pate and super mushy. the dressing for the salad was flavorless and it was tahini dressing! my husband got bbq seitan and it was a horrible consistency and it just did not taste good at all. he couldn't even finish his and he never wastes food. i ate mine because i was starving and i dont ever send a dish back. when asked how the meal was, my husband politely said it was just "ok" and the timid waitress then kept asking questions about why it wasn't good which made me uncomfortable. its a small place and i felt almost embarrassed about it because i dont like to complain about food-i just wont go again! no big deal! anyway, they ended up giving us a discount on our order which we said several times we didn't want-after all we ate our food we just weren't happy with it! overall the food wasn't good and i didn't like how they treated us because we weren't happy with the food. will not return :(

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