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Independencia 1790, Valparaíso, Valparaiso, Chile

great place to eat

10 Feb 2012

After traveling around South America for over 2 months, it is always good to find somewhere really good to eat. Bambu is one such place.
It is very easy to find, all the staff are really helpful and the food was delicious.
We ate here for the most of our time in Valpraiso and had some nice unique meals. Lots of vegan options.
The cost was very good value for money and I would highly recommend going here.

11 Le Loi, Hue, Vietnam

the pros and cons

27 Feb 2012

We ate here twice during our stay in Hue and though the food was pretty good, the service was not quite quite there.
The first time we ate there, neither of our dishes were what we asked for. Mine did not even resemble what i requested. When we tried to point it out, the l;ady serving us did not understand, so we just ate what we got. though this was nice enough.
The restaurant itself is very nice, with lots of outdoor seating just besides the river.
There are a number of vegan options on the menu which is always good, though some of the english descriptions leave a lot top the imagination. For example, you may want to try the 'powder squid posters' or the 'shrimp pearl powder flask'. I did intend to try, but just nbever got around to it. They also have a 'meat pie' which i believe is made from tofu.
A breakfast will set you back (if you can describe at such 15/ 20,000 dong and a main ranges from 20 to 40,000.
Over all, this is a nice, clean restaurant and good value.

The Passage, Old Market, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Good fly-by

10 Feb 2012

We ate here a number of times during our stay in Seam Reap.
The food was very nice and the prices were average for the area. The staff were OK in that they didn't really smile much, but delivered the food as part of their job. They are located on a bit of a tourist rat run, so it's hardly surprising really.
There are not really enough seats to go around. We were asked to come back in 45 mins once and was pleased that they held us to it. Lots of people don't get a seat when they first want it, and instead have to wait. But once inside, the ambiance is nice if you can ignore the multitude of passing tourists.
We ate a main for around 12,000Riel (US$3/4). There was a number of vegan option to pick from and we soon learned that the best value for money was the daily special, which also happened to be the largest portion too. Bargain!
This is the only veggie restaurant around in the very centre, but I would advise looking further afield.

Shop107-8, Basement 1, Kowloon City Plaza,128 Carpenter Road, Kowloon, China

Sitting in a shopping complex.

08 Feb 2011

First and foremost for me, sitting in a busy shopping complex is not usually conducive to enjoying my food. I have just come back from the restaurant and though I was partly pleased with the food I received, I was only marginally happy with the service. We was refused a drink of water on arrival at the table and advised we can have tea only. Immediately after giving us the menu, the waitress hovered around my shoulder. I asked her to come back twice as I had hardly had any time to look. The menu prices were out of date and two of the items we asked for, they did not have. When the meal arrived, it was not what I asked for. My rice had seafood in it, though there was no such description on the menu. I asked for it to be changed. The food that we did eat, was very nice though! Tasty and well cooked and I feel I got a good sized portion for my money. One of the staff was very helpful. I might go back after I have tired of the only other local vegetarian restaurant around!

Rue Setthathirath and Rue Manthtourath, Vientiane, Laos

***not a vegan restaurant***

21 Mar 2012

I'm pointing this out because it is advertised as vegan on Happycow. But it isn't. In fact, it's not even strictly vegetarian from what I can see.
Their menu is good in that it tells you the ingredients of everything listed. And to be fair, what we ate was very tasty.
However, in the pizza section, there is a note at the top of the last page that tells you that the 'following pizzas are not vegetarian'. They contain ham. On the ingredients for those pizzas, it does not say 'vegetarian ham' where as on all the other vegetarian choices, it states that the ham is 'vegetarian ham'. There are only a couple of pizzas that are like this. It's a little confusing why they did that, but for some reason they sell a little meat, probably to try and appeal to non-vegetarians.
The food they do have though is very tasty. The staff are very friendly, but for some reason I never really thought to challenge them about the 'ham'. Maybe because the staff didn't appear to speak much english.

19 Phan Boi Chau, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam

our first choice

08 Mar 2012

For the duration of our stay in Hanoi, this became our first choice. Not only because it was by far the cheapest, but also in that it was the one that catered most for a vegan palette.
There are some great teas to wet your appetite, such as cinnamon, anala vegetarian tien or atiso flower. They have some nice sweet and sour main options, or cinnamon and tamarine sauces. A nice selection. Basic, but tasty.
A main meal will cost anywahere between 30,000 and 70,000 dong inculding rice.

Manuel Baquedano 684, Arica, Chile

great place to eat.

10 Feb 2012

Once you have got to grips with the opening hours, and how this fits in the the great scheme of your stomach, this place to great!
The staff here are extra friendly. They will chat to you and make sure you have everything you want.
There are a number of Vegan options here though they promote veganism but having lots of info on the wall.
We ate lots of tasty food here, with a few mock meats to pick from. We even had a sweet. Tofu blended with fruit. Very nice.
The price was very good value, though I can't remember now what we paid. I remember it was good though.
there is only one other choice to eat in Arica for veggie/ vegan, and they shut at strange hours too, so make sure you check all the times and fill your boots while you can.

Suntec City Mall, Sky Garden 03-016 Tower 2, 3 Temasek Boulevard, Central Singapore, Singapore

hard to find but worth it.

10 Feb 2012

Well, this did turn out to be one of the most difficult places to find and our stomachs were pleased when we did.
It is located in a large shopping mall, so seek hard and ye shall find.
Once we were seated, we were happy with the usual Vegan Loving Hut kind of service, though this was much smaller and didn't have the same ambiance.
The food was good and verging on being a little too expensive for what you get. I was starving by the time I arrived though the person who dishes up knows not of my belly.
This Loving Hut does not have the same scope of choice than that of others, but it was enough to pick from. It's nice to find a whole menu you can pick from. Annoyingly, they had just run out of Ice cream when we arrived. Doh!!!

56 Allison Street, Digbeth, Birmingham, England

Birmingham's own little vegan treasure.

10 Feb 2012

The One Earth Shop has changed hands recently and initially had less in stock than the original owners. But I think that has all leveled out now and the new owners are settling in.
I've always wished that this little treasure had more customers to help support it as I know that they struggle to make ends meet sometimes.
As with a lot of vegan products, the majority of goods in here are a bit pricey, but I find it hard to have a problem with that as I know it is for such a good cause.

But the best part about this shop is that as a vegan, no matter what you need to eat or pamper yourself with, you will find it in here.
Be it a cooling ice-cream on a hot day, or something for a Sunday roast, look no further than One Earth Shop.

80 Ma May Street, Hanoi, Vietnam

need more vegan options

08 Mar 2012

I visited this restaurant in the morning after a very long bus journey, and I have to say I was a little disappointed with the 'vegan' options. The only thing that was available for breakfast was bread and jam at 30,000 dong. Everything else has cheese or egg.

Stall 29, food court Talat Sao Shopping Mall, 3F, Vientiane, Laos

In need of a quick fix?

21 Mar 2012

Then this is the place.
I ate here as it is conveniently situated next to the bus stop, but otherwise, wouldn't usually be my first choice.
The food was ok. It was quick, warm and considering it's location, looked reasonable clean in the tiny kitchen.
However, you are in a massive food hall where every body else cooks an array of dead things. So if the smell of fish or chicken is a little unsettling for you, maybe try another restaurant.
The cost was cheap, and it all works on a token system. You purchase tickets at the counter before you get your food. 30,000 dong was enough for two meals and a drink.

109, St 130, Sangkat Phsar Chas, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

top choice

10 Feb 2012

We have been staying in Phnom Penh for 2 weeks, and this is our top choice. We eat here pretty much every day, not just because it happens to be on the same road as the aid organisation we work for (CHOICE - outside Shiva shack at the river end of the road - look it up), but also because it's a top spot to eat and nice and cool inside.
The staff have a good understanding of veganism though only a couple of them speak English. That didn't matter though as what they offer in smiles equals anything said in words.

There is absolutely loads to choose from and I loved each and every selection. Cost is not an issue here. We both ate breakfast for around 12,000 Riel (US$3) and for dinner, we spent around US$6/8. For the food you get, it's very good value.

I'm on my way there as soon as I send this...

1045 Stratford Road, Hall Green, Birmingham, England

top bit of nosh

08 Feb 2014

Of all the Indian restaurants I've eaten in in Birmingham, this rates right up there. It's a really friendly place with outdoor parking, so it's got good points before you even sit and eat. The staff are right up on what's vegan and not and happy to talk you through it. The food is great and at a reasonable cost. The tastes are rich and full and there is enough variety to keep you interested. All in all, I'd highly rate eating here. It's the kind of place I'll always take out of town friends.

22 Bao Khanh Street, Hanoi, Vietnam

not too much to say

08 Mar 2012

I might not have given this restaurant enough of a chance, but after viewing the menu outside, it appeared to have hardly any vegan/ veggie options.... The menu seemed primarily focused on meat than anything else!
There are a number of other eating establishments nearby to warrant giving them a try first.

3 Le Quy Don, Hue, Vietnam

twice for good measure

27 Feb 2012

The staff here are friendly, the restaurant has a nice charm and the food, with plenty of vegan options, is plentyful. Some of the staff speak english, so you can enquire what is what.
But there are some real delights listed on the menu which we never tried. For example, maybe you fancy trying 'unseperated twelve predestined affinty' or 'unbroken covers, broken leaves'. If these don't rock your boat, then there are lots of others that might. They have a range of veggies such as aubergine, spinach and cabbage and a few tofu specialities. There are some pictures at the back of the menu to help you along.
We ate like a king and queen for only 120,000 dong or so, and that was only because we ordered too much by mistake. A good price by any standards. Mains are in the region of 15-to 35,000 dong.
If you are coming to Hue, this is a definite!!!

669 Holloway Rd, Archway, North London, England

hmmm... i want to say only good things, but....

08 Feb 2014

I'm a firm believer in the philosophy of loving hut. I've eaten at plenty of their establishments in a number of different countries. I respect what they do and what they stand for. Generally, they are a really good find.
However, i kind of left this one feeling a little disheartened. If there is one thing that really gets my goat, it's tiny portions of food, at large prices, when I'm really hungry. It defeats the object, walking away still hungry. I complained to the staff that the main portion was smaller than what i consider to be a starter. I'm not being greedy, but when I'm hungry, i like to eat a fair sized portion of food.

So, the food was good, it was too small a portion, and over what i like to pay.

220 Moseley Rd, Highgate, Birmingham, England

I love the matchbox

10 Feb 2012

I love eating at the matchbox even though they do not always have many vegan mains. It's always a bit hit and miss whether the mains are vegan but I recon about half the time, you may come in trumps. There is always good salad or chips and beans to fall back on. The staff are always friendly and will be happy to talk to you about the ingredients of their dishes which change on a daily basis.
The Mathbox helps people with special needs find work and you will always find everybody in good spirits. The food is excellent and the atmosphere is always buzzing with the workers from the building.
There are plenty of tables with water in the middle and all the guys who work there will clear your table before you've finished chewing your last mouthful. A lovely trait!
I'm lucky to know one of the companies who work in the building, so I'm more than happy to eat there for lunch.

191 Stoney Lane, Birmingham, England

greatest somosas in town

10 Feb 2012

Luckily for me, I live right around the corner from Milan, so have lots of opportunity to sample their delights of which it has plenty.
When ever at home and fancying a nice snack without having to cook, Milan makes a great stop. The somosas are amazingly nice, stuffed to the high heavens with veggies and fried to perfection.
Likewise, there are many other treats in store once you brows the counter.
The staff are well clued up on veganism and are happy to advise on all the dairy free options, of which there are a good number.
They also do mass take away too, so if you want a big box with a nice selection, it is easy to negotiate a price with them. They are happy to accommodate.

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