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Wuhlischstr 31, Friedrichshain, Berlin, Germany


20 Sep 2011

Soooo great to be able to grab an icecream as anyone by a sunny day in Berlin .
This place is perfect for any vegan one who wants to have some icecream which not only a sorbet but something more exotic as a chocolat and haselnuss , topping and cream icecream :)))

To take away during a walk in the disctrict or to sit during a warm summer night , I love it !

Sanderstr 22, Berlin, Germany


20 Sep 2011

We went there , looking forward for something sweet after a lunch in an other place .
When you enter the room the first thing in minde is "amazingggggg " .
A 2,5meter table is covered by cakes and tartes and from some meters it looks awesome .
Then from nearer , we discovered that there were only 2 vegans choices ( reading the other reviews, it seems that , it s always the two same choices .... ) and as I pastryshop owner myself , I reconize in two second that most of the cake aren t really fresh . The table is a wood furniture , no cooling at all and ofcrouse after some hours ( some days for some of them ?? ) the cake were not looking nice .
We just tried the vegan chococake and must admit it was tasty as it was looking like .... boring :(

My feeling is that the cooks aren t vegan and never tasted their cake .

I , unfortunatly , cannot recommend this place . Even if we came there , really excited about the concept .

Sanderstrasse 11, Berlin, Germany

Cute place

20 Sep 2011

We came there on a monday lunch and got a tempeh bowl and a tofu bowl .

The waitress was really kind but hard to understand how on 13h , she announced us that she was out of salad . There were only two other people in the shop and it wasn t looking like if there had been a crazy rush before us .

Anyway , we enjoyed the place deco durung the time she went in the kitchen to prepare our lunch .
We were served ( in ikea first price plates ) tempeh . some carrots and some potatoes .
The lunch was good but nothing we couldn t have done at home and the quantity , quality and the taste weren t for us worth it for 6 euros each .

Disappointed we didn t taste any cakes .
Maybe we will come back for a brunch one day .

Krossener Str 12, Berlin-Friedrichshain, Berlin, Germany

people crazy about this shop

20 Sep 2011

I must admit the shop looks cute and the deco could have made a nice place to spend some time drinking an hot chocolate and enjoying some sweet pastry ...
BUt the fact is that the place isn t comfy at all , in sommur it s ok to seat outside but in winter the massif wood tables and chair absolutly don t give me the willing to take a seat. But it s maybe the point , they prefer to have a lot of people coming and taking away I guess . Anyway if the place wasn t perfect but the food amazing , it wouldn t have been any problem :) THe fact is that those pastry look delicious , creamy , girly , glittery .... all what you want ... but are so disappointing in mouth . And for some reason , they raised their price from 2,5 to 2,80 pro piece which is for me way to much when you are used to bake a bit and you know how it is easy and cheap to make . I would have been ok to pay this price if their were incredibly tasty and if I knew I couldn t make better at home.

Schivelbeiner Strasse 34, Berlin, Germany

Proud to live in the \

20 Sep 2011

I really appreciate this shop where I can find many value I never saw in any shops before .
I particularly love the White Chocolate and the cheese :)))
I must admit that there are many products we can find in any other bioshop and some stuffs are way too expensive . But I m happy to find at least 3 or 4 product which are really worth it .

I tryed some bagel and cakes aswell and found them fresh and tasty .
I recommend the caffee corner even it s kind of too small and oft too full to be able to find a place .

The staff is really friendly and smilly m I guess they are happy to work there . Nice aswell to see that many coworkers can assume an alternativ style at work ( tattoos piercing ...)

Obchodna 30, Bratislava, Slovakia

once ... not two times

20 Sep 2011

After walking under the rain, we finally found it .... Typically chilled out Hare Krishna atmo, sad that the lights are some dirty neons .But first sensation , we might have a nice lunch .

We were served vegan food after discussing with the girl serving and actually that didn t let many options.
We got a big plate with the most tasless salad I ever ate ,the lowest price overcook rice and some vegetables in a yellow sauce .

There are not many vegan options in Bratislava but any pasta with tomatosauce in any restaurant would have been better than those plates .

Sad sad sad , because we ofcourse prefer to support veg(etar)ian places than random restaurant .

Na Porici 25, Prague, Czech Republic

So happy to find this place

20 Sep 2011

I went on holidays to Praha for a couple of days and I was really disppointed by the food we could find in town even if it was just some fallafel in center.
So when for our last diner , we met a lot of friend at Loving Hut , it was such a joy to spend almost 2 hours , tasting appetizers, drinks , dishes and even desserts.
We were a big group ( almost 15 people) and I found the waitress really nice , patient and always smilly .

The food was looking good in the menu and i was hard to decide so we almost all took different stuffs and we were sharing a fork of this against a spoon of that .

My best souvenir is the pinapple creamy cake which was one of the best vegan cake I ever ate .

When the bill came , it was a nice suprise to see that a drink , appetizer , a dish and a dessert cost me 12 euros .

We had a really good time , just sad that they are closing at 21h and so we couldn t stay for the evening there .
5 cows for this great place :)))

Kollwitzstr 54, Berlin, Germany

A nice evening

20 Sep 2011

I ve been there on the first week after the opening and i really appreciate the tasty and fine food .
We had a soup ,a tempeh plate and a dessert .
Everything was well prepared and perfectly presented .
Excellent food in a nice and cute place .
Only negativ point would be that it s a bit too expensive .

Mainzer Strasse 18, Berlin, Germany

Unusual and delicious sweet vegan choices !

20 Sep 2011

This small and pinky cafe of Friedrichshain offer french quiches and Tartes .
Fresh baked everyday , we can choose between many seasonal vegetal quiches and THE most important ,many crazy sweet cake and tartes .
Eating vegan with the french touch :)))
Choco and vegan white chocolate cake with the creamiest topping ever , choco and raspberries tartelette , caramel and pecannuts , amazing apricot and pistache tarte , I even once was lucky to have take the last vegan mousse au chocolat :)))

My favorite place when I need some sugarshock !

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