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31 Neal Street, Covent Garden, London, England

cosy basement

01 Jun 2010

find yourself on a small stool in a crowded (at peak times) basement and enjoying a big plate full of healthy, delicious stuff.
there is a daily menu with at leat one vegan option. i had to ask because either there are no labels for vegan meals (at least not on the board), or i didn't find/understand them. nevertheless, the staff is very friendly and makes you a plate of joy for about 7,50 pounds. the free drinking water on the tables is definitely a plus in this expensive town!

250 Camden High St, Camden, North West London, England

next to all kinds of street food

01 Jun 2010

... you can find this lovely place on your way to the camden lock market. the food is awesome, the price is still in the "ok-range".
thanks to a lot of category icons on the menu, it's very clear if the food fits your needs (marked as: gluten free, vegan, raw food, organic etc..).

it's self service and a little chaotic, but i would definitely go there again when i'm in the area.
first i thought i wouldn't need the quite loud music (too much input anyway in this area!), but after a time it changed to a very calm and chilled downtempo electro, which fitted perfectly.

the meals are very customizable (you can choose between a lot of (all vegan!) sides), what makes it almost too complicated for tourists with slight language barriers (my mom didn't understand all the questions of the staff).

Neubaugurtel 38/5, Vienna, Austria

too empty!

01 Jun 2010

this place felt a bit weird at the beginning, because it was completely emtpy (7pm!). but in fact it should be crowded, because there is a large vegan menu. It's quite based on "fake foods" like e.g. Wiener Schnitzel and a lot of international classics. All tested dished were very good, some a little fatty (of course the Schnitzel!).

English isn't a problem, in fact it was easier than talking german to the staff :)

Höhenstr. 50, Frankfurt, Germany

a small but special place

02 Apr 2010

Nice small shop with some interesting products which you usually only get in online stores (vegan cheese...). Of course it's a little more expensive than buying online, but hey, so you can have a chat and some animal rights information for free.
Unfortunatley the nutrition information given by the owner didn't seem very qualified, especially regarding B12.

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