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1600 Washington St E, Charleston, USA

should not be on happy cow

23 Jun 2011

i thought a restaurant had to be at least 50% vegetarian to be listed on this website. i understand there is little to nothing around here, but a veggie burger and a grilled cheese sandwich is offered at denny's and virtually an restaurant on the planet these days. those items should not qualify this restaurant to be listed on a vegetarian website.

2607 6th Ave, Tacoma, USA

my favorite tacoma spot

20 Feb 2011

i love this place so much that yelp thought my review was fake. anywhere that makes hemp milk lattes has my heart. they make a picante mocha (that's choclate spicey coffee, for the newbies) and my favorite is a hempmilk mocha w an orange rind in the bottom. drink this. you won't be sorry.

i have dreams about the sandwiches at night. and they sell flying apron baked goods that are vegan and gluten free. tacoma needs more places like this.

909 Pike St, Seattle, USA

tatiana is delightful

20 Feb 2011

i used to work graveyard shift downtown and would come in for a dog or chicken noodle soup on my way to work every night. the owner, tatiana, is so sweet and now that i have moved away, i always make it a point to stop by when i am in seattle to say hello and grab a dog. if you're really hungry, get the BANDITO! vegan chilli, cheese and avocado dog. they also have vegan cookies, dog-themed beers, a full espresso bar and computers if you don't have your own. they have movie nights. i love supporting small businesses, especially really special ones like cyber dogs.

90 Mark West Springs Rd 150, Santa Rosa, USA

oh. my. goodness.

20 Feb 2011

my boyfriend isn't even vegan and he said their eggplant parm was the best he had ever had and whatever cake it was that we ended up with was one of the tastiest things i have ever eaten. i don't live in the area, but he and his co-worker have made 2 30-minute trips there since we ate there about a week ago because they loved it so much. part of my order was not what i asked for, but probably tasted better that what i asked for.

646 Richmond St, London, Canada

OK food, not too pricey.

14 May 2011

I'm visiting from out of town and this place was only a few blocks from where I am staying. I got the special sandwich which was on a baguette that would have been better if it were toasted and wasn't terribly flavorful but it hit the spot. The meal I ordered was a decent price, but I got some sweet potatoes to-go which were basically 10 or so strips of sweet potatoes and it was almost $5. I might eat there again and try something different, but I would sooner go to another vegan restaurant if I had time to go somewhere else.

210 Broadway East, Seattle, USA

just glorious!

20 Feb 2011

i miss the brunch from the squid and ink menu but i don't miss the commute to georgetown. highline is easy to get to and is great to grab a meal or a beer. it has soup and salad if you want light food and it has gnarly bar food like vegan nachos!!! i've been in seattle visiting for 3 days. i've been there twice and i'll probably go tomorrow too.

3200 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, USA

Co-exist merrily with your carnivore friends.

02 Jul 2013

Herbivores and omnivores can co-exist merrily here. I can only vouch for the vegan options, which were delicious, but everyone else in the restaurant with "regular food" seemed satisfied as well. There were decent beers on tap and the bartender was very knowledgeable about which beers were not vegan, which is uncommon. I got dinner there and ordered a small pizza to go because I couldn't bear the thought of not eating it again tomorrow.

60 W 23rd St, New York City, USA

i wish there were more of these

23 Feb 2011

first of all, i couldn't believe my eyes when i just saw a bad review a few places down. i think the food is great. the sandwiches are great and if i just want something healthy, i can get a juice, a kombucha and a salad. they also have quinoa and roasted sweet potatoes which i get if i am not in the mood for bread. i wouldn't dress up and take anyone on a date here, but it's quick, fairly cheap and i've never gotten anything there i didn't like. i wish it was open when i worked in chelsea. i would have eaten there almost every day.

137 E Hargett St, Raleigh, USA

i just wanted a salad!

26 Mar 2011

but vegan rubens are one of my favorite foods. i travel all over the country for work and order these on just about every menu i see it on. that was one of the best i have ever had. if i lived in raleigh, i would eat these until i ate so many that the thought of it makes me sick.

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