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1620 St. Michaels Dr, Santa Fe, USA


Annapurna is an excellent restaurant. The menu is expansive and has tons of vegan options. I was happy to see that they had a ton of non-Indian options.
We ate there twice and my favorite dinner was the veggie burger. The highlight, however, were the masala fries. Somehow Annapurna has done the impossible by improving upon the perfect. The masala fries (with huge help from the garlic sauce) were a-freakin-mazing. Seriously, put them on your bucket list now.
For dessert we had the pecan pie (vegan!!). It was just as good as I remember it being.
If I had to nitpick and pick one thing I didn't love about Annapurna it would be the music. Not really my thing!
Other than that, a perfect dining experience.

985 Monroe Dr, Atlanta, USA


I had a delicious and refreshing smoothie from Arden's Garden. I like their system, where you pick the juice & three frozen fruits you want in your smoothie. I feel like it's a welcomed departure from normal smoothie joints where they throw in ice, fruity syrup, and a banana.

Pintor Fortuny 25, Barcelona, Spain


We ate at Biocenter twice while in Barcelona. The first time, we found the ordering process to be very confusing. It was during the weekend, when you eat a Menu of the day, which is a soup/salad bar and then a choice of entrees and desserts. We tried to order our entree from the window, were told to give our waitress our order, then we tried to ask the waitress, she told us to order from the window, and so forth. It was all very confusing but we eventually got it sorted out.
The soup & salad were great, as was the entree (seitan with wine sauce). Not many vegan desserts to pick from, but I got a baked apple. Eh.
The next time we went we were able to order a la carte, which we much preferred. My pumpkin croquettes were amazing!
The prices are moderate and the decor is very tasteful.

2140 Peachtree Rd, Atlanta, USA

Pricey but good

We love going to Cafe Sunflower when we have a special occasion. The sesame chicken is my favorite and my husband always gets the meatloaf. We've always had very friendly service there. I find that most vegetarian restaurants have an annoying, loud, college-kid vibe, but Cafe Sunflower has a very low-key and professional atmosphere (might be the expensive menu). I love that about this restaurant.

135 Whitecross Street, London, UK, London, England


Carnevale was the first place we dined in London and it set the bar high.
We didn't have reservations, so we were stuck at a small table outside on the patio. We actually didn't mind that since we were the only ones out there.
I ordered stuffed artichoke hearts which were sooooo good. I especially loved the caramelized onions that garnished the dish.
My husband got falafel and he really enjoyed it.
The man serving us was very friendly.

Boria 17, Barcelona, Spain

Pretty good

My husband and I spent a lot of time at CatBar while we were in Barcelona, just enjoying the drinks, food, and atmosphere.
We found the prices to be good, though the food was really pretty forgettable. We encountered 2 different bartenders during our visits, and neither were particularly friendly. One even bordered on rude, snatching a ketchup bottle off my table without asking if I was finished. Maybe they were flustered from being too busy.
The music here was a pleasant surprise... we really liked everything we heard. The wireless is a great bonus as well.

1595 W Highway 89A, Sedona, USA

Skip it.

Unfortunately, I really wasn't impressed by my visit to Chocolatree.
We've been there once before several years ago (and had a great meal and great service), and now my fond memories are now a thing of the past.
First off, we sat down and perused the menu which was no small task with all the fug artwork hanging around and distracting us. My personal favorite was the old chubby woman with the huge, saggy, veiny knockers that was displayed right in front of me.
We ordered the falafel plate (11) and the grilled cheese (7). The sandwich was great, but for the price, it really should have came with a side. I was definitely still hungry after eating. My husband's falafel was okay, kinda... moist. We liked it well enough until we found a hair sticking out of it. I'm pretty understanding about these sorts of things but considering that the staff didn't appear to be even attempting to cover their hair, it irked me a little.
The service was totally spacey, and the waitress didn't even recognize us from 20 minutes earlier when we got up to pay. When I NICELY and QUIETLY pointed out that there was hair in the food, I was not met with any discount or anything. In fact, she very insultingly suggested that I had mistaken a sprout for hair. Nope, sorry lady.
Also, the people who paid before us were loudly directed to the tip jar and told that their bill didn't include a gratuity.
All around ick. For the rest of our trip, we'll gladly visit the Indian restaurant down the street.

609 E Olive, Fresno, USA

A Treat!

We stopped in for a quick bite before hightailing it back to the coast.
The service was so friendly and we were delighted to see how many vegan options there were! Nearly all the desserts were vegan, so we picked 2 cupcakes, an apple pastry, and an eclair. Everything was sweet and yummy, with the highlights being the apple pastry and the coffee bean cupcake. Amazing!!!
We look forward to stopping back in once we're in Fresno again.

250 Camden High St, Camden, North West London, England


This restaurant couldn't be any better unless it was in my backyard.
The location is perfect, right in Camden overlooking the lock.
The food is incredible. We visited a few times, first only getting the avocado (simple and wonderful) and a dessert (can't go wrong), then returning for the vegan breakfast. The vegan breakfast is great and a great value as well.
I can't recommend this restaurant enough!

C/Cardenal Casañas 7, Ciutat Vella, Barcelona, Spain


We went late one night just to get a shake and something sweet. It was fairly busy, so we were expecting the service to be somewhat slow. What we didn't expect, or appreciate, was having our order taken 15 minutes later and after people who had clearly just walked in.
In any case, we got a shake and cookie. I enjoyed the shake (one with pistachio and avocado) but my husband didn't. I thought it was mellow and not too sweet. The cookie however, was nast. It was dry, crumbly, and bland. Kind of like a sugar cookie.
I did like all the paintings on the walls, but I wouldn't be in a rush to go back.
I'll give it 3 cows instead of 2 because we didn't order food and maybe the food is really great.

Klenzestr. 89, Munchen, Munich, Germany


I am visiting Germany and when I went to spend the day in Munich, a visit to Kopfeck is the ONE thing I had planned. It didn't let me down. The service was fantastic. The guy who helped us read the menu was friendly and helpful... and cute.
I ordered the schnitzel plate and my friend had currywurst. Both dishes were fantastic. I loved the outdoor seating... all the people sitting around us were friendly too. The entire experience was perfect and I know I need to hit up Kopfeck again before I go back to the states. Danke!!

3 Plender Street, Camden, North West London, England


I absolutely loved my meal at Loving Hut. We spent our first few days in London searching for and anticipating vegan Fish n Chips. We finally found some at Loving Hut and holy cow.... it was good.
Crispy, delicious, fishy. Heaven.
We also had dessert, which was fantastic as well, but it's the Fish n Chips that I'll miss.
It's worth mentioning that it's in a convenient location to Camden and that the woman working there was very, very friendly. The prices are great too.

3173 W Shaw Ave, Fresno, USA


We had a lovely dinner here. The decor is pretty, the pakora was crispy and flavorful, the dosa was PERFECT and the chana masala was unique and tasty. Our waitress was very friendly and helpful.
On the downside, it's pretty much freezing inside the restaurant and I wish the appetizer snack platter would have had more than 1 samosa. There were 2 of us so we had to fight to the death over who got to eat it. :-/

1236 Western Ave, Las Vegas, USA


This place is definitely different from other restaurants. It's like eating in a converted shower room.
The service is really friendly and the prices are good. There's a decent sized menu to pick from.
I got a chai latte, Sandwich Break, and some garlic potato side that I can't remember the name of.
My chai latte came out almost entirely soy milk with no spice or sweetness. I usually don't like to make a fuss about things like that, but it was really icky to me so I asked for a new one. They were really friendly and brought another one out along with a side of extra chai in case I wanted it spicier. It still wasn't sweet and tasty, but maybe that's just their style?
My sandwich was amazing!! Every bite was total perfection. The potatoes weren't as great... I think I was expecting garlic explosion but they were a little bland. And greasy.
Despite the potatoes and the chai, I would come back here in an instant and try other things on the menu.

250 Robert C Daniel Jr Pkwy, Augusta, USA

Great choices

I usually get attitude about having to order a salad at a restaurant, but I don't mind it one bit when I come here. They have tons of toppings, with all the vegan options clearly labeled. Their vegan cornbread isn't bad either!
The inside of the restaurant is clean with an open, cafeteria-style seating area.
All in all, this is a great choice for an inexpensive, healthy lunch.

4225 Lafayette Rd, Indianapolis, USA

Great selection!

The good: We had a dinner buffet and there were tons of things to pick from. How great to go to a buffet and know that nothing has meat! Everything I tried was delicious. The inside of the restaurant is cute and the tables aren't squished together.
The bad: I had terrible luck getting a hold of the restaurant to find out their hours. I called a zillion times for lunch and no one ever answered (even though I know from looking at their hours once I got there that they WERE in fact open). When finally, closer to dinner time, someone DID pick up, they answered by saying "Hello?" I thought I had dialed the wrong number or something, what kind of place doesn't answer the phone with their business name? Also the restaurant is a little tricky to find. It's down a dumpy, cold hallway inside a dumpy strip mall.
All that said, I'd definitely go again if only I lived in the area. Yum yum.

167 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe, USA

Friendly & fresh

We popped in here for breakfast and were instantly impressed by the interior. It's big and nicely decorated, with big windows. The service was friendly, although I was disappointed that there were no vegan pastries. I'm not a big breakfast person, unless that breakfast involves sugar. ;-)
Our food and drinks were brought quickly, but I was brought the wrong drink. When I pointed this out, I couldn't help but feel as if I was being met with some disbelief by the staff. As if I don't know the difference between chai and coffee.
The food was good. Not mind-blowing, but definitely good and very fresh.
I can tell things in Santa Fe tend to be a bit overpriced, and this breakfast was no exception.
That said, I'd go back and happily pay the $$ for vegan pastries. In the meantime, it's a 3.5 for me.

211 Pharr Rd, Atlanta, USA

Mixed feelings

I wasn't blown away by Veggieland. We started off with fried vegetables, which were great. I ordered the Country steak, which was incredibly bland. It was basically crunchy tofu over a ton of rice with some moderately-flavored gravy on top. It was completely tasteless unless each bite was dripping in gravy. My husband got the taco salad, though, and he was very happy with his meal. We shared a Hummingbird cake for dessert, and that was great. The service was fast and friendly. Overall it definitely isn't a bad restaurant but with so many other options in Atlanta, this isn't somewhere I'll be in a hurry to visit again.

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