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8450 Valley Blvd Ste 106, Rosemead, USA

Lots of Meat Analogues

17 Jan 2011

This is a small shelf-stable and frozen meat analogue store in a strip mall. They also carry a small selection of vegan seasoning, like "beef" broth powder, powdered "milk", and vegan mayo. The price for the vegan jerky seemed good, the price for the frozen meat analogues seemed average, and the price for the "beef" broth seemed high. If you like meat analogues, this is a place to stock up on a variety of them.

122 B St, Davis, USA


17 Jul 2010

I ordered Ginger Seitan (seitan strips served in a ginger chili sauce with a hint of cinnamon and Caribbean chili spice). I was served seitan and veggies in what tasted like a brutally salty sugar-soy sauce broth with a floating layer of oil. I couldn't eat it.

Most of the seating is outdoors. There are trees that block the afternoon sun, so it wasn't too hot. The vibe of the place was cool.

Staff was helpful in helping us decide what to order. However, this is an omni restaurant that serves some vegetarian and vegan items. The side salad came with a white creamy dressing and the server disappeared before I could ask if it was dairy-based. I gave it to my omni friend.

Based on the other reviews, I'd be willing to try again, perhaps for lunch, but the Ginger Seitan was the second worst meal I've had in a restaurant.

11550 Pierce St, Riverside, USA

My Favorite Place in the IE

03 Dec 2011

Oasis is a walk-up window place attached to La Sierra Natural Foods, a vegetarian grocery store. Look for the La Sierra sign along the road, as it's easy to miss the Oasis sign on the building. There are a few round picnic table style benches in front and there's some seating inside the grocery store. There can be a bit of wait, so I go in the store and pick up a couple of groceries. I love their carnitas. Passionately. I try to make it monthly for carnitas and a protein shake (both vegan). It closes early on Friday and is closed on Saturday.

24945 Prospect Ave, Loma Linda, USA

Limited Vegan Selection, but Affordable

03 Dec 2011

The vegan items aren't marked as such and the people preparing the food aren't versed in vegan options, but they will ask other staff for you. I was told the black beans and brown rice burrito on a whole wheat tortilla ($3) was vegan, so I got that. I was happily surprised that for the price it came with veggies. It was tasty and I'd definitely get it again. They also had a tofu sandwich, avocado sandwich, and hummus sandwich, which may be vegan. (It closes early on Friday and is closed on the weekends.)

319 S Arroyo Pkwy, Pasadena, USA


03 Sep 2011

They advertise soft serve, which is conceptually awesome. Only conceptually. I have yet to be there when their soft serve equipment is operational. Otherwise, it's nothing different than what you can get at a well-stocked health food store, which makes their non-novelty ice cream pricey. Also, beware. They say their ice cream is vegan, but they use honey in some of it. They'll tell you which, but you have to know to ask.

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