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Great Western Arcade, Colmore Row, Birmingham, England

Not Really My Cup of Tea

27 Jul 2015

I should be honest from the start - I'm a little biased against 'posh' restaurants like this one. When I go out for a meal, I usually want something fairly hearty and robust, rather than a few tastefully-presented morsels on oversized plates. This place seems to do that kind of 'fine dining' experience quite well, but spending so much money on so little food (especially when it's not massively out of the ordinary) is not really for me.

With that said, the staff here were very friendly and helpful, and the food itself was tasty. There just isn't enough of it, and it didn't seem like anything I couldn't have put together a reasonable facsimile of by myself (potato pancakes, anyone?). I accept that I am a philistine though, sorry...

1a Cannon Court, Longrow West, Nottingham, England

An excellent find

10 Jan 2011

The Alley Cafe was an excellent place for a Saturday afternoon lunch, very lively-feeling, and very full (which I took to be a good sign, considering it's hidden down a courtyard off the main road). I thought the tofu steak and root mash I ordered could perhaps have been a little bigger, but this was probably made up for by the large, quality salad it was served with, and I was certainly sated by the end.

Me and a friend also shared a brownie and a cheesecake as pudding, and these were both excellent - I've always been a bit dubious of the idea of a vegan cheesecake, but this one was better than most of the 'real' ones I've had in the past.

Overall, definitely recommended, and a little bit reminiscent of a shrunken, slightly cooler version of the Warehouse Cafe in Birmingham ;)

2781 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, Canada

Busy, and with good reason

05 Jul 2014

Like a lot of the good restaurants we went to in Vancouver, this one is randomly located on a road that otherwise looks like a suburban strip mall. It was very busy, and we soon found out why - the portions are large, and the food is tasty and filling. Recommended.

507 S 6th St, Philadelphia, USA

Vegan pizza and metal, a good combination

05 Jul 2014

So, I don't know about the American context, but in Toronto this place would undoubtedly be known as 'that hipster pizza place' - it is, after all, a vegan pizza parlour that played drone metal the entire time we were there. I don't say any of this as a bad thing.

The pizza itself was...well, it's vegan pizza, you probably know what Daiya cheese tastes like now, and you know whether you can be down with it or not. If you can, these guys use it well; if you can't, this won't be to your taste. We also tried out the wings with mustard sauce, and they were excellent.

362 Leith Walk, Edinburgh, Scotland

Come for the Beer, Stay for the Nachos

08 Apr 2016

I actually come here for the beer and the pub quiz on a Monday, but the vegetarian nachos are also pretty decent, and delivered in a hefty serving. The beer choice is spectacular, and the staff and clientele are both friendly. Recommended.

885 Dundas St W, Toronto, Canada

A Little Disappointed

25 Mar 2014

I'd been meaning to go to this place for ages, as probably the closest veggie restaurant to my house - I guess you always ignore the most convenient, close-to-home option in favour of something more exotic. Having finally made the decision to breach its shiny glass exterior...well, it was kind of average, really. Nice and cheap, and decently sized portions, but the food was rather bland (admittedly, my girlfriend complained hers was too spicy, so they may just have mixed up our respective orders...). I'd go again if I had the itch for cheap, convenient Asian food - but it's not somewhere that will be in my regular rotation.

60 Broughton St, Edinburgh, Scotland

Great Cafe with a Range of Options

08 Apr 2016

This was the place where I finally gave up on my stubborn refusal to eat vegetarian haggis (which was predicated on a belief that I still hold - that tasty as it is, it shouldn't be called haggis, because it clearly isn't), and I'm glad I did. I've been back since for an equally delicious lasagna. The service is perhaps not the quickest you'll ever experience, but it's more of a place for a relaxed, drawn-out experience rather than a quick bite to eat anyway, so I would highly recommend it.

4873 St Laurent, Montreal, Canada

Good atmosphere, decent food

23 Apr 2013

This place had a good, pub-like atmosphere, which is to be expected really as it was also a music venue, and rustled us up a pretty accomplished burrito to go with our pints. I guess it was a little on the dark side for eating, but you can't expect much else if you roll up to a bar at 8pm, so I'll let them off.

My one complaint is that everybody wears their damn hats indoors. I'm starting to sound like an old man in some of these reviews, but come on people, if you're eating, take the wooly hat off for ten minutes...

Boria 17, Barcelona, Spain


30 Dec 2012

For a while, it was looking like this place was going to have to remain on the wishlist - I had tried to come here on a previous visit to Barcelona, but didn;t pay attention to the opening times, and turned up at lunch, when it was firmly shut. This time, we arrived in the evening, only to find all the tables taken, with no idea of when a space would open up.

Luckily, we took so long deciding whether to try somewhere else or wait around for a table at CatBar that we inadverdently ended up waiting around for a table at CatBar. The food was tremendous value - if I remember correctly, it was 10 Euros for a three course meal with beer (or another drink of your choice). The lentil soup was an excellent way to start, and I then had a seitan steak in a creamy sauce, which I thought was a little more imaginative than you sometimes get from meat replacement dishes. The dessert was the only slight blemish, with the chocolate cake being rather dry - although on the plus side, if you like it, you can have unlimited servings.

After the food, the place is also a very pleasant bar with a very wide choice of fancy artisanal beers from Catalonia and elsewhere - even if you're not eating there, I'd say it's a great bar to hang out in for the evening. Top notch.

501 E Pine St, Seattle, USA

Good experience

05 Jul 2014

I only had a quick drink here (spicy apple cider) while meeting a friend, so I can't give too detailed a review. The atmosphere of the place was good though, with a lot of fairly varied people hanging around in a good-sized space with an upstairs area too. That said, if you're the kind of person who's likely to get nervous walking past groups of homeless people and punks to get into a coffeeshop, you might wanna keep in mind that you will probably have to do that here.

Nerudova 32, Mala Strana, Prague, Czech Republic

A very odd eating experience

06 May 2011

We came across this place by chance while wandering down Nerudova after a visit to the castle. The pictures on the door seemed appealing, so we gave it a go, and...well, the pictures may have been a bit misleading. The set menu consisted of a very nice chick pea soup, a less appetising sludge-coloured courgette curry, a rather unappealing bit of salad floating in yoghurt, a strange yellow combination of coconut, aniseed and a prune, and a rather flat sponge cake in banana yoghurt.

We were asked if we wanted seconds before we left, but that seemed like a rather misplaced enquiry considering we hadn't managed to finish our firsts. Perhaps this is just a style of cooking that I'm not used to or don't appreciate the nuances of (and it must be said that the other customers were happily polishing off their trays of food in record time), but I certainly wouldn't recommend spending your 150 korunas here.

478 Queen St W, Toronto, Canada

Cool place

05 Jul 2014

I went to Grasslands recently for the brunch and had a mixed experience. The place itself is nice enough, in the middle of the day when the bar aspect isn't really in place it's just a fairly large and kinda funky restaurant with booths.

Food-wise, it's worth noting that they were out of standard burgers, which rather cut the brunch menu down, as two or three of the options used those burgers. This could just be because we turned up with a little over an hour to closing time, but was still a touch disappointing. I had the chicken and waffles instead - the chicken was good, but the waffles were a little on the dry side, they could have done with a bit more sauce. Nevertheless, the staff were helpful and the food shows promise - I may well be back again at some point to try something else.

1100 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, USA

Worth a go - cheapest place in the area

05 Oct 2013

I have to disagree a little with the other two reviews, I had a perfectly serviceable meal here - not exactly fine dining, but good for the price. It's located in the shopping mall where dreams come to die, on the lower level of the Old Post Office - maybe it was just my bad luck for being there during the shutdown, but the surroundings were gloomy as anything, and Indian Delight was one of about five places open in the entire building.

We were greeted in a very friendly manner, given little taster spoons of some of the options (of which there was about 7 or 8). I went for the $8 combo of two mains, rice and bread, and chose the aloo gobi and chana masala. Both of them were, as suggested above, perfectly fine - exactly what you'd expect from cheap Indian food, spicy and filling. The bread was my only complaint, being a rather over-fried thing. I guess a second complaint might be that there was literally too much food for the price, and I ended up having to give up on finishing it.

I also had a mango lassi which was thicker than expected - more like a mango yoghurt in a cup, but I don't consider that a complaint in the slightest, I almost bought a second one.

C/Hospital 74, Barcelona, Spain

Hazy but good memories

30 Dec 2012

I headed here after a very heavy night on the sauce, and with a need to eat something that was going to be satisfying, replenish the vital nutrients I had destroyed the previous evening, and not make me, erm, revisit yesterday's food and drink intake. Hm.

Anyway, Juicy Jones did a very good job at all three of those requirements - I had an oriental-style tofu sandwich on decent bread, with a tasty spicy sauce and some (slightly under-ripe) avocado. They also do a massive range of fresh juices and milkshakes, with a menu of various natural supplements you can add; and the decor is spacious, with a sort of vaguely edgy graffiti vibe going on.

Overall, recommended - we almost ended up going back there the next day in the evening, but had missed the closing time by half an hour or so.

3 Plender Street, Camden, North West London, England

Small but interesting

19 Oct 2011

Loving Hut is actually much smaller than I imagined it to be, with probably only enough seating for around ten people - though I don't know why I was expecting a particularly large place for a restaurant that runs on a pay-what-you-like principle. Hopefully people don't abuse that principle too much, as the food is decent and filling, if not exactly spectacular, the staff are pleasant (with the chef quite happy to talk at length about veganism if you get chatting with him), and they also provide vegan fast food - 'fish' burgers, 'chicken' burgers, etc.

While you're eating you can also watch a continuous feed of Supreme Master TV, the television channel of the banned-in-China religious organisation that funds the chain, featuring a whole host of unwitting and slightly bemused celebrities (Samuel L. Jackson!) being hijacked on red carpets and asked to say 'You're watching Supreme Master TV'. It adds a slightly bizarre humour to the occasion.

348 7th Ave, New York City, USA

A little poky

22 Apr 2013

This branch of the crazy cultist chain is perhaps the smallest restaurant I have ever eaten in, so beware that you will have customers continually walking back and forth right behind you to get to the counter. The staff were very nice, although I'm not sure why they insist on doing 'table service' when you're not even three feet away from the counter. The food is what you get everywhere at Loving Hut - decent but unspectacular Asian cuisine, tofu, noodles, rice, veggies, all that jazz. I can't really have any complaints, but nor can I really get too excited.

Trankgasse 11, Cologne, Germany

Not really vegan-friendly

22 Mar 2011

This place is really no more vegan friendly than anywhere else in the Hauptbahnhof, and since the only vegan food it sells is one salad, it's actually less vegan-friendly than some of the Asian cuisine available nearby. It sells perfectly serviceable juices and sandwiches, but it's not really in anyway a vegan or vegetarian restaurant, hence the low score.

56 Allison Street, Digbeth, Birmingham, England

Full of things that are hard to find in Brum

10 Jan 2011

Excellent place just underneath the Warehouse Cafe (and next to a bike shop!), selling all sorts of vegan foodstuffs that are difficult to get elsewhere in Birmingham, and also a few non-food bits and pieces (Ecover washing liquid, Kingfisher toothpaste, etc.). Changed ownership recently, and last time I went in it looked a little understocked compared to usual, but it was just after the Christmas period, so I think we can give them the benefit of the doubt. Highly recommended.

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