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849 W University Dr, Tempe, USA


01 Jul 2011

I love this place. I just tried the other Ethiopian restaurant in the Valley, and was disappointed, and my gratitude for Cafe Lalibela multiplied. The food here is fresh and authentic, and the staff are really nice. I'm so lucky to live down the street! Tons of vegan options, too.

Kastanienallee 85, Berlin, Germany

awesome concept, great food

29 Jun 2009

Typically breakfast buffets, even if they're vegetarian, aren't vegan friendly, but this one was extremely. I left full and completely satisfied. They had a delicious tofu scramble, even some sort of vegan german pudding thing. Drinks have a set price, but the buffet is pay what you can between 4 and 8 euros. I was very pleased!

933 E University Dr, Ste 112, Tempe, USA

Not so fresh

01 Jul 2011

I was disappointed with Blue Nile. [edit by staff] Most of the food tasted like it had been cooked yesterday or was made with canned vegetables. Their salads are good, but the entrees were a waste of my money and I definitely won't be going back.

Kempinski Plaza, Uhlandstrasse 181-183, Berlin, Germany


21 Jun 2009

I was slightly skeptical when I first read about La Mano Verde because although it sounded good, it sounded a bit on the pricey side, and I am always fine with a 4 dollar veggie burger. However... I would have paid double what I did if asked to, because the food here was so amazing. The chef obviously takes vegan food seriously, because this was a gourmet restaurant. One would never be able to tell this was a vegan restaurant on first sight, its very classy with candle-lit tables and nice tablecloths. The whole menu is vegan, and where they can they use local and organic ingredients. This place is totally suitable for parents, spouses, vegans and meat-eaters (as long as they have an open mind). I had the ravioli rouge, which was a raw ravioli dish made from beetroot and cashew ricotta. Also I shared a country chicken and potato dish and a tasteful spinach ravioli, a dessert sampler, and two drinks, and it was all 55 euros, which was a lot less than I actually expected.

I couldn't give this restaurant a higher recommendation.

13355 Bernauer Strasse, Mauer Park, Flea Market, Berlin, Germany

sooo good

29 Jun 2009

These burgers were awesome, so original and creative with the toppings. My only complaint is that the patty (which just seem s to be a slab of seasoned tofu) is not all that flavorful, but the bun and awesome toppings really made up for it. Wish it were bigger too, I suggest you order two! Really cheap too.

Via Pontevigodarzere, 46, Padua, Italy


23 Aug 2009

Lunanuova is like a speakeasy, you ring a doorbell, walk through a hallway, and arrive at the restaurant. The food was delicious and truly Italian. There weren't very many vegan options on the menu, but the owner (I think it was the owner) answered all questions I had, even translated the whole menu for me and pointed out everything that was vegan. I would definitely return.

Wienerstrasse 19, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

just what i needed

29 Jun 2009

i can get really sick of eating the same old stuff... tofu scramble, stirfry, pasta. my soul tinges with jealousy every time i see my brother bite into a juicy burger. well here i have it, biggest selection of vegan burgers ive ever seen. two types of chai tea was also quite exciting. soooo cheap too. i would come back a thousand times (i went twice in five days).

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