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182 Heaton Rd, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

Empire Building

26 Sep 2015

Having been aware of this place for a short while, it was time to take action. I was lucky enough to have been bought a fabulous selection of their delicious home-made vegan cheeses and a vegan chocolate cup cake. Yes this was also delicious. What do you expect? This place is very popular at lunchtimes with local workers popping in for hot or cold sandwiches, paninis or savoury pastries. Vegan choice and quality is excellent. I was very impressed with their cheeses. We tried the roasted red pepper, Brie style and classic. Perfect with some crusty bread, red wine and olives which is exactly how we ate them. A Little Piece of Sky gives some much needed relief to bigger sister Sky Apple next door which can now concentrate on it's main lunchtime and evening dining openings. All the take-away business can now flow smoothly from another more specialised operation. I can see this place floating around for years to come.

13 Narrowgate, Alnwick, Alnwick, England

It's a nice shop in a nice town

17 Jan 2013

This is a nice shop selling nice things in a lovely little town in beautiful Northumberland. It's shops and towns like these that make rural places so nice to visit. The stock consists mainly of fair trade items such as bags, clothing, craft stuff and candles etc. There is one wall dedicated to foodstuffs such as fair trade, organic and vegan chocolates, condiments, mayonnaise, curry pastes, tahini, spreads, snacks and dried foods. A reasonably well stocked fridge with Redwoods products, vegan cheeses, tofu products and various meat subsitute products is at the back of the store. Things are quite expensive here but I suppose it's the only place in the town where you can get specialist items like this so you're saving by not traveling to somewhere like Newcastle or Berwick. It's worth checking out the bargain bin for nearly due date items. I will be back here again for sure.

34 Beulah Street, Station Parade, Harrogate, Harrogate, England

Useful Store

02 Sep 2008

Good for the odd vegan / vegetarian grocery item. Mainly specialises in vitamins, health supplements and alternative remedies. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

239 London Road, Sheffield, England

Interesting and pleasant

31 Jan 2010

Nice cosy little place on the busy London Road coming out of Sheffield at the south end near Bramall Lane football ground. You walk into a shop first that sells handmade cards, crafts and trinkets (insence, scarves, ornaments, jewelry, candles, lamps etc). The cafe is at the rear and is very small with around 10 seats and a tiny kitchen area. It's a bit like what mother hubbard's kitchen could look like but in a nice way. There is a hot stove at one end keeping things warm in winter and boiling a kettle of water. The range of food is OK (paninis, sandwiches, calzones, toasted sandwiches, soups and dips). The coffee is good and there is a nice friendly local atmosphere in the place. Great for a snack and hot drink and maybe a little mooch around the shop. There are a nice selection of hand made cards at decent prices. If you're in Sheffield and make a point of going to vegetarian places then it's worth a crack.

Basses de Sant Pere, 10b, Barcelona, Spain


13 Apr 2014

Cracking craft beer pub that serves veg & vegan food - burgers, Quesadilles, snacks & dips - the main focus is the huge range of draught and bottled beers from all over the world. The food is positively OK, just what you really expect from a pub. It's freshly made and of a good standard. Sunday brunch looks good. I like beer and I like veggie food so I like Ale & Hop. Correction, I love beer actually!

Rua Tomás Ribeiro, 28, Lisbon, Portugal

All is Good Here

05 Sep 2014

Smasher of a friendly little place serving soups, main dishes, hot and cold drinks and cakes. Good vegan choice and great value meals at around €5-6. There's always a meal of the day along plus a couple of others. On 5th Sept 2014 it was a soya hamburger. The soup was a delicious cream of broccoli at €1.60. There's a good turnaround here and it's popular with the locals as well as workers from the nearby office areas. Bravo. Here here for Alfarroba!!

Praça Alexandre Herculado, 23, Faro, Portugal

Decent Find

22 Feb 2009

A fine little shop selling a good range range of faux meats (sliced deli, wursts, sausages and salamis). Lots of soya products and a more specialist selection of cosmetics, toiletries and vitamins. Worth checking out if out and about in Faro for a few days.

1a Cannon Court, Longrow West, Nottingham, England

Cool Place

07 Sep 2009

Funky cafe bar restaurant serving great beers and veggie food in the centre of Nottingham. Good vegan choice and plenty of variety for all tastes. Can get a bit cramped (we had to have our vegan breakfast sitting at the bar) but the atmosphere was still great. They've got a great web site which makes the place look better than it actually is (a bit like Biosfera in Warsaw) but that's no criticism. I would highly recommend this place if you happen to be in Nottingham.

104 Fishergate, York, England

Found by Chance

04 Sep 2008

Found this place by chance whilst trying to be clever in finding a short cut to Blake Head vegetarian cafe & book shop. Finding this place made up for it though. Well run local friendly wholefoods place that sells a great range of meat free goods, fruit and veg, frozen foods and breads. It's got a nice independent feel to the place. Long may that continue.

Unit 68-69, Grainger Market, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

Reincarnated but Always Reliable

18 Apr 2015

Been going here for years, when there used to be a restaurant attached to the shop that then became a short lived Polish restaurant. They have since moved to the thriving Grainger Indoor Market. As well as a great selection of shelf-based vegetarian and vegan foodstuffs they have a very decent selection of vegan confectionery, pulses and various hard to find cooking ingredients such as seitan (vital wheat gluten) and potato starch flour. They also sell vitamins, health supplements and household cleaning goods. Overall a great effort and wonderful to see it still in business.

Coast Business Park, 1 Wesley Way, Benton Square Estate, Palmersville, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

Vegan Warehouse

17 Dec 2014

Quite hard to find if you don't know the area but if you come into the trading estate look immediate left and you'll see it beyond the metal fence. They sell everything vegan you could possibly imagine. There are fridges and freezers full of cheeses, salamis, tofu and seitan based 'meats', and don't forget marshmallows. My particular favourite is the Vegusto cheese range which is definitely the best vegan cheese I have ever tasted to date. At £4.99 a pack it ain't cheap but it's worth it. As well as savoury foodstuffs you'll find a huge range of confectionery and household and cleaning products. If you fancy a drive to check it out I can't imagine it being a wasted trip. Otherwise, they also do everything online.

C/ Diputacion 164, Barcelona, Spain

Interesting and Calming

07 Jul 2010

A very pleasant place with friendly and attentive staff who appear to be proud to work and run this establishment. Easy to find, just round the corner from the Rafael Casanova Hotel we were staying at. The food is good and hearty, a bit in the style of the Govinda vegetarian restauarants around Europe. Coincidentally they have a twin restaurant in Barcelona which is a Govindas. The only problem here (which shouldn't really be a problem, but is) is that they do not serve wine or beer. It's always nice to have a bottle of wine with an evening meal over a couple of hours or so. I'd definitely go back but during the day for lunch.

Rua de S Jose 95, Lisbon, Portugal

The Rainbow

03 Sep 2015

Fair place, typical Lisbon veggie establishment serving daily deals for a good price. There are something like 8 different set menus. Check out my pic for more details. Canteen atmosphere, simple environment, very functional. The food is fresh and filling, you will not leave hungry. With far greater places like Terra, Os Tibetanos, Food Temple & Jardim Dos Sentidos in the not too distant vicinity it's not somewhere I'd go back but you've got give them a go I suppose

Chmielna 10, Warsaw, Poland

Decent Oriental Fast Food

14 Apr 2013

Ended up in this place whilst looking for Vege Miasto which is very close by. I decided to have a tofu sweet and sour dish with rice which was quite nice and filling rather like the food I am used to from UK Chinese take-aways. I just wanted a good hangover cure and a salty, succulent Asian meal always does the job. Not the most luxurious of places but it's cheap and cheerful and just what is required for a quick fix. They do serve some meat of course but the vegan / vegetarian choice is pretty exceptional. There are so many great places in Warsaw now and to be honest I would choose Loving Hut over Au Lac for my Oriental craving whenever in Warsaw but if you have time, give it a go.

Beckstrasse 17-19, Hamburg, Germany

Falafel & More

25 Apr 2011

Absolutely top draw middle eastern food here in cosy and friendly surroundings. The falafel is superb, cooked to perfection to their own recipe. However, there is much more than falafel here; you can also get dishes of stuffed peppers, chick peas, aubergines, humous, haloumi & other cheeses. They serve beer, soft drinks and speciality teas. There is also ample seating with a wonderful low table area in a side room. Very friendly staff and good prices.

Plaça del vi 11, Girona, Spain

We all need B12

01 Dec 2015

Whilst the memories are still fresh, I write this after one of the most amazing relaxed dining experiences of my life. After a couple of locally brewed Girona bottled beers to kick of proceedings it was on with the food. To start we had black rice with mushrooms and avocado mayo and tofu and basil balls with chimichurri sauce. These were both scintillating. I do not exaggerate. The mains were a pumpkin quiche with smoked tofu and a baked macaroni cheese with aubergine. Both were exhilarating. This was followed by desert of chocolate and cointreau truffles. At €12.50 including a drink the 3 course menu is beyond belief amazing value. B12 is essentially a pub serving a massive range of local and Catalan craft beers by the bottle and on draft. Their amazing secret is the food. This is the kind of place that I dream of. Sorry to sound wet. I don't buy into posh extravagant places where the staff look down on you if you don't wear the right clothes. B12 is set in the beautiful old town of Girona amongst inspiring stone arches. I have been truly inspired here and it will go straight into my Happy Cow top 10. And now it's time to log off and explore some more of Girona.

Haarlemmerdijk 122, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The awesome Haarlemmerdijk

02 Jan 2015

Probably one of the smaller of the dozens of Bagels and Beans branches around town. A great selection of vegan and vegetarian bagel fillings and the awesome soya Matcha Latte are a staple here. This one does get very busy indeed so be prepared to fight it out at busier times. I simply love this street in Amsterdam, go and enjoy.

49 IJDok, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Fresh and Inspiring

10 Jun 2014

An extremely impressive modern and minimalist bagel bar designed to match the ultra cool surroundings of the IJDok area of Amsterdam. Located directly opposite the main entrance of the Room Mate Aitana hotel. All food here is mostly organic and freshly prepared. The vegan/vegetarian combinations are notable and indeed delicious. They also have ingredients from the Vegetarian Butcher clearly itemised in the menu. The soy chai latte is a clear winner on the hot drinks front. Views across the river are gorgeous overlooking Noord Amsterdam, free wifi and lovely wooden furniture make this a very pleasurable experience indeed. Expect to pay in the region of €5-€7 per bagel but you will not be disappointed.

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