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"A vegan can get a decent meal here."
Ashland, USA on 21 Dec 2007

"Delicious pizza & seitan cheesesteak"
Philadelphia, USA on 24 Aug 2016

"Delicious food at a vegan-friendly franchise."
Eugene, USA on 18 Dec 2007

"I visit this place every time I'm in Seattle. :-)"
Seattle, USA on 30 Nov 2007

"Only one vegan option, but it was good."
Riverside, USA on 04 Jul 2007

"Delicious, organic and vegan. :-)"
Portland, USA on 15 Dec 2007

"A Bay Area Favorite"
Cupertino, USA on 30 May 2010

"Excellent vegan-friendly salad bar"
Ashland, USA on 20 Dec 2007

"Fresh, organic, delicious, vegan food!"
San Rafael, USA on 29 May 2011

"Food ranges from excellent to bad"
Santa Monica, USA on 04 Jul 2007

"Delicious Organic Ethiopian Food"
Frederick, USA on 12 Sep 2010

"Excellent, but could use more vegan offerings."
Lisbon, Portugal on 08 Apr 2013

"Some of the best raw food I've ever had!"
West Palm Beach, USA on 05 Apr 2011

"Closed! :-("
Baltimore, USA on 18 Oct 2011

"Not 100% vegetarian, but veg*n-friendly"
York, USA on 16 Jun 2011

"Don't bother if you're vegan"
Colorado Springs, USA on 31 Jul 2016

"Consistently Delicious :-)"
Capitola, USA on 28 Dec 2007

"Not as vegan-friendly as the D2E cafes on Oahu"
Kahului, USA on 26 Dec 2011

"Best for sandwiches, pancakes, shakes, and dessert"
Canoga Park, USA on 26 Jun 2007

"Don't bother if you're vegan."
Las Vegas, USA on 23 Jan 2012

"Good salad and vegan soup, mediocre hot food"
Eugene, USA on 17 Dec 2007

"Highly recommended. :-)"
Clarksville, USA on 12 Nov 2007

"Lots of delicious vegan options!"
Stockholm, Sweden on 12 Jul 2011

"Very good 100% vegan buffet"
Lisbon, Portugal on 08 Apr 2013

"Much improved since 2006 - 2007"
Bakersfield, USA on 20 May 2010

"Nicest Veggie Restaurant in Town"
Santa Cruz, USA on 05 Feb 2008

"Enjoyed by veg*n and omnivorous friends and family"
Kihei, USA on 19 Dec 2010

"Pad Thai on Vegetarian Menu contains fish sauce."
Harrisburg, USA on 14 Jun 2011

"A few vegan options."
Copenhagen, Denmark on 12 Jul 2011

"Excellent food + vegan-knowledgeable service"
Wailuku, USA on 16 Dec 2010

"Perfectly decent vegan Indian food at lunch buffet"
Kapaa, USA on 31 Dec 2012

"Excellent vegan Thai food at a low price"
Medford, USA on 22 Dec 2007

"Awesome vegan-friendly Thai food!"
Hilo, USA on 25 Dec 2010

"Some of the best Ethiopian food I've ever had :-)"
Pittsburgh, USA on 04 Sep 2010

"Very Good Mostly Vegan Buffet"
Lisbon, Portugal on 07 Apr 2013

Niagara On The Lake, Canada on 09 Jul 2012

"One of my favorite Indian buffets of all time."
Columbia, USA on 08 Jan 2009

"Not natural, but tasty"
San Luis Obispo, USA on 11 May 2007

"Small but tasty vegan selection"
Spokane, USA on 28 Jan 2012

"Decent, inexpensive, vegan-friendly Thai food"
Castro Valley, USA on 21 May 2011

"Some very good dishes, some boring ones"
San Jose, USA on 04 Nov 2007

"Worst service of any Whole Foods I've been to!"
Woodland Hills, USA on 21 Feb 2008

"Non organic salad bar at organic salad bar prices."
San Mateo, USA on 28 May 2010

"Organic salad bar + vegan donuts."
Los Altos, USA on 29 May 2010

"More vegan-friendly than most WF salad/hot bars."
Cupertino, USA on 30 May 2010

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