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45 8th Ave, New York City, USA

first time at S'nice

23 Sep 2007

Stopped by for desert and coffee and opted for a shake instead due to very limited vegan desert options. Shake was expensive and very tasteless but place was very crowded so maybe sandwiches are a better way to go.

516 E 6th St, New York City, USA

Great treats, awful customer service

15 Jan 2011

Love the "ice cream" but a few weeks ago braved the bitter cold on a Tuesday night to visit with my husband and, even though the place was empty, found the music in the background so loud that it was painful. Not only was it not my taste (though I could have tolerated it at the right volume) it was impossible for my husband to hear me while standing next to me. The place is very small. Even with more than just the two of us there it would have been very annoying. Nonetheless, we had gone out of our way to get there and wanted to stay; I had planned to buy Rescue chocolate, a tee shirt, and sundaes for us both. So we nicely asked the clerk to turn the music down. He refused, saying he was not allowed to touch the music. We got our ice cream "to go" (one serving only and nothing else) and left. I emailed Lula and was told that indeed the music, including the volume, was part of the "atmosphere" and the clerk was right in refusing to turn it down. The message was fairly clear: Lula's would rather lose a customer than do something as simple (and unrelated to the product they are selling) as lowering the volume of their background music.

344 Adams Ave, Scranton, USA


14 Jan 2014

Can't believe such a gem of a restaurant exists in Scranotn. Hope one day to see expanded hours. Maybe a brunch?
Updated from previous review on Saturday September 26, 2009

Word is that they a closing. Very sad.

12 Park Ave, New York City, USA

Bland, tasteless

25 Sep 2009

Ordered entree and sushi as takeout. Both very disappointing (and expensive). Sushi was tasteless and entree oddly put-together: hot food on a bed of cold lettuce, unidentifiable otherwise and I could not even tell if I was given the correct order since I could'nt make out any of the ingredients! Expected it to be pricey because of the location but definitely not worth the price.

460 Amsterdam Ave, New York City, USA

Good desserts but....

23 Jul 2012

We have eaten at Peacefood several times and are pleased that they are opening a second location since most of their desserts are very good. However, our most recent dining experience left much to be desired and we are hoping it is not going to be a trend: the hostess seated us without handing us menus and when, after several minutes, I went to the counter to ask for menus, our waitress snapped "I'll be there in a minute" and another waitress had to bring us the menus. We should have left then but my friend was craving key lime pie. The meal did not get better from there with food plates literally thrown on the table and, while the soup was okay, the tempeh sandwich was dry and tasteless. The bill arrived without the rest of the party being asked if they wanted anything else (someone always orders coffee and dessert at the end of the meal) and we left vowing we would never eat at Peacefood again.

624 E Burnside, Portland, USA

awesome vegan pies

10 Mar 2011

really amazing 'white' and 'red' pizzas; great crust and the creamy cashew topping is heavenly

1205 SE Stark St, Portland, USA

awesome brunch

10 Mar 2011

Great baked goods and amazing Sunday brunch. The biscuits and gravy were the best I've ever tasted.

1413 York Ave, New York City, USA

Bland, poor texture.

26 Sep 2009

Checked restaurant out after reading that muffins were good but found them "gluey," as if undercooked although they looked nice. Also sampled a few cupcakes: very tasteless and too crumbly. Won't be back anytime soon.

127 E 28th St, New York City, USA

good food, cozy atmosphere

16 Aug 2007

Very tasty and affordable buffet in a comfortable environment with pleasant staff.

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