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VERY yummy... Helps improve the world...

14 Jul 2013

Came here the day after Loving Hut and was very grateful: The food was healthy, full of veggies, tasted very, very yummy. I had the platter, so could also have the burger together with all the veggies... from the constellation, it was possibly the best vegan dish I ever had when eating out. And for desert I could have the pineapple carpaccio, so my daily fruit intake was also covered. - Service was very friendly and honest. - There were not that many customers but I was afraid that they might not be able to handle many, food took a while to prepare/sample.- There was something to sit among the meat stalls but after while I went into a defiant mood... guys, see what yummy food there is, without meat and all the other rubbish (and interestingly all other customers I saw at My Kitchn were not vegan from what I overheard...) Certainly worth a visit, from whereever you are...

Boxhagener Str. 83, Friedrichshain, Berlin, Germany


24 Dec 2012

Finally an orgainc-vegetarian-vegan hotel in the middle of a city!!! I now come here on all my frequent Berlin-stays. The icing is that the rooms are very beatiful, design-hotel style, no carpet, just perfect for staying for ever. Tram is in front of door, S-Bahn not far, organic shop within 5 mins wlaking, and some vegan places (in addition the the hotel's) in walking distance also. Room has desk and chait you can actually work on.- They have to improve the wifi (not availbale at night) and reception staff needs to be more attentive

3001 E Independence Blvd, Charlotte, USA

Yummy food for your burger day

24 Dec 2012

I came here once each week after they had openend (and before I had to leave the area for good). I tried all the burger/sandwich options and they were all very, very good. And the salad (full plate) was also outstanding, always fresh, yummy and some extras (like strawberries). The salte potatoes were also yummy and cooked well. Place was mostly empty when I came but Satursday afternoon is possibly not the best eating time but the manager/owner assured me that business is doing really well.

154 East 79th St, New York City, USA

Food good but could be healthier

24 Dec 2012

I was excited to come here as the place seems to be quite famous.
The service was excellent.
The food was also not bad though I found the entree too boring (2 big burritos with the same taste throughout) and too big. But that's personal. But the burrito had a lot of fake (fake meat plus fake cheeses) stuff and was heavy, not what I'm used to. Salad yummy but I would have loved more greens in it. Overall the food was good, the ginger lemonade outstanding, and the ice cream like heaven.
What I could not accepted: The place is not small and there was only one bathroom for ladies (and the queue stood directly in front of the kitchen door).

Johannisstrasse 40, Nürnberg, Nuremberg, Germany

Good food, nice place

24 Dec 2012

I came here on an afternoon and had the place to myself. Staff was knowledgable to advise what of the day's specials was vegan. Food was good, all true things, no fake meat.

1 Ferry Building, San Francisco, USA

Amazing food and quick service

24 Dec 2012

I spent several hours sitting by the water and returning to the alive! stand frequently. Though food is prepacked/preportioned and not refrigerated it is still fresh and very yummy. Like the easiness of a booth versus a formal restaurant.

1916 Commonwealth Ave, Charlotte, USA

Tiny but best place

24 Dec 2012

I love the ready-made foods here (shame I live and work so far away) and here I learnt about Parma! The managers are extremly knowledgable and I'm looking forward for them to upscale one day...

983 Valencia St, San Francisco, USA

Bland food

24 Dec 2012

Had salad and a sandwich, both bland and one of the worst vegan experiences I have ever had in a restaurant.

348 7th Ave, New York City, USA


24 Dec 2012

Nice food. Hard to find a seat. Ordered burger and salad to go, they forgot the salad. Drink options boring (Water). Compostable containers.

249 Centre St, New York City, USA

Good, yummy food and good service

24 Dec 2012

Still not many customers it seems...
Was here twice for lunch before Christmas. Service is quick, food also quick for raw. Location relaxing and I wouldn't have minded to stay longer... Salad fresh, food also looks fresh (had the burrito, was good), no big portions but when you also want to have a slice of their awesome cheese cake for desert, this is good... also had the zucchini noodles which I also know from home and I did not like them much (but fresh and nothing really to complain).
For me, raw vegan restaurant are the best as there is no fake stuff and all you eat is healthy so, suitable for every day.
I hope they get more customers and stay in business...

903 Houston Northcutt Blvd, Mount Pleasant, USA

Yummy for vegans as well

24 Dec 2012

I did not have frozen yoghurt before and I was positively surprised. They only have three or four vegan option which ranged from yummy to very yummy. But what I liked most was that the waitress showed me around and let me try things. They treated vegans the same as others! ;-)

12235 N Community House Rd, Charlotte, USA

Wide selection, also for vegans

24 Dec 2012

Huge selection of produce though I would like more regional indication (e.g. miles, like another chain does). Spacious. Would like vegan option also with the ready-made food or the bakery.

721 Governor Morrison St Ste 110, Charlotte, USA

Vegan selection, some search though

24 Dec 2012

Not as spacious as the Ballantyne market but still huge selection of produce. Would like vegan option also with the ready-made food or the bakery.

1323 Central Ave, Charlotte, USA

Food OK, service bad

24 Dec 2012

Meanwhile there are three vegan restaurants in Charlotte so a vegan has options.
Still tried the Fern though as they opened back before I became a vegan and I always wanted to go.
Fern has several vegan options (had no vegan dessert though when I was there) and the food is not bad.
However, not as good as I had expected (I know the Halcyon sister back from before I became a vegan and that was realy, really good).
What really put me off was the lousy service, you had to beg to be served and there was no friendliness.

Grindelallee 148, Hamburg, Germany

Not very exciting food

16 Mar 2014

I have been here several times over the past three months, had dishes from 4 different Indian sections and my conclusion is: it all looks and tastes the same, even if it says curry or coconut or Biryani... I still come here, as when on extended trips I do not want exciting food each day.
The vitamin salad has maybe a tenth of a carrot, all else yellowish leafs... and even the Dal soup tastes of not much.
If it says spicy its as bland as if it doesn`t...
The only thing I really find lovely is the crispy bread you always get for starters. And I do trust them that my food is indeed vegan.

Schivelbeiner Strasse 34, Berlin, Germany

Want for nothing...

24 Dec 2012

Of course they have a lot of stuff you also get in a German Bio-Shop. But that makes this place a one-stop-shop for vegans. However, the icing on the cake is the bigger selection in chocolate, in Gummibears (best non-gelantine GBs I ever had in my life). And recently they also added the best vegan parmesan in the world (at least for my taste; Parma). The cafe is on top and serves amazing cake (peanutbutter-chocolate tarte for example), I would appricitae a more sophistaced smootthe selection - if they even plan to extend (only two tables in the cafe area).

Carrer Escudellers 42, Barcelona, Spain

Food fast but not good. Don't serve everybody

27 Mar 2013

They do burgers. Pre-prepared, just warmed up. Average tasting.
I would also have loved their salad but they refused to give me one. I wanted a salad and a burger, both on the menu but they said its too much (staff actually discussed it and spole about me), I still wanted it. I could have had a salad and a pattie which I finally agreed to after which they only gave me the burger. And I speak spanish. After I saw more customers I think it was because I was not pierced. Or maybe because they do not like foreigners.
Ate a few doors away at Vegalia the next days...
For the food being so poor (and the burger was just bread, pattie and sauce, not really a meal) and being treated like sh... I cannot say that I find this a good place to eat...

Schulterblatt 16 (West Schanzenviertel), Hamburg, Germany

Really nice burgers

16 Mar 2014

The Seitan burger patty is much better than any I have ever eaten. There is not much else on the burger but that's OK. The fries were not the best I ever had but at least animal-free. I also had a gyros platter which was very nice (I hate it when Seitan is too wobbly and here they really do the Seitan firm). I had pasta which was overcooked and salad which was leafish. Whenever I come (lunch time, afternoon or Thursday and Friday evening) I always god a seat. The staff is a bit unfriendly but the service is fast.

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