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2330 Royal Ln Ste 900, Dallas, USA

Very Pleasant Visit!!

After hearing all the great views of New Start Veggie Garden, I decided to try it out for myself. I really enjoyed most of the food I chose; although There were many items I did not try (I only picked familiar items or ones that at least looked yummy to me). The customer service was the best I've seen anywhere. Staff were extremely nice, and very hospitable. I must say, there could always be something to complain about though. I did not like the Mushroom Tea at all (although many say it's delicious)and a few other things I tested. It would have been nice to have some sort of sweet desserts added to the buffet other than the fruit or tofu cheesecake they had (Did not taste good to me). Overall I really liked it. And with the $6.99 Dinner Buffet, I couldn't beat that. I plan to visit again.

1101 N Beckley Ave, Dallas, USA

First Vegan Restaurant I've ever Been To....

I have to say I was a little nervous about entering this diner. Being an African American Religious couple, I did not know what type of reaction we'd get from the people there (customers or staff). But much to my surprise, the staff was very friendly, and we did not get stared at.
My husband and I enjoyed our dinner it was very delicious. I had the TOfu Mitch Club sandwich. Mmm. Mmm. There were some items on the menu I did not like though (that's to be expected). But overall it was great! The only thing I'd complain about(And I can't really complain; as I am extremely greatful to finally be able to eat at a restaurant without having to worry about foods that needed to be avoided) would be the pricing. I was not used this sort of place, so it kind of caught me off guard. They seemed to charge for almost everything (ie: ketchup & barbecue sauce). But It's okay. We've still continued eating there from time to time (Its a distance from where we live).
I have tried a couple other restaurants:
1. Veggie Garden
2. New Start's Veggie Garden

Both are great places. I plan to write reviews on them as well. In the future I'd like to try:
1. Suma's Veggie Cafe
2. Madras Pavilion

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