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1713 NE 15th Ave, Portland, USA

Perfect brunch

08 Mar 2010

Reminds me of Mandela Tea Room in Scottsdale. Good mix of raw and health vegan fare. Regretfully, one of the few items they use refined sugar on is their soy softserve. I had a temphe scramble for brunch. Excellent. Creative menu. You can't go wrong.

556 Pandora Ave, Victoria, Canada


18 Feb 2010

I'm vegan but not raw. Over the years I have been to quite a few raw restaurants and enjoy the "cuisine". A few days ago I had lunch at Bliss and wish I had gone sooner than my last day in Victoria. I ordered the pizza. Tomato sauce was awesome, cracker was the perfect thickness and didn't break. I took home a big bag of their raw granola and am enjoying it. Owner is used to non-raw clientele and able to walk you through the menu. Great experience.

1347 NW Highway 101, Lincoln City, USA

Skip it

09 Oct 2011

The "kitchen" consists of a toaster oven and a counter top. It is a unique dining experience and one I only had once. The "experience" is more about being able to tell people you ate in a meal in a sex shop than the quality of the food.

130 E 6th St, Los Angeles, USA


05 Jul 2010

If I could give Babycakes a ten cow rating, I would. I've visited the bakery in NY a few times. On a recent drive through LA I stopped by. I had never had their donuts. It was more of a dense poundcake-like testure but absolutely perfect. I left the shop with a huge bag with a little of everything. There is not one item that I do not love. My visit was in the mid-afternoon but I imagine a visit during peak traffic times would make parking difficult.

1520 15th Ave, Seattle, USA


18 Feb 2010

Only had the vanilla hemp soft serve. Very unique. Too sweet for my taste but a truly unique product. They have a great superfood selection. Cool shop.

1020 19th Street NW, Washington, USA

Poor service

10 Mar 2010

I used to be a regualar at Java Green but got so sick of their poor customer service. No matter how many times I went I was just a number. The lines and wait for food were rediculous. On the upside, the food was usually good, especially considering that there are so few options in the area.

3701 Cahuenga Blvd W, Studio City, USA

Exceptional Niche Product

05 Jul 2010

I recommend Kindkreme if you're either raw or a vegan and trying to steer away from soy. One of the owners waited on me. She was friendly, and so enthausiastic about her product. I tried half a dozen of the flavors and preferred the nut based more than the coconut flavors because of their richness. The ice creams were good but if you have dietary limitations and are craving an ice cream parlor experience, you've found your new home.

Boulevard Carl-Vogt 99, Geneva, Switzerland


25 May 2009

Had lunch and dinner at Le Kid. Supposedly used to be all veg but said owner there was not enough demand in Geneva. They menu is 3/4 meat but there are still a 8 or so veg and vegan options. They have a menu available in English and vegan and veg options are clearly indicated.The waiter didn't speak English, so I had a hard time getting my questions answered. He brought me a dish with dairy due to miscommunication. I don't think many of their customers are vegetarian, so you need to ask questions and taste everything. There are tons of ethnic restaurants in the city but if you're in the mood for a more bistro-ish experience. Great option.

526 NW Coast St, Newport, USA

Great Vegan Find

18 Feb 2010

Under new ownership since last review was writen. The owner is always there and is there to please. He is thinking about adding vegan cheese brick oven pizzas to the menu in the near future. There are helpful vegan icons on the menu and about 5 options. I had a vegetable rice bowl with their "famous" sauce made of nutritional yeast and braggs. Great option in Newport.

3521 SW Hwy 101, Lincoln City, USA

Vegan Menu in Lincoln City

09 Oct 2011

My parents (both vegetarians) have been raving about this new restaurant that opened their their home. This week I have come to visit them and tried Lovin Spoonfull. Turns out my parents didn't even know that there was a seperate vegan menu and have been more than happy with the vegetarian options on the regular menu. The Daiya grilled cheese was awesome. It seems that the owner is almost always there and she is vegan. The atmostphere is a bit nicer than a diner type setting and really helped by the ocean view.

26 rue Imbert Colomes, Lyon, France

Out of this world!

25 May 2009

Spent three days in Lyon and had dinner there twice. The first night it was literally the best meal I have had in my life. The menu changes daily. There are usually 2 vegan and 2 vegetarian set menus. The second night the dinner was good but not excellent.Waitress was sensational. Chef brought food to the table. Couldn't recommend the restaurant any more highly.

2800 Routh St, Dallas, USA


10 Jul 2012

Yes, I assume that got your attention. I've been hearing how Dream Cafe has an amazing Sunday brunch and last weekend I decided to stop over. After looking at the menu, I was really wondering why Dream Cafe was even listed on Happy Cow. More than half of the menu items include a product from a pig. In the end I wound up ordering an omlette with vegetarian sausage (on the inside). When the order came I asked the waiter once again if it was vegetarian sausage and he told me it was. I started eating and thought it seemed quite flavorful but since I've never had real sausage in my life, I wasn't sure if it was just awesome faux sausage but decided to ask my waiter a second time. He told me once again it was vegetarian. When I had eaten all I could, I asked for a to go box. A few small pieces of sausage were still on the plate. I asked the waiter again if they were vegetarian. I may sound paranoid but the restaurant really seemed heavy on the animal products (and not really veg friendly), and I had some serious doubts. The waiter took the stray pieces to the kitchen and within a few minutes the manager was at my table expressing his regrets.

Thomas & Anne Streets, Limerick, Ireland

Everything you need

09 Oct 2011

A few years back I lived in the city center for two years and did almost all of my non-produce shopping there. It's a typical small European health food store,something that is almost extinct in the US. The salespeople were all knowledgable. They always stocked wonderful vegan cheeses. It's quaint and just a wonderful little shop.

1217 SE Stark St, Portland, USA


08 Mar 2010

What an amazing experience! All vegans know what it is like to wander the aisles of Whole Foods searching for the 15% of their items that meet our dietary needs. Food Fight has it all under one roof. Yes, it is a smallish store. Imagine a big 7-11. It is small but just about every cool vegan food product sits on the shelves.

5-560 Johnson St, Victoria, Canada


18 Feb 2010

If I lived in Victoria and lived or worked within 4 blocks, I would never use my kitchen. They have a buffet menu that changes daily, everything is vegan and there is a great selection of soups, hot foods and desserts. If I did live near the restaurant I would probably take my food to go since I'm not crazy about the atmosphere. The other drawbacks and they are minor are the price. You pay by weight and I felt it should have been about 20% less expensive and they should offer a few more plain, raw vegetables in their salad bar area. I didn't try any of their baked goods but they did look good. They also have a little "ice cream" section with four flavors, something you rarely see in a veg restaurant.

1554 E Olive Wy, Seattle, USA

Great Thai

18 Feb 2010

So happy I visited In the Bowl. Very very casual. Huge menu. I ordered a phad tai and it was so so but I really think if I went back I'd hit on something I liked. My companion had vegetable fried rice. I'm not a vegetable fried rice person but it was a lot better than my dish and made me realize that I did order the wrong item. The fried rice was super fresh and not at all oily. Great place for a casual dinner or lunch.

18 Rue de la Bucherie, Paris, France

My favorite restaurant in the world.

25 May 2009

Le Grenier is my favorite restaurant in the world. The food can swing from excellent to mediocre but what I love about the restaurant is that it is a French restaurant first and a veg friendly restaurant second. When you visit Paris as a vegan, it is easy to feel that you are missing the oh so important food experience. Le Grenier always makes me feel as though I have had the food experience. It is clean, the staff is wonderful and ambiance is bistro like. I first visited in 1999 and have only seen it improve. They have a second location nearby that I have yet to visit. Earlier this month I had dinner there 3 of my 5 nights in the city.

24 rue Rambuteau, Paris, France


25 May 2009

Pleasant dining experience. The restaurant felt a bit cramped but the food was fairly good. But to be honest I was there a week ago and can not even remember what I ate. So, it was a good experience but not remarkable.

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