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666 Dundas St W, Toronto, Canada

Our go to

27 Jul 2009

We go to Buddha's at least once a month. Most birhthdays we celebrate begin at Buddhas. Bring a few people, order a few dishes and the bill will likely be under 10 bucks per person including tip. There are two keys to a successful buddhas meal. First order appropriately. Portions are huge, one main dish will easily feed two people.
Second, order the right menu options. Some dishes are defintley better than others.

Best dishes
1) the duck-amazing. We get it every time we go
2) spring rolls-huge and amazing
3) #33-rice noodles-my favourite
4) #35-curry noodles-my partners favourite
5) cashew nut vegetable-vegetables, tofu and a generous portion of cashews
6) the sauces-the sweet and sour sauce and the chili sauce can't be beat.

1) yam rolls-very gross
2) wontons-very dry
3) The gluten plate-horrifying

Questionable: The hot and soup soup. This was a favourite for years but in the last couple months its been off more than 50% of the time.

All in all, Buddhas is a favourite and probably the vegetarian restaurant we frequent most often. Highly recommend it for a casual dinner with friends or a quick weekday lunch.

885 Dundas St W, Toronto, Canada


27 Jul 2009

This place is okay. Food is consistent and decent, servers (owners?) can be ambivalent at times. I go here mostly with my non-vegetarian friends who really enjoy it. Also a good place to take meat eating parents.

If its just me, or i am eating with vegan/veg friends I favour Buddhas or M+B yummy for Ethiopian over cafe 668 for taste and value.

478 Queen St W, Toronto, Canada

Brunch not worth it

27 Jul 2009

I have only gone for brunch so can't comment on the dinner menu. Our brunch left us underwhelmed. Juice was fresh, and coffee was good. Also really liked the complimentary mini-muffins. Tofu scamble was tasty-but that's not an incredible culinary feat. Food is way under-seasoned-it seems like they don't use salt or they definetly don't use enough. We asked for ketchup (for our potatoes) and were told quite curtly that they don't serve ketchup. Five minutes later the server returned with a small bowl of ketchup from their personal stash. Our server spent the remainder of our service complaining about how they had to buy ketchup out of their own pocket and the guests used most of it. By the end of our meal we wished that we had never bothered to mention ketchup in the first place.

Besides the ketchup debacle, the service was downright hostile and the food palatable but under-seasoned. Might try the dinner but definetly won't go back for brunch. Have no idea why people love the brunch so much.

1263 Queen Street West, Toronto, Canada

The best veg food in Toronto

27 Jul 2009

This is quite possibly my favourite all veg place in Toronto. Its my favourite place to take my veg or non-veg friends. Great coffee/latte's, wonderful fresh food and great service. My non-veg friends really like the 'vegetarian' platter, i am partial to the 'beef' platter.

Well worth a trip to parkdale. Highly recommend this place to all regardless of diet.

504 Adelaide St W, Toronto, Canada

Not worth the risk

27 Jul 2009

Okay here goes-

The good: atmosphere is fun, smoothies and juice are good. The Huevos Ranchero's vegan style was really good. Also enjoyed having sausage option-even if it's only Yves brand which is readily available in all grocery stores.

The bad: Service hasn't been great a few times. Took a long time to get our food even though there was only one other table. The 'pancakes' are awful, i could only stomach a few bites. Everything else we've tried on the menu hasn't been good. Coffee is weak. Most frustrating for me is that some of their fake meats are vegan, some are vegetarian. If you are vegan make sure to question the server to see what is appropriate.

Definelty not worth the trip.

326 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Canada

Too expensive for what you get

27 Jul 2009

This place is insanely popular. While not one of my personal fav's, I end up going with non vegetarians fairly often-for some reason they can't get enough. The drinks/shoothies are great-but expensive. I find the wraps and burgers really dry. I can't in good conscience spend ten bucks on a rice bowl so i can't comment on them.

I like the dosa's and the coconut battered tempeh. All the sauces are delicious. The best thing about Fresh in my opinion is the soup. Every time i forget (or am too lazy) to pack my lunch i head over to Fresh (two subway stops from work) and grab a large soup for five dollars. I have never had a bad or even okay soup there. Every soup I've tried is great, even the one's that didn't sound very appetizing initially.

Overall, I find it overpriced but some items are of good value (soup and appetizers) and its a great spot for mixed veg/non veg diners.

1 Wyndham St W, Guelph, Canada

My favourite place to eat in Guelph

27 Jul 2009

I can't say enough good things about the Cornerstone. I've lived in Toronto for over three years now and every time I go to Guelph I eat at the Cornerstone as much as possible. A week ago we spent two days in Guelph and ate at the cornerstone three times-two brunches and one dinner.

While this is a vegetarian restaurant the majority of its clientele are not vegetarian. Cornerstone is best characterized as a restaurant that just happens to be vegetarian. Its definetly a great place to take non veg friends and family.

Don't let the small menu throw you off, everything is good. The brunch is fantastic. I am vegan and my partner is vegetarian. They always have a tofu scramble, toast (with vegan margarine) and potatoes meal available for vegans along with other vegan options. This past week i had a vegan quiche which was out of this world. My partner always has eggs and says they are always fresh and perfectly cooked. The brunch specials are always amazing.

While brunch is always great I actually prefer the regular lunch and dinner options. Our favourite (and something we get every time we are in Guelph) is the cornerstone club. Smoky tofu, avocado, lettuce, tomato and vegan chipotle mayo on the best bread i've ever had. I usually get no tomatoes and my partner gets cucumber subbed for tomatoes. This is by far our favourite vegetarian sandwich we've ever had anywhere.

My partner also loves the pad thai (brought back due to popular demand). Soups are always good and quite often vegan. My meat eating step father still talks about the curried egg sandwich he had and that oh so marvelous bread.

Everything on the menu is great-but do try the club sandwich pretty please. Deserts are also excellent-specially the tofu cheesecake. I really can't recommend Cornerstone enough. This place is loved my meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike. If you want a casual place to chat, grab a bite or have a great meal this is it. Also has a few patio tables in the summer which is great for afternoon or evening drinks. Do not miss if you are in Guelph.

17 Baldwin St, Toronto, Canada

Can't recommend this restaurant

27 Jul 2009

Okay first the good. The atmosphere is wonderful. The servers are top notch and very helfpul. Every desert I've had is great. Nice place to catch up with a friend after work.

Now the bad: Unfortunately, the worst thing about this restaurant is the food. WARNING: Do not take non vegetarians to this restaurant. A couple of my carnivore co-workers very kindly chose this restaurant for a work meeting and they couldn't even choke down their meals. I've probably eaten at this restaurant 15 times as Baldwin street is very close to work-never my choice. Every soup i've tried is flavourless, the hot and sour soup tastes too strongly of vinegar. Every dumpling dish is awful.

If I HAVE to eat there I order the drumsticks and a side of purple rice and have a great desert. Alternatively, I will sometimes order the Singapore noodles without the 'ham.' Those are the only dishes i can tolerate on the menu.

Go for the great deserts, tea's, service and atmosphere, definetly don't go for the food. This is not a place to take non-vegetarians or people who are new to veg cuisine. All it does is reiterate the false notion that veg food is bland and tasteless.

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