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66 King St E, Hamilton, Canada

Delicious and very satisfying!

17 Aug 2014

I had many burritos in my life and this is probably the best place. I love the sweet potato/veggie soy combo. You can also get it gluten-free. Their hot sauce is deadly, so go easy.
They have an eat-in area (not a lot of seats). But we usually get it to go. The parking around the area is the only bad thing, especially recently there has been some construction right on their street. But if that's the only negative thing I have to say, well it is a really awesome burrito. And very very big. Make sure to specify vegan guacamole and no cheese. Maybe in the future they will have vegan cheese. That would make them super perfect!

87 John St S, Hamilton, Canada

Okay food, but very greasy

16 Mar 2012

If you like deep fried Chinese food, you will love Affinity. We were there for the lunch buffet and the food is tasty and the staff friendly. However, all the dishes are swimming in oil. For a treat, once is a while, it's okay. But I simply can't cope with too much greasy food.
Updated from previous review on Thursday March 15, 2012

160 Baldwin St Unit 1, Toronto, Canada

Fast food made with love

17 Jul 2011

This is a great place situated in the heart of Kensington Market. Ordered the seitan burrito (HUGE!), black bean burrito and the tacos. Everything was phenomenal and I totally recommend this place. The staff was ultra friendly and the place super clean. We'll be back!

4040 Palladium Way Unit 11, Burlington, Canada


01 Oct 2011

We've been going to The Naked Sprout for a while and one thing I have to say about this restaurant, the service is outstanding. They seem to hire really great people and very knowledgeable too. The ambience is very organic, we feel peace at every bite. The dishes are creative and you can tell they were made with a lot of love and inspiration. I love the kale salad and if you have a sweet tooth, please order the dessert. Their cheesecakes are fabulous and will make you feel really happy to be alive. A must, if you are in the Burlington area.

11-13 Soho Street, London, England

Loved the food, disliked the bowls system

05 Sep 2011

Vantra is a nice looking restaurant with friendly staff. The buffet holds a nice variety of very delicious dishes. You feel like you should try all of them, because they all look great. Except you get stuck with having to help yourself with a bowl no bigger than a cooking cup. Yes, you can get several bowls if you wish. They charge about £3.50 each. But you still have to manage putting the food inside them. And then you have to eat from them, which is not really wonderful. I like separating the food I eat and not jamming it together in a small bowl. Really a big turn-off. Even having enjoyed the food, we didn't come back. Too bad...

Nassau, New Providence, Nassau, Bahamas

Amazing, fresh and inspired cuisine

14 Mar 2014

We had their food delivered right to our hotel and were pleasantly surprised. Gio, the chef and owner, is very talented and came through with a meal full of flavour and absolutely satisfying. We had a fantastic coconut curry squash soup, small salad and pasta with meatless balls that were the best we ever had. Do try Chef Gio's food. You will be very happy!

3455 Fairview Street, Burlington, Canada

Fast Food Well Done

15 Mar 2015

Goodness Me has a great salad bar, lots of choices like cabbage salad, crunchy quinoa and curried quinoa salad, detox and mexican tofu salad or you can just build your own. The Indian split pea soup is very tasty. You can also order a vegan entree. They have different ones all the time. The vegan stew is awesome and the Mexican tofu casserole is very nice. You get 2 choices of sides. They have steamed veggies, kale with a delicious lemon dressing and flaxseed topping.
The smoothies are also amazing. You can either build your own or get the ones on the menu. Ask for a vegan protein instead of whey. They are pretty accommodating and you can make many substitutions.

401 Brant St, Burlington, Canada

No bad choices here!

23 May 2015

Any comment wouldn't do justice to this place! Everything is good and fresh. You will want to try every single cupcake and you probably should.
The mile high brownie is still my favourite, but everything is so delicious and appealing, you will have trouble choosing.

399 John St, Burlington, Canada

The real "Happy Meal"

23 Jun 2011

This is a place that makes you feel very welcome right away. No attitude and lots of great flavours.

Our family has recently switched to a plant-based diet, so when we found out about Kindfood we were beyond excited. And the experience we had there did not let us down.
We liked the food so much that we had lunch and dinner during the Burlington Sound of Music Festival. It's so great to go to a place that has wonderful "safe" food and not have to worry if there's any animal product being used!
Price wise, I believe you get what you pay for (most of the time anyway), so it's worth to pay a bit more for something that good.

I really recommend Kindfood!

2500 Appleby Line, Burlington, Canada

This is the best vegan pizza EVER!

17 Aug 2014

They do an amazing job with the toppings and are very generous with the amount of Daiya they use. I mean, the pizza is LOADED with it. Absolutely fantastic.

94 Lakeshore E, Mississauga, Canada

So. Good!

08 Aug 2011

We were in the neighbourhood and decided to stop by for lunch. Raw Aura is a welcoming restaurant with relaxed atmosphere and very good food. My husband and I ordered the falavel wrapped in collard green leaves and my daughter had the sweet and sour noodles. The wrap was amazingly delicious but it was rather small and left us wanting more. Maybe a bigger side salad would work? My daughter's entree was very big and very tasty. We ordered 2 desserts, the brownie and chocolate banana cake. Both were to die for. I totally recommend this restaurant. The owner was very nice and friendly and the chef, extremely talented. We will certainly be back!

25-27 Oxford St, London, England

A must if you're in central London!

05 Sep 2011

If you're into delicious food and a laid back atmosphere, then Vitao is the place for you. We ended up eating there 3 times. At one instance, we took our non-vegan friend with us. She was skeptical, but loved it so much that I think she will be back on her own. There is a wide variety of dishes and multiple flavours. If you go there for dinner, you pay £8.50 for the all you can eat buffet. It's a bargain really. The place is small, so be prepared to share a table or to wait until one is available. Totally recommend this restaurant!

17 Baldwin St, Toronto, Canada

F - A - N -T - A - S -T - I - C!!!!!!!!

08 Jul 2011

Went to the AGO with my daughter and one of her friends suggested we tried this restaurant. I am so happy we did. The food is out of this world! Delicious flavours in every dish and exceptional service. We had such a great experience at lunch time, that we decided to go back for dinner and take my husband with us this time. He LOVED it as well, so I'm happy we went back. Seems like we do that a lot when we like a place, but I don't see a problem.
Please GO and be amazed. It's one of the best vegan restaurants I've been to. The owner came check on us both times and was very nice. You really feel like the staff is happy working there. The waiter that served us at lunch was having dinner with a huge group when we returned for dinner, which for me is a good sign.
Their menu is full of delicious items. We are vegan, but will be sharing this experience with our non-vegan friends and family. It's simply excellent food!

207 James Street South, Hamilton, Canada

Great food, friendly staff

04 May 2014

I gotta say, I am now officially addicted to Ethiopian food. From the various beans and veggies to the amazing shiro, it's impossible not to love the food here.
The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, but usually not many around and you will wait a long time to get your food, so do not be in a rush.
I absolutely recommend this restaurant. Wonderful food, not expensive and you will leave very satisfied.

3131 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, USA


26 Apr 2014

Amazing Asian cuisine full of flavours and veg-friendly! We were told they can veganize any dish on the menu. And the result was delicious. Do go!
The place is laid back, but nice. The restaurant is beautiful and the service was great.

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