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"Lousy service"
Hue, Vietnam on 28 Dec 2009

"best bakery ever!"
Ottawa, Canada on 26 Jun 2014

"Amazing!! Love this place so much!!"
Dunsborough on 04 Jan 2013

"Super friendly and excellent value"
Hoi An, Vietnam on 15 Nov 2012

"Delicious hot food and salads"
Fremantle on 04 Jan 2013

"Great food, friendly staff"
Caulfield on 25 Jun 2012

"Superb quality"
Roleystone on 02 Jan 2013

"A local treasure!"
Caulfield on 19 Aug 2013

"Best of the Oms, and best value lunch in the city"
Melbourne on 03 Feb 2015

"Superb quality bread a pastries"
Balaclava on 13 Jun 2012

"Not vegetarian anymore!"
Fitzroy on 31 Oct 2012

"Super healthy, super tasty"
Melbourne on 13 Jul 2016

"first class dining"
Toronto, Canada on 26 Jun 2014

"Great selection of hearty salads!"
Perth on 02 Jan 2013