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46 Purchase St, Rye, USA

vegan + westchester county = wow. finally!

06 Feb 2009

Finally a VEGAN cafe in RYE...I thought it would never happen! The owner, Andy, is the nicest person...ask him why he became vegan- it's a great story :)
the banana bread is amazing, they have chicago's temptation vegan ice cream...yummmy. prices are high, but it's RYE so that's not a surprise!
my fiance loves the cupcakes, too sweet for me though...
also, it's 92% organic, NICE!
Last time I was there, Andy had just made homemade cashew milk and he gave me a free sample: it was outstanding!!!

187 9th Ave, New York City, USA


06 Feb 2010

I love blossom! The food is outstanding, the service is fabulous, and yes it's pricey but it's totally worth every penny!! My husband and I love the crab cakes, ravioli with cashew cream sauce, and the caesar salad....
We compare it to Candle 79- if you love Candle, then you'll love blossom.

22 Chestnut St, Florence, USA

the best vegan food in Northampton!

01 Feb 2013

My husband and I had lunch at Cafe Evolution the other day - it was amazing! The atmosphere - open floor plan, converted warehouse
Soft music and plants everywhere, vintage furniture, and really nice people.
The food: we had the special soup of the day (garbanzo mushroom) which was creamy and delicious, then I had the large garden salad with baked tofu, avocado and tahini dressing - so fresh and yummy! My husband had the winner though...the tempeh BLT. It was so good and made on their homemade bread.
I also had a great house-made chai tea (loved because they don't sweeten it).
They also had the children's book "That's Why We Don't Eat Animals" on the windowsill which I had been meaning to read. If you haven't read it, you should!

299 Greene Ave, Brooklyn, USA

vegan comfort food!

02 Feb 2013

I love going to Clementine Bakery because it's around the corner from where my brother in law lives and the only yummy vegan food in the area that we've found!
They have great tea and coffee, baked goods, and a sandwich board with my personal favorite: the tempeh reuben. Yes, it's smothered with Daiya cheese and I'm not usually a fan of that processed stuff, but when it's the morning after a concert and you're craving salt and bread like crazy, this is a heavenly place to find! The staff is really friendly, but they do take their time. As long as you don't mind chilling for a little while then it's all good, but don't go there when you're in a huge rush.

315 5th Ave, Brooklyn, USA

awesome place!

01 Feb 2013

I love S'nice! Every time I go there I leave happy and full. The atmosphere is laid back and cozy - the staff is really friendly - the food is delicious.
It's everything I look for in a veggie restaurant.
I recommend the tempeh reuben!

156 5th Ave, Brooklyn, USA

just okay...

06 Feb 2010

went to V-Spot last night for dinner with friends- it's a cute place, simple, and has a nice coney island lager on tap. the service is pretty bad though- everyone is really nice, it just seems like they're disorganized and maybe short on servers. We had to beg for water refills and our drinks took forever- we shared three appetizers: nachos, summer rolls, and buffalo chicken. the nachos were not very exciting and didn't have nearly enough sour cream or guacamole, and the chips were really oily, the summer rolls were awesome, and the buffalo chicken tasted sooo much like chicken and everyone loved it- the only bad thing was that we didn't realize that there were wooden skewers inside each "chicken" wing and they weren't visible until you took a big bite- so my husband nearly choked on his first bite!
My main course was the quesadillas- very yummy and filling!
everyone enjoyed their entrees, but when we left we all had stomach aches...I think it's due to the fact that most of the dishes are prepared using a lot of processed soy products. My husband and I are vegan so we can usually handle a lot of soy, but this was a bit too much I guess.
Overall, we had a nice time, but am I excited to go back? No, not really...

112 Smith St, Brooklyn, USA

not good...

01 Feb 2013

Maybe we picked the wrong dishes to order, but our food was pretty bad.
The summer rolls were okay, but for my main I ordered a brothy noodle soup which I thought would be great on a cold day. It tasted like warm water with a dash of spice, and they added fake shrimp to it (which I wasn't prepared for). I tried the fake shrimp, even though I usually don't like processed faux meats, and it was pretty much inedible. My husband had a sweet and sour seitan dish, which was just okay - a lot of sauce and very few veggies.
Overall, not a place we'll eagerly return to.

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