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248 South St, Philadelphia, USA

Great in context

21 Sep 2007

Keeping in mind that this is a tiny little fast food joint that only serves one thing plus fries, I really like this place. Where else can I get cabbage with my falafel (reminds me of Eastern Europe)? I like that they have bottled beverages and a toppings bar. Of course, getting in, getting food, and getting out of this miniscule eatery can be an adventure, but it's great for once in a while. The falafel itself is much better than that of any of the food trucks on Temple's campus.

1408 South St, Philadelphia, USA

Not really awesome chicken cheesesteak

21 Sep 2007

Gourmet To Go is okay. The cashier was unpleasant/ unhelpful and forgetful. No big deal, could've been a bad day for her. More importantly, the food: the descriptions don't prepare you for what you are going to get. The ham and egg salad wrap is sauteed ham, scrambled tofu, spring mix, olives, and lettuce. I guess what they ment by "ham and egg salad" was ham and egg with salad...would've been better as a breakfast style wrap without the vegetable component. It was kind of like a recipe you try at home...turns out kinda weird but you eat it anyway because you spent a lot of money on the ingredients. That said, the scrambled tofu and ham components were quite good. All the faux meat here is of the bagged Chinese variety, FYI.
The chicken cheesesteak is edible, but not that great. You would think that a place making a fake chicken cheesesteak IN PHILADELPHIA would attempt to have it resemble its meaty counterpart in preparation. Why would the chicken be in big chunk form and not sliced? Additionally, the peppers neither helped nor hurt the flavor- no sandwich unity here. As someone else already mentioned, they put soy mayo on it standard, and some yellow vegan cheese sauce by request. I wouldn't have eaten mayo on real meat, but it's good on this. The wheat roll is great, and there's a good amount of seating.
All in all, I plan to give G2G another shot.

601 N 21st St, Philadelphia, USA

Interesting food options

12 Nov 2009

It was nice to have multiple food options at a place that can handle a larger group. I ordered the seitan wings and the vegan meatloaf. My strategy at non-veg restaurants with veg otions is to order more than one thing to increase the odds that I get something decent. Perfect strategy here as the wings were awful whereas the meatloaf was decent. My friend ordered the veggie burger which seemed to contain mostly potatoes and some random vegetables. It looked pretty good for the style of burger it was.
Back to the wings: basically deep fried chunks of seitan with some random not quite barbeque definitely not buffalo sauce that seemed like someone mixed together my fridge door contents and tossed in the seitan. As gross as that sounds, they were edible, but I would not ever want to pay money for something like that again.
The meatloaf, on the other hand, was pretty awesome flavor-wise (mostly mushroom as listed on the menu). It was a bit mushy, but that wasn't really troubling. I wouldn't know where else to get mushroom loaf in the city.
Eating at the Belgian Cafe was a very nice experience overall and is a decent place to go for heavier meat-and-potatoes style vegan food.

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