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222 North End Road, West Kensington, West London, England

Pretty good

My husband and I finally ate here in July 2007 after months of longing. I suppose we might have built it up in our minds too much, but while it didn't meet our expectations, it was good, and we would go back. We had the avocado pomodoro for a starter, which was really nice and interesting, but rather heavy. We also ordered the garlic bread--but that didn't come until after our mains and we had to flag the waitress down to get it then. It's a tiny restaurant, but she was distracted by a party of 10. (FYI-the garlic bread wasn't worth the effort.) For our mains, I had the Stroganoff made with tofu, and my husband chose the 222 Gardens. While my Stroganoff was a generous meal and super tasty, the Gardens was ridiculously small--especially considering it was the most expensive dish on the menu! Just picture a line of little nibblies down the center of your plate, that's all it was. The menu really gave the impression that it would be a healthy amount of food, but that was not the case. Dessert was the tofu cheesecake and a chocolate cake--both on the healthy side of desserts. I wouldn't bother ordering the cheesecake again, as it's so easy to make a nice one at home. The main pro about 222 is that the cooking is healthy. So many times at veggie places you get served white rice, and other sorts of refined junk. I think our night at 222 was a case of ordering some of the wrong things, so maybe next time, we'll get luckier!

86 Mill Lane, North West London, England

Adorable and delicious

I work nearby bake-a-boo, and like to pop in for lunch. The shop is hard to miss as the facade is painted lavender. They usually have a veggie or vegan sandwich option for lunch (chilli hummus & avocado, for example). There's also coffee, tea, and individual Alpro soya milks (chocolate, banana, and strawbery). The range of cupcakes and other treats varies from day to day, and a vegan option isn't always available, so it would be wise to call ahead to check or to see if you can put in a special order if it's for a special occasion. Their original vegan option is chocolate, which is tasty, but I'm in the middle of eating a fabulous banana cupcake at the moment complete with a banana chip on top, and it's absolutely amazing! My friends have tried the regular and gluten-free options, and say they're delicious as well.

Zoodochou Pigis 8-10, Athens, Greece

love this place

Bamboo Vegan is a great resource for vegans in Athens. They pack a lot of things into a small space! The shop carries a wide variety of vegan cheeses, tofu, tempeh, and mock meats. Also a big assortment of plant milks, sweets, and fresh baked goods (including a delicious vegan bougatsa). Even though many of these items are available at other bio shops in Athens, I still come here not only to support a vegan business, but also because they ahve better prices than the other shops. The owners are also super friendly and helpful.

187 9th Ave, New York City, USA


My husband and I ate here while visiting from London on June 7. We both really enjoyed the entire experience. The atmosphere was great--chic, yet relaxing. I can't remember which wine we had--just that it was a French white and very nice. For starters we had the black bean cake and the tofu beet salad, both of which were delish. For the main course, he chose the feijoada and I had the Carnival. His was absolutely excellent, very flavorful with sweet potato curls on top. Mine was very good. The kale and yucca croquettes were perfect. The mojo tempeh didn't seem like it had been marinated long enough--it could do with a bit more kick, but I enjoyed it. For dessert, we shared the chocolate ganache and gourmet cheesecake, both of which were very good. The ganache is very rich, and I'm glad I was sharing, cause I couldn't have had any more chocolate. It was expensive, but this is a gourmet dining experience, not fill-you-up grub. Compared to London prices, it didn't shock us, but compared to Denver prices, yes it would. $120 after a 20% tip. Plus, the food was definitely better than anything I've experienced in London. For those concerned the portions may be too small because of what other reviewers said, we didn't find this to be the case at all. Blossom is three course dining, not a Cheesecake Factory take your leftovers home place. I've definitely seen smaller portions at the same price before. We left with full stomachs and big smiles on our faces. :-)

4419 Harrison Ave NW, Olympia, USA

Fond memories

I went to college in Oly a few years back, and one of my favorite warm and fuzzies was enjoying Blue Heron's vegan chocolate chip cookies with a nice micro brew. Yes, beer and cookies is where it's at. They also do some really tasty (albeit fatty) muffins (really unique flavors), and nice breads, and even though they're a bit out of town for those without transport, their stuff's available at the co-op and Thriftway.

Pasaz Jalta, Vaclavske Namesti 43, Praha 1, Czechia, Prague, Czech Republic


Not terrible, not great. One plus, is it's open late! One night after trying to go to Albio which closes at 9, we ended up here. Large veggie selection, but mostly with mock meats. Still everything was well made, and the salsa on my boyfriend's fajita was actually fairly spicy! The atmosphere is that of a bar, so I wouldn't recommend it for families, but for two hungry travellers, it was fine.

3 Taojiang Lu, Shanghai, China

Good food, great atmosphere

I wrote a so-so review before, but have since revisited twice. At the time of our first visit, the restaurant was still rather new. They were working on new labels and menus when we were eating. The atmosphere is very nice and homey here. It seems like a very good place to enjoy a tea or coffee.

The food was rather good the first time, but not amazing. The ginger scones we had for dessert were dense and not very tasty. I wouldn't order them again. It was the only vegan dessert available. Everything else, including the tofu cheesecake, contained dairy.

The food has improved drastically. I have since tried a tasty rice "lasagna" that's really more of a baked dish with coconut milk and veggies. It came with salad and was a good-sized plate. My husband likes the green tea soba noodles. The miso soup is also good. Our dinner companions were divided on the curries but the tofu sandwich gets good reviews. The onigiri is also very good. The white wine is a very nice Italian. It went perfectly with our food. The owner said she kept the wine from when it used to be an Italian restaurant as when she looked into getting organic wine, it was too expensive.

There are now more vegan desserts. I spoke to the owner and she said she was working on changing all of them to vegan and on my last visit, they all were. We've tried the banana sesame bread pudding (great!) and the cornbread with figs. The cornbread was more of a sweet polenta. Nice and different. There are also some delicious looking crumbles and a chocolate tofu cheesecake (vegan now), that I have yet to try. I spoke to the chef and he said they are working on developing more vegan desserts, so I expect they will only get better.

My main complaint the first visit was with our waiter, but he doesn't appear to work there anymore, so I will remove that part of my review. The owner served us on our second visit and a new waitress on our last and we had a great experience. The owner is super friendly and very accommodating even when more friends showed up and we had to move tables (twice).

The only complaint I have is that service is very slow, even for things that you wouldn't expect (like warming up puddings, etc.). Don't come here expecting a quick bite to eat. This is more of a place you go when you want to spend a good chunk of time with friends or a date. Order your wine and enjoy some conversation or play with the kitten while waiting for your food.

We will definitely go to Annamaya more often now.

Aobadai 3-17-7, Meguroku, Tokyo, Japan


Cafe Eight is not as conveniently located as its sister location, Pure Cafe, but way tastier, and has a bigger menu. It's more of a restaurant than Pure as well. We visited back in April 2008, but can't wait to get back to Tokyo to try it again.

To start, we had deep fried tempeh with avocado that was absolutely fantastic, and my mouth is watering just thinking about it! We shared some roasted veggies and a natto bowl as well. And another starter than I can't remember, but I'm sure it was good. All together with the bottle of organic Greek wine and a beer, it came to 9.000, so definitely the most expensive place we went to in Tokyo, but well worth it. We also had a chocolate tart there that was really nice, and the spicy carrot cake. Chocolate tarts seem to be a standard in Tokyo vegan establishments (we had three during our 4-day trip), but I can't complain.

This is a good place to go on a date or if you're just looking for some awesome vegan food. It was kind of hard to find, but this is one of my top veg restaurants in the world, so keep looking!

53 Lexington St, Soho, London, England

Nice for a quick bite

We happened upon this place while out and about one day. It's associated with the next door Mildred's and carries some of their staples. It seems like they're trying to appeal to diners wanting quality veg food in a quick and casual atmosphere.

We didn't have lunch there, but popped in to buy a slice of their vegan chocolate raspberry truffle cake to takeaway. It was absolutely delicious, although definitely rich. We got a large slice and it was still tough for two sharing to finish it. Not any actual cake, just truffley goodness!

I think this place is definitely worth popping in for lunch, although I'm not sure how fast the service will be. It took us over 5 minutes to place our order, get it, and pay for it.

6 Lijun Road, Guilin, China


We had a tough time finding veggie food in Guilin. We went to more than one place we were told was vegetarian or had vegetarian food only to find that they weren't at all and even served all sorts of exotic animals. Pure Lotus, also mentioned on this website as in Giulin, is actually in Yangshuo, which is about an hour away. So when we found this temple restaurant, we were very relieved! It's pretty easy to find as it's right next to a big temple. The staff was very friendly although they were definitely surprised to see us. We ate there three or four times and never saw another foreigner. It seems to be popular with Chinese tour groups.

Our Mandarin is not very good and we can't read much, so they gave us a sort of photo album to use as a menu and we used our spoken Mandarin skills to ask for suggestions and some stir fried greens (chao qing cai). Everything we had was delicious. The best was a fried noodle dish. It was perfectly seasoned and HUGE, which meant I could bring leftovers back to the hostel for breakfast/lunch the next day. Unfortunately, I don't know the names of anything else we ate, but just point at what looks good and you won't be disappointed.

Our meals were all reasonably priced and beer and soft drinks are available. Definitely come here if you're in Guilin, as you won't have much luck anywhere else!

168 Lujiazui Xi Lu, 5F, Shanghai, China

Poor service, standard food

We've already been to the French Concession location a few times and enjoyed it, so decided to come here since we wanted to go to Muji, which is also in Super Brand Mall. It's pretty easy to find--on the fifth floor with all the other restaurants.

First of all, I have to disagree that this could be described as nicer than a nice restaurant in the West. Based on the ambience and decor, I would have to put it on par with a Shoney's or Denny's. The place was dirty (granted we arrived after lunch rush, but still) and staff was extremely inattentive. There were two waitresses posted at the door at all times, but the four or five other servers were too busy talking to each other and setting tables to take our order for almost 10 minutes--there was even a few minutes delay after we finally flagged one down and asked to order.
As for the food, it was okay. We ordered one dish that we'd had at the other location, celery with lily bulb, which we liked. The other dish, Sesame Phoenix slices, was really awful. The breaded and fried slices themselves were not bad, if a bit chewy and lacking in any taste beyond fried, but what looks like a mayonnaise or mustard sauce drizzled over the dish in the picture is actually a sweet lemony icing! I don't know if this is a take on a traditional dish or not, but I can't recommend it. The rice was overcooked. The water we were served was lukewarm tap water (the other location has iced lemon water). All in all, we certainly wouldn't make an effort to come here again, but based on the food from their other location, I'm sure you could get a decent meal here, so I'll recommend it for hungry vegans lost in Super Brand Mall.

Minami-aoyama, 5-5-21, Minatoku, Tokyo, Japan


We went here in April 2008. It was nice, but overpriced for the tiny portions. Don't get the set dinner if you actually want a decent size dessert. My husband got exactly 3 slices of cheesecake. The slices were one inch by 1/4 inch. He paid about the same for his soup, main, "dessert" and beer, as I did for a main, starter, and normal sized dessert (tiramisu) so keep that in mind! We ended up ordering the spicy carrot cake as well. The desserts were really good, but you can get the same ones at their sister restaurant, which is much better in my opinion.

7 Die Cui Road, Yangshuo, China

Good, not great

This restaurant is actually in Yangshuo, which is about an hour away from Guilin. We ate here several times during our stay as there are not many veggie options.

The food was pretty good. Some of it was even excellent. Unfortunately, sometimes the tofu was definitely less than fresh. The first day we ordered the braised tofu with mushrooms. My first bite was okay, but my husband's was awful. He was almost sick and was afraid to eat anymore. I convinced him to try a bite of my piece and he said mine was okay. It all definitely had a distinctive taste that may or may not have been intended. We had another tofu dish the next day and noticed that the tofu was much fresher, but a few days after that had some funky tofu again, so it seems hit or miss. I felt better sticking to the mock meats and vegetables which were all great. Another minus is that the dumplings all come covered in corn milk which we did not enjoy. A plus is the nice wine list and atmosphere.

All in all, this place is okay, but nothing to write home about. There are some other veggie options as restaurants around town, especially if you eat eggs, so don't feel you're stuck here.

Insa-Dong Gil Street, Seoul, South Korea

Nice place for lunch

We went to Sosim during our November trip to Seoul. It is right next to the convenience store at the entrance to Insa-Dong. We were there for lunch and there were two set vegan lunches, one for 15,000 and one for 12,000. We chose the 12,000 won option since we weren't too hungry, but it was a lot of food.

The food is very much temple-style with lots of little dishes full of simple tastes. We had grilled tofu, tempura vegetables, soup, and lots of little vegetable dishes (maybe 10 or so small bowls), some a bit too sweet for my taste.

The service was friendly, but no one really spoke any English. The food came quickly and our grilled tofu and tempura was refilled mid-way through. The atmosphere is nice and cosy with lots of wood. It is surprisingly well-lit for a basement. Overall, a good place for healthy food in Seoul. We would definitely come back.

Parikia, Paros Island, Paros, Greece

Nice place

This place has raised its prices significantly since it opened a few years ago, but it's still good food. Not my favorite eggplant imam (too sweet for my taste), but their revithia (chickpeas in lemon sauce) is amazing as are their grilled mushrooms.

One of the owners is American and understands vegan so is able to point out menu items that are suitable. These include the revithia, eggplant imam, gigantes (giant beans in tomato sauce), as well as some others. The bread is toasted with olive oil. Their artichokes are done in butter, however, although lactos should enjoy them.

They now have live music on Thursdays, but don't be put off! The band is actually really good. The menu is available in Greek, English, and French and since being listed in Le Routard, Aligaria is very popular with French tourists.

618 Xujiahui Road, Shanghai, China


The Freshary is great. It's too bad their Julu Lu location closed as that was far more central, convenient, and pretty. Still, the food is great. I would say that the vanilla soy ice cream is definitely different than the usual Western version. The emphasis is on soy as a flavor, which is popular here. The black sesame is awesome, but I haven't had the chance to try the green tea yet. The ice cream portions are generous.

The muffins are really tasty and since they're small, you can try several different flavors. They are a bit expensive, but The Freshary has gone through the effort to certify itself as organic and environmentally friendly. Plus, it's worth it.

However, I don't think I will go as often now that this is the only location as it's quite out of the way of my normal routine.

6-20 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Parashion Shibuya Bldg Ste102, Tokyo, Japan

Friendly, laid-back cafe

We visited here back in April 2008. It was simple, but tasty food with brown rice. The chocolate tart was amazing and I had a yummy soymilk drink with black sesame. We also had the soy whip cake which was really good. I'd recommend getting a dallop of the soy whip on the chocolate tart to combine the best of both worlds. It'd be heaven. My husband also had a Palestinian beer that was nice. Who would've thought they brewed German style beers in Ramallah? Pretty cheap and good for a simple lunch. Check it out.

848 Huangjincheng Rd, Shanghai, China

Back to its old self

Changing my review as this location has reverted to its original concept. Some of the cheesy Western fusion dishes are still available, but no longer make up the bulk of the menu. The menu is the same as the other locations, but with a few extra dishes, mostly Taiwanese-style. Definitely worth going to again!

Previous review: I am also disappointed by the change in this location. This wasn't the branch we regularly went to, but we used to pop in occasionally for lunch when we had to go to Carrefour or for dinner on our way back from work.

As the previous reviewer stated, the menu has drastically changed and is no longer like the other locations. They have cheese now and are trying to do western food like pizza and pasta. The set menu we got was not very nice, especially for the inflated price. Also, some things in my set menu came with melted cheese even though it wasn't described that way on the menu. My husband ate those.

The only plus I can think of is that the atmosphere has somewhat improved. It is more Japanese in design now, perhaps to appeal to the large Japanese customer base they used to have.

I suppose we still might pop in here on those big Carrefour shopping days, but I wouldn't recommend this place to vegans anymore. Perhaps lactos will enjoy the new cheesy dishes though.
Updated from previous review on Saturday September 19, 2009

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