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108, Zhapu Rd, Shanghai, China

excellent and affordable

10 May 2014

I have been there several times. They have a bit larger variety than some other veg restaurants in Shanghai. The mock meats are good, as are the traditional Chinese dishes. It's very close to the Bund and the prices are very reasonable. The owner and staff are friendly... English might be spoken, but it's a picture menu so no worries about the language barrier.

Very homestyle restaurant, spread out over several floors. It's rarely crowded, but don't let the sparse crowds fool you, the food is the real deal. Funny thing: they give you a tote bag when you dine there, and they have several different kinds, lol. This is my fave vegetarian restaurant in China, and I have been to many.

1602 NE Miami Gardens Dr, North Miami, USA


16 May 2010

I went yesterday and it was okay. The quinoa with veggies was good, but it was a little skimpy on the avacado and at almost $10, I wouldn't drive out of my way to get there. The grilled tofu was disappointing, as it was not well-seasoned and very lightly grilled.

The wait staff was adequate, neither friendly nor grouchy. This restaurant struck me as a normal restaurant, and though they professed to be natural and healthy, I didn't see much indication of that, beyond choices for soy products (but also chicken) some (not all) organics and a wide variety of "smoothies".

I spent $21 (without tip) on a plate of qinuoa, a large carrot juice and a forgettable side of grilled tofu. I eat in Miami often, and I could have gone to any of the three other places listed nearby and gotten as much food, better tasting, and cheaper. Basically it seemed to me a regular restaurant that didn't sell meat products beyond chicken and fish.

237 NE 167 St, North Miami Beach, USA

Good food, friendly staff, authentic Chinese!

11 Nov 2009

Well, I have eaten here twice, both times were very good. I have had the bitter melon, which I don't often see in the U.S. but it is a staple in China. Very nice dish. I also had the eggplant dish, it was pretty good, and the portion wasn't mammoth, but then again, I only paid $7.50 or so. For some reason, restaurants in South Florida tend to be overpriced, so whatever.

I don't really do the fake-meat thing, so I got the tofu, and wow! Very nicely done. Great texture and taste, not fried to death or all soggy.

Actually, I suspect that this food is more Taiwanese-style, but since I am not so familiar with Taiwan food as I am mainland Chinese food, I can just attest that it tastes like stuff i used to eat a lot in China, minus the tons of oil.

They also have boba tea, for those of you that indulge.

Support this place. Authentic and tasty Chinese food is difficult to find (by a long shot) in South Florida, and at these prices, they really are doing a good service.


73 NE 167 St, North Miami Beach, USA

Good food, large portion

26 May 2010

Tasty food and very nice sized portions. You get an entree and a choice of sides - I chose a medium ($5.95) and I got a lunch that was so filling I wanted to take a nap.

Of course size isn't the most important thing, the food was well-cooked, excellently seasoned, and the atmosphere was sedate and homey. I usually don't care for mock meats at all, but theirs was soooo good! Fans of Caribbean food take note!

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