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900 Red River St, Austin, USA

Best Bac'n cheeseburger

A must have.

507 Columbus, New York City, USA

Wonderful food, wonderful service!

Blossom Cafe was the gem I'd been seeking in NYC. Everyone on the staff that I encountered was friendly and genuinely kind. My server was excited to tell me about the appetizer specials when I'm usually forced to ask about them.

I ordered one of the two specials. However, the wrong one was sent out. It was the BBQ Seitan Skewers. It was the best mistake they could have made. The skewers were phenomenal. I should have ordered some to bring home.

Well, the chef wanted me to have the appetizer that I originally ordered, so the server brought it over on the house. It was such a kind gesture. It was a great raw dish of cheese and crackers.

My lentil and quinoa burger with sweet potato fries was hearty and a great value at $14. I really enjoyed it too. By the time it came around, I was pretty full, so I definitely packaged the half I didn't eat to take with me.

I recommend Blossom Cafe without hesitation. I hope you get to experience the same level of service and cuisine as I experienced.

154 East 79th St, New York City, USA

Enjoyable experience

Unlike the cafe, Candle 79 was a delight.

Although, what I ordered seemed like something I could make myself at home, it was still very pleasing. I think great service really helped me to enjoy the experience even more. I was prepared for an overrated experience since Candle Cafe had been such a disappointment, but Candle Cafe was nice for lunch. I also saw Woody Harrelson there, so that was cool.

It may even be a more awesome experience for dinner.

1307 3rd Ave, New York City, USA

Not all it thinks it is

Candle Cafe was a huge disappointment. The service was inattentive, slow, bad. That would have been fine if the food was exceptional, but it wasn't. I dined here four times (once delivery) each time hoping to have a different better experience. All the servers seemed to be preoccupied with themselves and each other. I almost had to refill my water cup after the only good server I had had a shift change and I got the most oblivious server on the planet.

I had a crumble cake that was dry, cold and stale. The tofu in the wraps had no flavor. The best was the delivery meal and my last meal the Tuscan burger. The food is incredibly overpriced.

130 E 6th St, Los Angeles, USA

Great cupcakes

I enjoyed the cupcakes, but all the frosting tasted the same. Still, they are worth it.

1426 3rd Ave, New York City, USA

I wish it were vegan, but it's still great!

I ordered the butternut squash risotto. It was very tasty and full of flavor. Up until my meal at Gobo I'd been pretty disappointed with service and the food I'd received at one of the top restaurants on the Upper East Side.

I will definitely return to Gobo. I'm looking forward to a second meal to see that I enjoy the experience again!

1817 M St, NW, Washington, USA

Just as I hoped a Maoz would be

If you have been to one Moaz, and had a good experience, you hope every Maoz will be the same!! I loved the DC Maoz staff. Food was excellent. The bar was clean. I will be back before I leave DC.

199 Park Pl, Richmond, USA

I love this place

It's in my hometown really close to where my mother and best friend live. I ate here many days when I was visiting in July. I took many non-vegans and they loved it. I miss the taquitos.

The owner, Vanessa, was so welcoming and nice. I hope Symphonie will be able to survive!

19 Wicklow Street, Dublin, Ireland


When I find a restaurant I like, I go to it often. I've been to cornucopia all three days I've been in Dublin so far. It's got a large vegan menu and it seems to be expanding its vegan menu, possibly going all vegan one day. Lots of options. Big portions. Good desserts.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday May 28, 2013

4449 Prospect Ave, Los Angeles, USA

Excellent vegan pizza

I'm currently traveling through Europe and I miss my Cruzer pizza. It was worth the drive through the valley to this part of LA for the pizza.

It is so nice to have a vegan pizzeria with no meat or dairy in site. The employees are really kind too. Very nice people.

2451 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, USA

Great pancakes

I've had a few meals at Herbivore. My favorite was the pancake breakfast. The donuts and milkshakes are also fantastic. The food is a little salty, but it's still great! One of my favorites with my mom!

Service is good too.

92 Boulevard de Beaumarchais, Paris, France

Lovely Loving Hut

I don't know how I missed this Loving Hut during my January 2010 visit, but I was around the corner from it in August and I dined here every day. It was practically the only open vegan restaurant.

I loved everything I ate except the asian style noodles. The desserts were wonderful espsecially the chocolate cake and ice creams. I loved the rice and brochettes.

It's a wonderful gem for vegan Paris with decent prices. Service was also wonderful.

217, Jungang-daero, Nam-gu, Daegu, Daegu, South Korea

New to Daegu vegan and grateful for Loving Hut

I believe S. Korea has more Loving Huts than any other country. Lucky for vegans moving here. I can't wait to explore the many Loving Huts throughout the country. This location is super friendly. I enjoyed the spicy soft tofu stew. It was so amazing, I went back the next day for it. I also loved the fried dumplings. Until I can start cooking in my room, this will be my spot! It's wonderful to trust that there is no meat in any of the products. They also offer many desserts and snacks to take away. As well as cosmetics and skin products imported from Australia. This place is going to be my saving grace. I can't wait to visit all of the other locations in Daegu, Seoul and Busan. xo

649 Promenade du Soleil, Menton, France

This is the perfect place to eat

First, the location is breathtaking and stunning. Second the food was fantastic. I've been to six Loving Huts and this one is the best so far. I was in LH heaven. One of the employees even recognized me from my daily visits to Loving Hut Paris. That actually felt good :)

If you're staying in Nice or Monaco, take the trip to Menton for the Loving Hut experience right on the water. You will not be disappointed. Just be sure to check the hours.

Via dei Tavolini, 19, Florence, Italy

They have vegan cones!

So yummy, I had three cones in a row.

1941 Cornwall Ave, Vancouver, Canada

Loved Planet Veg

Anyone who would give this place a bad review is completely spoiled and wouldn't know a good deal when they saw it. Planet Veg is really vegan friendly, inexpensive and fast. Everyone was really nice. I really enjoyed the samosas and even ordered extras to take home for that evening.

I'm only in Vancouver for 8 days and plan on eating here even more.

170 Rue Du Faubourg, Saint Denis, Paris, France

Good Indian

I had just arrived at Gare de Nord and knew I was near little India. I was craving Indian so I went to this restaurant. Service was great. The place was full at 10 at night. The food was good. It was not the best aloo gobi I've ever had. It was a bit expensive, but I understand that's how it is with vegetarian and vegan restaurants especially cuisine from a different country. With so many Indian restaurants try many, but if you want to go to a strictly vegetarian one, this is your place.

NYC Red Bank, Red Bank, USA

Best creole tofu sandwich

Travel from California to New York for this sandwich. I also love the apricot cheese Danish.

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