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9343 Culver Blvd, Culver City, USA

good place!

I usually go to the Native Foods in Westwood, but decided to check out this new one. It's pretty spacious inside, and there's nice outside seating (where I was). The menu's not up on the wall like in Westwood, but they do have the daily sandwich specials up (same price to have a side included).
They have three fountain drinks with free refills - lavender lemonade, Native iced tea, and watermelon fresca.
I had the Chicken Run Ranch burger with lemon dill potato salad, and we shared the new hot wings (with ranch) and a peanut butter parfait. The sandwich is good (the "chicken" is pretty convincing, and crispy), and it comes with practically a mini-salad on the other half of the bun). The parfait is OMG DELICIOUS and very rich; it would be hard to finish by yourself, even though it's not too big. I actually like the regular chicken wings better than the hot wings (the sauce makes the batter soft instead of crispy).
I think it's a good value. The service was very quick (there was barely any waiting). The staff at the counter was nice and pretty helpful. I'd definitely go back. It has a very bright, fresh atmosphere. Parking was not difficult, unlike the Westwood location.

707 N Heliotrope St, Los Angeles, USA

Nice place.

My boyfriend and I had been going to Scoops across the street for almost a year without noticing this place. We still haven't figured out parking (is the alley next to them their parking?), and we finally went in the other weekend.
We got: salsa and chips, tacos platanos, super jack burrito, and the torta. Both chips and salsa are homemade (nice change!), and the tacos platanos were hands-down the best thing I had. Fried plantains, grilled onions, in a corn tortilla with "whipped cream": the best. My boyfriend was less of a fan of the super burrito (has barbecue sauce, sweet potato fries, jackfruit carnitas), but we both liked the aioli sauce that the fries came with (it was more garlicky than the normal mayonnaise-type aioli sauce).
The torta was refreshing. Jackfruit "carnitas" are delicate and soft, and I would have never known it was fruit. It was well-flavored and even looked like it could be some form of meat. It came with some of the best tomatillo salsa I've had.
The place got pretty crowded after we were served, but the staff seemed to be able to handle it.
We also got lemonade (which was bottomless =)), though it wasn't really mixed well (and no straws).

620 G St, Davis, USA

Huge selection

This place is big for a health food store - the size of a regular supermarket. Yeah, some things are a bit pricey, but generally with this type of food that's what you get. In comparison to Whole Foods, they're a little bit cheaper, and it's nice that you can find a whole variety of health foods you can't get elsewhere. They carry some "regular" foods too (like Oreos).

122 B St, Davis, USA

Nice café

Cute little casual coffee house/restaurant. It feels really homey, and they have a good variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes. The dinner options are about $9 each, but you get a lot of food, and the meal itself is pretty well balanced: cooked greens, sweet potato, grain, and the entrée itself. Some dishes are a little salty for my personal taste, but a lot of things are. You can also get cafe drinks made with soymilk (I like the hot chocolate!), and they usually have a few vegan pastries - brownies, cookies, and muffins when I've been there. Also, you bus your own plates, and they reuse drink sleeves.

640 W Covell Blvd Ste B, Davis, USA

Good variety, decent quality

I was surprised with the amount of variety on the vegetarian menu here - it's basically like you took the regular menu and made everything vegetarian. The food is of decent quality; I'm used to vegetarian Chinese restaurants in L.A., though, and this is all Davis has got as far as I know. I'd return for sure.
They seemed pretty knowledgeable when I asked about getting vegan food - I was even able to get mu shu "pork" with tofu instead of egg. The server was also really nice =)
I had no problem with uh, food integrity, unlike the previous reviewer.

18425 E Colima Rd, Rowland Heights, USA

Good variety & good food

I've been going to this place for a few years now. The quality is absolutely great & consistent, and there's a huge variety of foods. Some more "vegetabley" Chinese dishes such as lotus root & snow peas or Buddha's feast, some familiar standards (veggie Mongolian beef, veggie sweet & sour pork, veggie house chicken), and some unusual fake meats (abalone, shrimp, kidney, shark fin). The menu is so big that I dare say you'd be able to find something anyone (vegetarian or not) would like. There is in fact some honey in some of the dishes, and a few dishes with mayonnaise (hand roll, some sort of veggie shrimp with mayo), but it's pretty clear what they are. Still, you can always ask and they'll find out for you.
What is great about this place is its affordability (a lunch special any day of the week is about 5.50-6.50 and comes with rice and soup. you'll be full!), and the quality doesn't suffer at all. On top of that, the servers are quite friendly, and though English doesn't seem to be the first language of my server whenever I'm there, I've never had a problem.
One note, though, is that the fake fish they use is the same one used at other vegetarian Asian establishments which, from a recent blogger's investigation through allergen testing, has been revealed to contain egg and dairy though the package doesn't state such. The people at Happy Family didn't seem to be aware of this either. So, if you're vegan, stay away from the veggie fish, and ask about whatever dish you want to get. That being said, I still love this place and will go back & back again!

624 4th St, Davis, USA


This store is quite small and seems to be dominated more by natural medicines than food (which is fine if that's what you're looking for). There are a few token vegan substitute items - soy sour cream, soy cream cheese, vegan mayonnaise, and a lot of gluten-free items. They also have a limited amount of fresh produce. The prices weren't great, but are probably a result of being such a small establishment.

10438 National Blvd, Los Angeles, USA

My favorite in L.A.

I've been trying around other vegan places in L.A. and the surrounding areas, and the Vegan Joint stays in my heart as the best, the favorite. The staff are very friendly, they have board games for while you wait, they have ample seating, they started being open on Tuesdays, and their yellow curry is awesome.
I eat here all the time, and the food is consistent. Our favorites are: chicken sate (inexplicably delicious), fresh rolls, see ew (best i've had, vegan or not), pad thai, tofu fried rice (smoky!), and yellow curry (not spicy).
Items are pretty darn well priced (like any other thai place), and they recently got a new menu item: hot wings (or something). They're not like regular hot wings; they have some sort of sweet/spicy on them and are served with "ranch." unusual combo, but good.
And don't neglect the cheesecake. Not exactly thai, but you won't care once you taste it.
Parking is usually manageable, and it's a nice, low-traffic area.

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