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Moserstrasse 25, Bern, Switzerland

good but expensive

25 May 2015

This is a very nice restaurant. The food was very tasty, and since it was a buffet also quantitatively satisfying. It was however, very expensive, partly due to the unfavorable exchange rate with the Euro. I ended up paying €30,- for a drink and a meal.
For Swiss standards, I guess this is not extreme, but for the rest of the world it is.

73 Second Ave, New York City, USA

Just go for the Vegan Treats

03 Sep 2010

If you want good vegan pies and cakes this is your place. They have the greatest stuff from vegan treats, especially the donuts that come in on tuesday.
Nicely located at what I percieve to be the entrance to Manhattan this is a great place to start your NYC vegan feast frenzy.
I never tried the other food they have, but who cares really.

A must for the vegan feasting holiday

364 Roy St, Seattle, USA

what an awesome place to have

03 Sep 2010

This is really the kind of place where you want to go get food if you can't be bothered to cook. The food is very good and it was cheap as well. What stuck me as odd was that rice didn't come with every entree.
I can imagine it getting boring after a while, though, but I didn't stay long enough to get that far.

Via Celsa 4, Roma, Rome, Italy

best indian thali I ever had

25 May 2015

A thali is a dish consisting of many small dishes served on a large metal plate with small cups. Perhaps not surprisingly, when you order a thali, it can take quite a while before it is served, as all dishes need to be prepared. So it happened that me and my partner did not get our dishes served at the same time. Perhaps this was due to a misunderstanding by the waiter, since he may have thought we would share the dish.
But this was all totally compensated by the fantastic taste of the dish and its quantity. I think this was the best Indian food I ever had.
If you have the time and the cash, this comes highly recommended

Jan Evertsenstraat 140, Amsterdam, Netherlands


13 May 2012

I went to this place, but was a bit disappointed when we found it.
- first of: it is a fastfood/ takeaway place rather than a restaurant.
- second: it wasn't all vegan at all. The base dough of teh Cigköftem is indeed vegan (and i believe rawfood), made from nuts and spices, but they also sold Cigkoftem filled with minced meat.

There was not a lot of choice in dishes. Basically it was Cigkoftem, spicy or less spicy, in a wrap or on a plate.

I give them 3 happy cows because the Cigkoftem WAS good, but I only recommend going to this place for a quick lunch.

Skolavordustigur 8b, Reykjavik, Iceland

great place

11 Oct 2013

We loved this place so much we ended up there three times in as many days. The vegan and gluten free-vegetarian options were really good, and the cakes were fantastic. It's rather a take-out/ lunchroom than a restaurant though. Highly recommended!

Kempinski Plaza, Uhlandstrasse 181-183, Berlin, Germany

Best vegan food I ever ate

09 Jan 2011

This was a new experience for us, since we normally don't find ourselves in chique restaurants. But the culinary experience was unequalled. Never have I tasted vegan dishes that were so sophisticated and free of any of the standard expectations of vegan food. Even the soy based ingredients didn't taste like soy. The sheer quality demanded a three course meal, not in the last place because the portions were Haute-cuisine-like small.

Especially recommended comes the Tripple Chocolate Fudge.

47 7th Av S, New York City, USA

best sushi I ever had

03 Sep 2010

I was never a big fan of sushi, but this place really changed my mind. In stead of some overcooked rice in seaweed with a piece of carrot in the middle, these guys really give you something special with wild rice on the outside, fake eel strips and syrup.
Absolutely the best sushi I ever had and I am afraid that all else will fail in comparison, so I'm just scared to eat sushi these days.

Amazing place

Calle Mequinez 21, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain

expensive but good food

22 Mar 2014

This restaurant has a real nice atmosphere at a good location and serves all organic food. They had a few vegan and and some gluten free options as well, but portions were relatively small. I had a hard time getting full, and hence the price got rather high.
I had couscous, which was one of the larger meals, and my partner had stir-fried veggies with potatoes, which was enough for her, but wouldn't have been for me. On the other hand they did have some vegan and gluten free deserts.

Pfarrgasse 20, Linz, Austria

depends of the dish

25 May 2015

Traveling through, I visited this place for some fast dinner. I cannot recommend the Schnitzel-burger (whatever the name was), but the Bosner (sort of hot-dog) and the cupcake were really good. Portions could have been bigger, though

Wiebischenkamp 40, Hamburg, Germany

Pretty good place!

28 Apr 2012

Ideal if you want good food for a decent price. It was located strangely in a wealthy residential neighborhood. I hope people are willing to travel a bit to reach it.

I wouldn;t recommend ordering the tea though. It came as a cheap tea bag.

Ctra del Botanico, Ed Tragor, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain

probably the best veg restaurant on the island

22 Mar 2014

After some language difficulties (their English was limited), it turned out that they would happily customize our dishes to vegan and gluten free-vegetarian. So basically we got the special treatment and the cook seemed to enjoy it too. We got a gluten free 4cheeze pizza and excellent vegan bbq spare ribs with avocado/beetroot salad and a wrap. Basically tell them your wishes and they make something special for you. great place, and the best food we had on Tenerife.

Fjallgatan 23 B, Stockholm, Sweden

great place!

03 Sep 2010

We happened to visit this restaurant on Vegan wednesday, and it was absolutely great! All dishes were vegan, freshly made and tasted amazing. There was a grill outside where you could get grilled veggies. The food was in fact so good that no-one would have noticed if it was suddenly vegan wednesday every day. The pies were also great, and since I am a sucker for pie, this was definitely a winner.

Highly recommended

Stora Nygatan 11, Stockholm, Sweden

Great for lunch on a rainy day

03 Sep 2010

We spent quite some time in this place due to the horrible weather that hang over Stockholm during the day of our visit. The food was very nice and the atmosphere as well.
The food was the regular vegetarian grub, like lasagna, soup, bread (good bread!), rice and a sort of goulash.

Good place if you're in Gamla Stan, but nothing to go out of your way for

Schulterblatt 16 (West Schanzenviertel), Hamburg, Germany

fastfood galore

03 Sep 2010

If you're looking for dirty, fat, unhealthy, but ethically sound food, this is the place. The food is not the best I ever had, but, hey, it's cheap, and sometimes you just need to obey to these cravings for bad things.
Only recommended when you really want fast food.

Schulterblatt 12, Hamburg, Germany

great burito!

28 Apr 2012

This place serves some really good buritos, but we were disappointed in the gluten free options. Those basically came down to tortilla chips with that yucky American cheese on it.

And I issue a warning regarding the extra hot sauce: it's REALLY hot

Hallerplatz 12, Hamburg, Germany

Nothing special

02 Dec 2010

We were attracted by the news that it was a vegetarian restaurant with good gluten-free options, but in the end my girlfriend had to settle for a risotto, because the gluten free pasta was not home made and could not be applied in all dishes. Myself being vegan, there was not a lot of choice, so I had apasta with tomato sauce.
In the end we left a little bit disappointed, though the food was good, we didn't feel it was so much better than what we make at home.

Not recommended for vegans or gluten free vegetarians, but maybe the place for vegetarians who love Italian food.

Markusstrasse 2, Hamburg, Germany

Great place

28 Apr 2012

This place is great! The food is really good, staff is friendly and the price is very good. I would especially recommend the baked banana w/ icescream desert!

Also very good for gluten free food

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