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"Can be hit and miss"
Naples, Italy on 05 Aug 2015

"Unexpected opening in the center of Abruzzo"
L Aquila, Italy on 10 Oct 2017

"Decent lunch place"
Padua, Italy on 04 Oct 2016

"Finally another option in Naples"
Naples, Italy on 02 Aug 2015

"Sushi plate disappointing"
Berkeley, USA on 21 Feb 2012

"Very limited menu during the week"
Rapid City, USA on 20 Feb 2013

"Limited selection"
Teramo, Italy on 27 Dec 2015

"Nice organic veg* restaurant"
Bologna, Italy on 06 Oct 2017

"Bland food, few veg choices, too expensive"
Bologna, Italy on 06 Oct 2017

"Perfectly fine veg place"
Catania, Italy on 19 Jun 2017

"Nothing special"
Berlin, Germany on 17 Aug 2015

"Nice place"
Naples, Italy on 04 Feb 2018

"Pretty good find in Port Angeles"
Port Angeles, USA on 07 Aug 2016

Rome, Italy on 22 Dec 2015

"Good lunch place."
Natal, Brazil on 06 Sep 2016

"Good little place, best suited for lunch"
Rome, Italy on 27 Dec 2015

"Nice place near downtown Padua"
Padua, Italy on 04 Oct 2016

"Nice new location in the old town"
Naples, Italy on 15 Jan 2018

"Change of menu for economical reasons"
Lecce, Italy on 18 Apr 2017

"Can do better"
Naples, Italy on 20 Sep 2016

"Nothing special but many veg* dishes"
Lecce, Italy on 19 Apr 2017

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