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305 Yorktown Center, Lombard, USA

Endless vegetarian & vegan possibilities!

Flat Top Grill is a wonderful place for vegetarians to visit. It is a Mongolian style grill where you put together your own dish. You pick up a bowl and if you would like, you can put brown rice, white rice, or two types of noodles in the bowl.

Then you add veggies to the bowl. There is a huge variety to choose from including edamame, peppers, onion, stir fry mix, bok choy, spinach, corn, tomatoes, potatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, etc... In the vegetable section there are 4-5 dishes of different vegetarian proteins such as quorn and seitan which you can also add to your dish.

Than you add sauce to your dish and there is a big chart on the wall indicating if that sauce is vegetarian or vegan. Skip the meat section and add garlic, cilantro, or wasabi to your dish if you'd like.

Last is the part I like best and what makes this place stand out from other Mongolian type grills. You put a plastic stick in your dish to tell how you want it to be cooked. No stick means to cook it regular and stir fry it. You can also choose a yellow stick where they stir fry it and then add vegetable broth to make a soup, green stick to bring lettuce leaves with it to make lettuce wraps or a stick where they roll it in moo shu wraps.

You can also add a blue stick to add a tasty bread to your dish and there is also a stick to add tofu to your dish. You always should put in the white stick which means dining restrictions and means they will cook your dish separately from the meaty dishes so you do not end up with a chunk of meat in your dish by accident.

There is a different price for a single trip to the stir fry or multiple trips depending on how hungry you are.

I love this place! My food is always delicious and I love that there are so many possibilities of food combinations.

1739 Freedom Dr, Naperville, USA

Good place for quick meal!

I have been to Naf Naf several times for lunch. They are a good place to grab a tasty bite of food in a reasonable amount of time. I have ordered the veggie feast before which comes with Hummus, Baba Ghanoush, Tabule Salad, Purple Cabbage Salad and six Falafels. Served with two pitas. It is an enormous amount of food and I definitely have leftovers afterwards. I have not been disappointed with anything I have ordered. It can be a little pricey but the portions are huge! I do recommended Naf Naf to other vegetarians.

497 S Schmale Rd, Carol Stream, USA

Good selection of veggie specialties!

I have shopped here several times and am very happy with the selection. I had a very difficult time finding vegetarian 'fish' products and was pleased to see they have them there. The store does smell like fish but the vegetarian freezer section is clearly marked. There is also canned and jarred balls of fried wheat gluten in the canned vegetable aisle as well.

The employees are friendly and ring you up easily. It is nice not to have to drive all the way into the city to get some vegetarian specialties!

185 E Army Trail Rd, Glendale Heights, USA

Great deal and great food!

You can't go wrong going to this fast food restaurant since everything is vegetarian! The only problem is that the menu is not in English but the people there are very friendly so you can just ask for a vegetable dish or bean dish or whatever you want. They have delicious Indian food of all types including appetizers such as samosas and main dishes, soups, and desserts.

Just as the other reviewer they do give lots of samples and are very happy to have the business and are extremely affordable.

One warning, the food is very spicy so do not go here if you cannot stand the heat!

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