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206 Reviews by eric

"Two restaurants in one"
West Los Angeles, USA on 18 Apr 2013

"Excellent Vegan Options"
Tampa, USA on 28 Oct 2013

"Sign Of The Times"
Taipei, Taiwan on 12 Oct 2014

"Wonderful place - food with love"
Koh Phangan, Thailand on 24 Jan 2015

"Good for cleansing after the full moon party"
Koh Phangan, Thailand on 14 Nov 2014

Bangkok, Thailand on 29 Apr 2012

"Clean food"
Bangkok, Thailand on 07 May 2012

"Not Many Vegan Options"
San Francisco, USA on 29 Sep 2013

"Chill Teahouse with no Teas"
Koh Phangan, Thailand on 21 Jan 2015

"Nice addition to the area"
Los Angeles, USA on 25 Jul 2013

"nice addition"
West Hollywood, USA on 26 Jun 2015

"great raw spot!"
Toronto, Canada on 15 Sep 2012

"alright but overrated"
Koh Phangan, Thailand on 04 Jan 2016

"Awesome selection of vegan baked goods!"
Chiang Mai, Thailand on 21 Jun 2016

"not bad"
Koh Samui, Thailand on 07 May 2012

"Enjoyable escape from Bangkok"
Bangkok, Thailand on 30 Dec 2015

"Veg addition to Santa Monica"
Venice, USA on 20 Jul 2012

"Spiritual and classy place"
Kiev, Ukraine on 23 May 2016

"clean comforts"
Portland, USA on 17 Nov 2015

"Vegan Sushi and more"
Bangkok, Thailand on 20 Oct 2011

"great smoothies, vegan emphasis"
Chicago, USA on 01 Oct 2016

"Beautiful spot, good food"
Koh Samui, Thailand on 21 Apr 2012

"cool hang"
Phoenix, USA on 19 Aug 2012

"Real Thai Vegetarian Style"
Los Angeles, USA on 01 Jul 2006

"Higher Prices- Same avg food- Not all vegan"
West Los Angeles, USA on 10 Aug 2008

"unfortunate rebrand"
North West London, England on 21 Jul 2016

"Nice new option in Santa Monica"
Santa Monica, USA on 29 Sep 2015

"decent vegan options"
Hollywood, USA on 29 Mar 2008

"very cool hang"
Kiev, Ukraine on 29 May 2016

"Quality food, nice atmosphere"
Toronto, Canada on 15 Sep 2012

"Homestyle Ital Veg"
Miami, USA on 05 Apr 2008

"decent option when in the area"
Taipei, Taiwan on 19 Jun 2012

"Mushrooms Mushrooms Mushrooms"
Pattaya, Thailand on 06 Dec 2010

"Beautiful place, great food"
Kiev, Ukraine on 23 May 2016

"Landmark Vegan"
Los Angeles, USA on 04 Apr 2013

"Another vegan choice in Taichung"
Taichung, Taiwan on 10 Dec 2010

"Great option in Tainan"
Tainan, Taiwan on 19 May 2012

"Small place, good food"
Taipei, Taiwan on 22 May 2012

"Great desserts, so-so food"
Toronto, Canada on 15 Sep 2012

"some good options for vegans"
Culver City, USA on 25 Aug 2015

"Okay when close"
West Los Angeles, USA on 20 Feb 2014

"Vegan Cheese Plate"
Santa Monica, USA on 11 Dec 2014

"No Fish Sauce Used"
Bangkok, Thailand on 26 Dec 2010

"Great place, great food, nice people"
Taipei, Taiwan on 19 May 2012

"Oklahoma bacon cheeseburger"
Santa Monica, USA on 17 Feb 2015

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