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Radius Building, Te Rapa Road, Hamilton


I would like to say wonderful things about this place but I was pretty disappointed with the quality of the dishes despite that the staff were friendly and helpful. It was just kinda gross to me and I usually like the mock meat vegan stuff. Way to oily and just bland. At least it wasn't super expensive.

Lawson St, Shop 7, The Pier Arcade, Byron Bay

Byron Icon

"The Pod", as it is called by locals, is an iconic Byron Bay veg cafe for a reason. I haven't been for some time because they've opened a new place in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast which is more convenient for me.

I've had everything on the menu and I find the highlights hard to choose as I like it all. The dahl is the best I've ever had. The samosas with pineapple chutney are yum. Do not miss the pumpkin cheesecake.

The service is always friendly with spiritual Hare Krishna vibes. The prices are surprisingly reasonable for the quality of ingredients.

Shop 8/90 Markeri Street, Mermaid Waters, Gold Coast

nice chinese mock meat place

I've come here several times. They serve vegetarian mock meat dishes.

The staff are very friendly and the food is delicious.

I like the spicy "chicken" laksha the best.

They told me that everything on the menu is vegan which I was happy to hear.

The decor isn't flash but its a good place for a feed. Go on Thursdays when yum cha is discounted.

Gurusaday St, Kolkata, India

Govinda's is vedy vedy nice (insert head wobble)

This restaurant is really top notch. Read my other reviews and you'll see that I don't really fawn over restaurants unless they are deserving. I'm pretty critical when I feel it is warranted, and I haven't spared this place either; but, for sure, I can't find a better pure-veg restaurant in Kolkata.

First things first ....

If you are coming here it is all about timing. Although they are open from 9am until late, the entire menu is only available from 1-3pm for lunch and then from 7pm-closing. If you come outside of that timeframe the South Indian menu and whatever is on offer at the sweet/savory counter is all you can order. So if doshas and milk sweets aren't your thing, you should aim for these times. Personally, I think the doshas are excellent though.

The prices are amazing for the well prepared, generously portioned menu items.

I recommend the Shezuan Paneer, the Govinda's special dosha, Chinese crispy noodle salad and pretty much anything from the sweet bar out the front. They make very nice traditional "pera" if you have a sweet tooth.

The service is friendly and attentive, however, the place gets filled up quickly and I noticed it was a little hard for the waiters to keep up. A good strategy would probably be to order everything in one go unless you are lucky to go when there are few others there. I've been there four times now and this has never been the case except for once when I came around 9am before the lunch rush.

One suggestion I'd like to make to the management would be to present the full menu only during the times it is available. At other times a simplified menu could be presented containing the South Indian items that can actually be ordered. It was a little disappointing to scope the menu only to be told that everything I wanted was not available for another 4 hours. Still, the Govinda's Special Dosha they recommended did not disappoint.

82 Vulture St, West End, Brisbane

Pleasant Surprise

I was on my way to the Forest Food Cafe and noticed the sign for Govindas around the corner.

I thought to pop in and check the place out.

The staff were really nice and the food was yumo. What more do you want?

The decorum was a little bit on the budget but at least the place was clean.

I plan on coming back.

20 James St, Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast

Very good veg place in Burleigh

If you come here during the lunch rush, there's a reason the line can snake out the door and onto the footpath. In a few short years, this place has become a cherished Burliegh icon.

Everything on the menu is delicious and well priced. Despite how busy the place is, the staff always manage a smile and are attentive to detail.

There is a sign on the counter that explains how they grow as much of the produce as they can on the certified organic Krishna Farm an hour away near Murwillumbah in Northern New South Wales.

My favorite savory item is the cheesy baked potato slice casserole thingy. I like the sweets the best here which is saying something as I'm not really a sweet tooth. The Tiramisu is fantastic.

My only criticism is that there weren't enough seats and the place gets crowded so quickly. It would be great if they could expand the premises somehow.

Shop 6, 3120 Surfers Paradise Blvd, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast


This place is exceptional value for money.

The savories are Indian style with some notable exceptions such as the tasty Lasagna. The salads are yum.

The best thing I've ever had here is, hands down, the blueberry cheesecake. It should win some sort of award.

The staff are friendly and the portions are big. If you came here starving, you'd be filled up with a combo plate.

Shop 4/14 Middleton Street, Byron Bay

Beautiful place

This place is definitely worth visiting. The portions are generous and the prices are more than reasonable.

The owner/cook/server is one of the nicest guys. Despite how busy he is, he always manages to smile and have a friendly word with everyone who comes through. And an occasional hug as is the norm in Byron :P

54, Jalan SS2/72, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

healthy dishes in the middle of it all

We went here the other night for dinner.

The place is aesthetic and clean. The menu is extensive and interesting.

The lime grass tea is especially good.

The menu really caters to very health conscious people. What we ordered was tasty but not *really* tasty. One exception to this is the Nyonya curried noodle dish - totally yum.

The service was excellent and staff friendly.

65, Lebuh Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Disappointed - But great if you really love onion

We didn't really like this place. There were too many onions in everything and the service was sub standard.

The dosa we ordered was massive though. If unrolled, it would take up nearly half the table. Unfortunately the filling was potato and onion, with the onion overpowering every other spice.

Shop 1/2685 Gold Coast Highway Broadbeach, Gold Coast

Classy veg joint in Broadbeach

I like this place a lot. At the moment, in my mind, this is the reigning champion of all vegetarian eateries worldwide. lol

On my first visit, I ordered the polenta/cauliflower cheese bake thingy for my wife and I got a salad combo plate. What a treat! The salads were so nicely made and addictively tasty. I've never come across salads as interesting as these. I have to recommend them.

I got a sample of the polenta bake from my wife. YUM!

The rose kulfi was heavenly. It melts in your mouth and was full of subtlety. You gotta try this as I've never seen it anywhere outside of India. The rhubarb tart was delicious too.

I also like the decor with the big beautiful photo of Krishna on the wall. I sat in one of the outdoor webbed chairs which wasn't the most supportive of my weight. (Big guy) They had potted plants that hung upside down from the ceiling ?!? It was a bit on the "Dr. Suess" side, but interesting and eclectic nonetheless.

The service was sweet and friendly. The portions were ample. The prices were reasonable considering the quality of what was served.

The Cardomom Pod in Broadbeach is definitely worth checking out.

Shop 2, Fifth Ave, Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast

food was ok

I've driven past this place countless number of times so I finally pulled in to check it out. The service was slightly rude. It wasn't offensive but certainly not friendly. I ordered a wrap which was ok. It certainly wasn't good value for money though. I'm giving it two cows.

47 Murwillumbah Rd, Murwillumbah

Best Lunch in Mur'bah

I've been to the New Leaf countless times.

The vege burgers are good and the greek platter thingy is my wife's fave.

Every once in a while they have a chef's special on the signboard when they make enchiladas. They are exceptionally good if you can get lucky enough to go there on a day they are available. I've petitioned for them to make it a permanent item on the menu but years later it still isn't.

The best thing about New Leaf is that it's a great place to meet up with someone. The outdoor area is relaxing and casual and the people of Mur'bah are easy to strike up a conversation with.

8, Jalan 1/67B, Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A Pleasant Surprise in KL

Passing through Kuala Lumpur, I checked out happycow.net to see what new digs were in town. It was hard to miss all the rave reviews here about The Origin, so I decided to check it out myself. I'm glad I did.
My wife and I had two kids (aged 7 and 3) in tow which can make dining an unpredictable experience. Sometimes staff can get uptight with a noisy and messy 3 yr old "enjoying" his lunch. Not here. They were so pleasant and welcoming to us which helped us settle in for an amazing lunch.
We ordered a fair few dishes to share around the table including the Baked Cheese Rice and Tiramisu recommended here. We have to confer that they were both very nice. The kids gravitated towards the noodle dishes including the Carbonara which I was pleasantly surprised to see on the menu. I got a few delicious bites in before our usually fussy 7 yr old devoured it.
The menu was extensive enough to cater to anyone's taste. The pricing was reasonable.
The waiting time was surprisingly fast. After we ordered, it only took a few minutes before the first few dishes arrived.
The presentation of the dishes was colorful and appetizing. It was obvious that someone actually cared how the plates looked. The portions were generous. The pot of chrysanthemum tea was a great companion to the meal.
I was very pleased that the preparations were not oily as many of the mock meat Chinese vego places in KL use way too much oil to compensate for lack of expertise in cooking. Not the case here at all. The spicing was masterful and subtle. You could taste the lemongrass and ginger because they weren't overpowered by more easily identified flavors. There was a freshness about the meal that I'm not used to accompanying mock meat centered menus.
The only criticism I can think of is that the sweet and sour sauce wasn't as excellent as everything else we had. It was still pretty good, but not excellent.
We polished lunch off with the tiramisu. The texture was great and it wasn't overpoweringly sweet.
We're going back tomorrow, and trying some of the other dishes.
I'm giving the place 4 cows even though its the best meal I've had in KL ever. I got to leave some room in case something ever tops this place one day.

Shop 8, 2464 Gold Coast Hwy, Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast

good vegan joint

This place is open for dinner only.

The service is friendly and the food is reasonably priced.

Everything I've ordered has been tasty but sometimes it can be a bit oily.

The best thing on the menu is the wonton noodle soup.

148 Ward Street, North Island, Hamilton

Super Meh

I went to this a few days after I went to the one run by his brother in town. I found this place to be even more oily and bland. He was super friendly though so I really wanted to like this place. I can't really recommend it though.

23 Jalan Tun H. S. Lee, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

good food, funny vibes

The food was tasty here and priced reasonably.

The service was nice, however the staff need some training in social skills. For some reason, they saw fit to stare at us for most of our visit. One lady in particular did nothing but sit and stare while we ate and fed our kids the entire time.

About mid way through our meal, the staff had their lunch which meant that service to our table was temporarily suspended. Still, that did not deter them from staring while they ate.

The whole place could use a good cleaning up too. Perhaps if the staff were not so visually fixated on the customers, they'd notice the filth around them.

We left with satisfied tummies but still felt pretty uncomfortable with the idea of going back. (Which we didn't.)

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