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40 New Oxford St, London, England

Good stuff

All-you-can-eat buffet. I took my omnivorous family here for a quick evening meal after visiting the British Museum. We arrived at about 6pm and we were almost alone! However, the food is really tasty and everything is presented very attractively. There are a range of starters, including soup, spring rolls, sesame toast, 'prawn' crackers, chips, crispy seaweed and fried peanuts. Main dishes are almost all vegan 'meat'-based, eg. black bean sauce with beef-style pieces. There are also several vegetable dishes, rices dishes, and noodle dishes. We each ate 3 or 4 plates of food! For dessert there are slices of fresh fruit and a fruit salad - not as impressive as the main course food.

Kent View Waterside, Cumbria, Kendal, England

Good vegetarian food

I have eaten here several times as I'm vegan and I have family in the town, some of whom are also vegetarian. I have always had good experiences with the Waterside Cafe's salads and soups, and the chilli is really good. It is true that there are fewer vegan choices than lacto-ovo vegetarian choices, but that's the same with most vegetarian eateries.
I want to just point out that this cafe is too small to have table service - you order and pay at the counter before the meal is served, like a cafeteria.

Unit 3A, Greenwich Market, Greenwich, South East London, England


Please note that the map shown above is not accurate - the shop is in the covered marketplace which is close to Cutty Sark DLR station.

Calçada do Sacramento 36, Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

Nice centrally located buffet

2 of us ate here in July 2012. We arrived late for dinner, so a few of the dishes were running low but there was still plenty on offer. The salads were basic but the hot dishes were more interesting, including pasta, rice and potato-based dishes. Everything was very tasty and the staff very helpful. The only downside is that you have to walk up a steep hill to get to the restaurant, and it is located on a small side-street so it's easy to miss.

Rua da Mae D'Agua, 3, Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

Nice place but a bit pricey

My partner and I ate here on a Monday lunchtime in July 2012. At lunch the restaurant is a buffet only. It was pretty busy, always a good sign, and we were pleased with the food but it was the most expensive place we ate whilst in Lisbon. However it was still cheap compared to British prices. There weren't many salads but the selection of hot food was good, including delicious rice balls and chilli beans. We paid about 28 euros including drinks. The waiting staff speak good English.

129 Highgate, Kendal, England

Good for eating out with non-veggies

I'm vegan and I ate here with a group of 3 omnivores and 2 vegetarians on 22nd Dec 2011. I was provided with a vegan menu which presented 3 starter options and 3 main courses - but there was only 1 vegan dessert, which was sorbet. I was really pleased that the restaurant would make such an effort to accommodate vegans, as this hasn't been my experience in any other non-veg restaurtant! They were also very accommodating of other dietary needs (avoidance of shellfish). My food was very enjoyable, but not spectacular. I had a pear & walnut salad to start (which in my opinion would have benefitted from more walnuts) followed by a mushroom risotto (which was just right). The lacto-ovo veggies had the pear & walnut salad with goat's cheese, a tomatoey cheesey linguine pasta, and an aubergine/mozzarella bake. The service was very good.

Rua Marques de Sa da Bandeira 76, Lisbon, Portugal

Excellent value and friendly welcome

We (2 vegetarians) visited on a Wednesday evening in July 2012. It was pretty busy but we were served very quickly by a friendly and efficient waiter who appeared to be doing all the work by himself! He told us tthat he didn't speak English but then he explained the menu to us in English, certainly he wan't fluent but he explained everything we needed to know. The food arrived quickly and although it's not gourmet, it's good home-cooked food and very generous protion sizes. We paid about 15 euros in total including one drink each, which we thought was excellent value. This place is highly recommended if you are hungry and don't want to go somewhere fancy.

Avenida Barbosa du Bocage 107C, Lisbon, Portugal

Good buffet

My partner and I (both vegetarian) visited this restaurant on a Tuesday evening in July 2012. It was pretty quiet but we arrived kind of early (about 7:30) and other people started arriving a bit later, that's just the culture in Portugal.
The food was good, including a large selection of salads and some hot food too. We both thought the salads were excellent and there was vegetarian sushi available too although nothing special.
We paid less than 25 euros in total, which included one drink each. Pretty good value considering it's an all you can eat buffet!

17A Burgate, Canterbury, England

Lovely lunch

I ate lunch at the Veg Box with my partner on a rainy Saturday in June. When we arrived it was quite busy, but not full. I ordered the soup of the day (Broccoli, Courgette & Pea) (vegan) which came with two chunks of very nice brown bread. My partner had the veggie burger, which came with large potato wedges and a generous portion of salad. Everything was very tasty. For dessert I had an iced chocolate cupcake (vegan) and my partner had the carrot cake; they both get top marks for yummyness! We were sevred quickly and the atmosphere was friendly and casual. In total (including drinks) the meal came to about £21.

88 Oldham St, Manchester, England

Vegan Fast Food!

I heard about this place through a vegan facebook group, so the next time I was in Manchester I made sure I went there for lunch. I was not disappointed!!

We arrived quite soon after it opened and there were already a few other customers there. I had the "Barbecuban Missile Crisis" burger which was stuffed with so much filling I had some trouble eating it neatly (!!). My (vegetarian) other half had a "Mini Mac". The food was served really fast and everything was very tasty.

This is not the place for you if you're concerned about eating too much oil or salt, if you're macrobiotic or raw. If you want salad, go elsewhere!! If you want vegan junk food ... you will love it.

N.B. You order and pay at the till, canteen-style.

Compston Road, Ambleside. Cumbria , Ambleside, England

Vegan pizza!

I have been to Zeffirelli's a number of times since about 2008 and I have always liked it. On my most recent visit in June 2014 the menu seemed to have been updated.

It now includes more vegan main course options, such as a pasta and artichoke salad and a veggie version of beef wellington (i.e. lentil roast wrapped in pastry).

I was very happy to see that there is now the option to have vegan cheese on your pizza - I ordered 'The Big One', which was delicious, but it was so big I had to take half home with me!

I would recommend Zeffirelli's to anyone - especially cinema-loving vegetarians - but it is still a lacto-ovo vegetarian restaurant with some vegan options, rather than a restaurant that caters primarily for vegans. Hopefully the most recent menu changes are evidence that vegan dishes are becoming more central to their menu. I hope so!

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