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"So lovely we never wanted to leave!"
Cork, Ireland on 08 Aug 2017

"A lively & popular kushari joint in central Cairo"
Cairo, Egypt on 22 Jul 2011

"Great place for meals, snacks, desserts & juices"
Long Beach, USA on 22 Aug 2014

"Friendly, healthy, yummy"
Waimanalo, USA on 29 Jan 2017

"Boutique selection of natural products "
Marsalforn, Malta on 18 Jul 2017

"Still here May 2017, but closes early"
Athens, Greece on 12 May 2017

"Good selection, including fresh produce & snacks"
Malaga, Spain on 15 Aug 2009

"Friendly, home-style veg eatery with health consciousness"
Urubamba, Peru on 19 Sep 2016

"Delicious, healthy, and friendly"
Kiev, Ukraine on 31 Jul 2017

Long Beach, USA on 22 Aug 2014

"Numerous veg options, but ask about dairy"
Vail, USA on 30 Dec 2016

"One of the best Thai restaurants in greater LA"
Los Angeles, USA on 06 Feb 2014

"Heavenly vegan and raw eats and drinks"
Bangkok, Thailand on 19 Feb 2011

"Best raw/healthy food on Phuket island"
Phuket, Thailand on 26 Feb 2016

Geneva, Switzerland on 19 May 2015

"Our favorite restaurant in Athens"
Athens, Greece on 30 Jun 2012

"Great value, great dessert"
Madrid, Spain on 23 May 2013

"Ovo-lacto-veg except 1 item; vegan-friendly"
Koh Phayam, Thailand on 31 Jan 2013

"A lot to love - and some room for improvement"
Santa Barbara, USA on 24 Jul 2010

"Vegan-friendly and eco-friendly"
Vancouver, Canada on 18 Oct 2010

"Nice chocolate cake"
Sevilla, Spain on 27 May 2013

"Tasty and vegan-friendly"
Evergreen, USA on 30 Jun 2014

"Good vegan-friendly option when the veg places are closed. "
Lugano, Switzerland on 02 Oct 2016

"Best little veg*n café and bakery in Denver!"
Denver, USA on 06 Feb 2014

"Friendly juice bar with a few food options"
Cleveland, USA on 23 Aug 2016

"NOT VEGAN (it's heavily lacto), but tasty"
New Delhi, India on 12 May 2010

"Hit-and-miss, limited vegan options, oily, MSG"
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia on 04 Feb 2017

"Very good vegan and organic selection"
Budapest, Hungary on 21 Jun 2013

"Location on HappyCow map is totally wrong"
Dubrovnik, Croatia on 07 Oct 2015

"Great little organic shop"
Split, Croatia on 02 Oct 2015

"many vegan products +HOW TO FIND IT"
Split, Croatia on 02 Oct 2015

"Good selection"
Lugano, Switzerland on 17 Jul 2011

"Biocoop in downtown Lyon"
Lyon, France on 08 Jul 2011

"One of the best restaurants in India"
Goa, India on 25 Feb 2012

"Love at first taste"
Sydney on 16 Jun 2017

"Delicious & relaxed, with friendly, caring service"
Bangkok, Thailand on 26 Sep 2013

Kenmare, Ireland on 24 Jul 2017

"Great food, pleasant ambience"
Florence, Italy on 25 May 2014

"Good selection, good prices"
Kenmare, Ireland on 24 Jul 2017

"Great Value"
Rancho Cucamonga, USA on 07 Aug 2014

"Great menu, some items better than others"
Bangkok, Thailand on 29 Dec 2017

"Great variety of delicious vegan options"
Gurgaon, India on 13 Jul 2017

"A Delhi fave for wholesome meals, coffee, etc."
New Delhi, India on 26 Feb 2014

"Lovely place, but don’t go without reservation"
Mallorca, Spain on 09 Oct 2017

"A friendly, casual, healthy eatery"
Goa, India on 25 Feb 2012

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