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40 Sharia Champollion, Cairo, Egypt

A lively & popular kushari joint in central Cairo

22 Jul 2011

Opinions are divided as to whether Abu Tarek or its nearby rival, El Tahrir, makes the best kushari in Cairo, but either way you're in for an authentic treat. It's best to arrive hungry, as kushari is quite filling (and can feel a little heavy for some). If in doubt, start with a small order.

340 E 4th St, Long Beach, USA

Great place for meals, snacks, desserts & juices

22 Aug 2014

We've eaten at Ahimsa Vegan Kitchen many times when visiting Long Beach.

There's a good selection of very satisfying sandwiches, bowls, wraps, salads, and other good stuff, including a variety of vegan desserts.

Those of us trying to avoid or minimize bread appreciate the fact that, for all the sandwiches, they offer the option to substitute the bread with a lettuce wrap.

The quality comes in part from the fact that they use mostly organic produce, including some from their own farm nearby.

They've added fresh juices and smoothies, which for us is a huge plus.

Favorite items:
- Tempeh reuben (one of the best we've had anywhere)
- Chicken's Friend BBQ burger
- Sweet potato fries (great flavor and perfect texture)
- Salads
- Vegan cheesecake

Service was friendly and helpful. Compostable take-out containers are much appreciated.

We'll certainly return whenever we're in town.


Updated from previous review on Wednesday February 05, 2014

Cristo de la Epidemia, 12, Malaga, Spain

Good selection, including fresh produce & snacks

15 Aug 2009

Aloe is a nice little mostly-organic shop. It has the usual assortment of dry goods and natural(ish) health and beauty products one finds in the other shops, plus the welcome addition of fresh organic fruits and veggies. It's nice to be able to get organic fruit for breakfast, and there are some vegan snacks on offer. Prices are reasonable by European standards.

Borgo Pinti, 91 r, Florence, Italy

Small but mighty, with some good finds

23 May 2014

This small grocery stocks a full range of organic and veg*n staples (e.g. tempeh, gluten-free pastas, muesli, herbs and supplements) as well as local produce, fresh-baked breads, and several homemade vegan pastries and snacks.

The proprietor is warm and helpful. Some English is spoken.

2040 E 4th St, Long Beach, USA


22 Aug 2014

If you're in Long Beach (or anywhere in Earth's solar system), do not miss Anandamide. It's a chocolate/cacao lover's dream come true, offering everything from creative gourmet cacao creations to old-school chocolate shakes.

Service is very friendly and knowledgeable, and the whole experience is great.


8101 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, USA

One of the best Thai restaurants in greater LA

06 Feb 2014

We've been to many Thai veg*n places in the LA area, but Araya's Place sets itself apart with exceptionally well prepared, authentic Thai food and excellent service.

Our group ordered five items from the menu, spanning appetizers, curries, noodles, and veggies. Everything we tried had exquisite flavor and great texture.

It's a family-owned restaurant — two sisters and their mom — and all of them were delightful.

We're very happy to have discovered Araya's Place and we'll come again and again.

Highly recommended. Enjoy!

2nd Floor Life Center, Q-House Building Lumphini, Sathorn Rd, Bangkok, Thailand

Heavenly vegan and raw eats and drinks

19 Feb 2011

Ariya is a wonderful place run by friendly and gentle Buddhists devoted to good health and good taste. Note that they are no longer in MBK: their new location is in a swish, glass-walled mall devoted ostensibly to wellness (but really mostly cosmetic and body-image establishments). It's very convenient to the Lumphini MRT station: just go up the escalators and it's right there on your left (which makes it an easy trip from Sukhumvit too).

First off, if you have even the slightest affection for avocado, don't miss Ariya's delectable avocado soup. Its nuanced flavor surprises and delights.

As with most raw food restaurants (in this case, a little over half raw with a few cooked options too), you'll pay more to fill up here, but in most cases the prices are fair considering the quality and they fact that they apparently use mostly organic ingredients. An exception is the juices, which at around B180 are overpriced beyond reason. You might find the health drinks and smoothies to offer a more compelling value proposition than the single-ingredient juices. The Green Smoothie was tasty and well balanced.

The set meals offer the best deals, especially Set B, which gives you a soup, main course, and a drink for B299. Note that Ariya also offers a card that they'll stamp until you get something free after a certain expenditure.

We also liked the 'crab' sushi and loved the pumpkin cake (a delicious raw pumpkin pie, which was kept frozen, so order it with your meal to give it time to thaw sufficiently).

For a take-away snack, check out the flax crackers and sunflower snacks, which are rich and crunchy.

99/1 Moo 7, Wiset Rd, Rawai, Phuket, Thailand

Best raw/healthy food on Phuket island

26 Feb 2016

We were wowed at Atsumi Raw Café. Great flavor, great texture, and very warm, friendly service.

Unfortunately, there were no vegan desserts on our visit (all had honey), but she says they're planning to go all vegan by 2017, which will be wonderful.

Likewise, some other dishes contained honey even though it wasn't mentioned on the menu as one of the ingredients, so vegans will want to ask about each item to be sure.

Well worth the trip from Patong/Kata/Karon.


11, rue Schaub, Geneva, Switzerland


19 May 2015

A local friend invited me to Aux Deux Portes Café when i was passing through Geneva and i am so happy to know this place exists!

Fresh juices, snacks, meals, and desserts (including some great gluten-free options), all wonderful. Good music, good vibes. There's a good selection of vegan and organic products in the shop.

The proprietor was very warm, kind, and accommodating, and speaks English (as well as French of course), so travelers are sure to feel comfortable here.

I will certainly visit again next time i'm in Geneva.


Nikis 30, Athens, Greece

Our favorite restaurant in Athens

30 Jun 2012

Avocado is a natural-foods restaurant run quite ably by people who put their hearts into creating a good experience for their guests. We wound up eating most of our nine meals in Athens here.

Our favorites were the 'Mother Earth' spinach pie (amazingly good!) and the 'Vibrant Vegan' pizza with avocado (one of the best vegan pizzas we've had anywhere). The guacamole and the 'Hug a Tree' apple tart are also recommendable, as are the fresh juices.

Overall, we found the appetizers to be generally better value than the main courses, with the notable exception of the 'Vibrant Vegan' pizza, which is quite satisfying. Other than that, we have only one suggestion for improvement: We'd prefer if the dishes that include grains had more veggies and less of the grains.

We really appreciated the warm and attentive service from the kind-hearted staff, which made every meal at Avocado a very pleasant experience. We hope to return!

Calle de la Ballesta 13, Madrid, Spain

Great value, great dessert

23 May 2013

The folks who run B-13 are relaxed and helpful, which makes for a pleasant experience, and they were happy to stretch across the language barrier patiently.

Portions are gigantic for the price. I spent only 7 euros but couldn't finish everything i ordered. And the quality of the food was good by bar standards.

Kabab wrap was satisfying. Tortilla was a bit plain but filling. The star of my meal was the dessert: a very rich yet light chocolate cake.

The neighborhood is a bit funky (red light district, apparently), but it's just a block and a half off of Gran Via so it's pretty easy to find.

Ao Yai Road, Koh Phayam, Thailand

Ovo-lacto-veg except 1 item; vegan-friendly

31 Jan 2013

In the cluster of restaurants on the road heading west from Ao Yai (the long beach), there are several with signs saying "vegetarian," but most of them serve lots of meat (the signs are simply advertising that they *also* serve veg options). There are two exceptions: Baan Namchaa and Cha Chai Home (reviewed separately), both of which (as of Jan 2013) are almost entirely ovo-lacto-veg except for one animal item. In the case of Baan Namchaa, that item is a "tuna mayonnaise sandwich."

Baan Namchaa is run by three friendly European women (two Brits, on German) and their talented cooks from Myanmar. Their menu reflects this international composition, with a selection of Western and Burmese dishes to please a variety of tastes. The menu does not explicitly indicate which items are vegan, but in most cases it's pretty easy to tell (one non-obvious tip: avoid the "yellow noodles"), and the hosts are happy to help. They're also amenable to special requests with some advance notice.

Our favorites:
- La Pa Toh, a savory and slightly crunchy Burmese salad
- Laarb Nuggets (appetizer/snack), another nicely seasoned Burmese creation
- Bruschetta on brown bread (homemade)

All food is made fresh to order, which can take some time when there are many patrons, so it's advisable to come either before or after the lunch rush, or arrive about 30 minutes before you start feeling hungry enough to eat your hat.

They're closed for dinner (unless you have dinner before 6), except for the occasional special evening. Musicians are sometimes invited to play for food.


331 Motor Wy, Santa Barbara, USA

A lot to love - and some room for improvement

24 Jul 2010

There's a lot to appreciate about Backyard Bowls. It serves tasty, healthful food with original recipes. It makes a commendable effort to be ecologically sustainable. A significant portion of its ingredients are organic (and they're clearly marked on the menu). The prices are fair considering the ingredients. And there's no meat.

The concept behind the menu is so unusual (and rather narrow) that i'd expect it would have a niche appeal, but when we showed up at lunch time the place was packed with a short line waiting to order, so it seems they're finding favor.

One thing to know before you go is that there's almost nothing hot on the menu (other than the "hot quinoa bowl" and maybe 1 or 2 others), and in fact most of the bowls are icy cold due to the frozen açaÃi that is the star ingredient at Backyard Bowls. We were shivering after our lunch and had to stand out in the sun for a while to get warm again. We both would be tempted to go much more frequently if there were more hot (or at least room temperature) items on the menu.

VEGANS BEWARE: Another thing to know is that nearly every dish has honey in two forms: the granola they use is made with honey, and they put a few squirts of honey on top. We specifically ordered our bowls "vegan, without granola or honey," and they were kind enough to offer to give us crushed almonds in place of granola, but after all that my bowl still got a squirt of honey, to my chagrin. Perhaps this might've been due to the essentially fast-food assembly line nature of the place, and maybe also because the restaurant is relatively young and may not have worked out all the kinks yet. One would hope that proper training of the staff in regard to managing special orders would eliminate this kind of problem in the future. Vegans should also note that some of the items contain yogurt. In general, the fact that virtually none of the items are vegan without making a special order (which may or may not be executed correctly) is a bit unappealing; hopefully this will also be corrected in the future as the menu expands. More completely vegan items would be a very welcome addition.

Those who favor raw food would likely be in heaven here (provided your body tolerates the cold açai­), but to others it might seem more like a glorified smoothie joint, since the focus of the menu is essentially very thick smoothies served in a bowl with fresh fruit and toppings. Meal or dessert? You decide.

We hope they succeed and evolve!

2781 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, Canada

Vegan-friendly and eco-friendly

18 Oct 2010

Having grown up near the Mexican border, i'm a bit spoiled when it comes to Mexican cuisine and i tend to be reluctant to try Mexican food restaurants too far from the source because i'm usually disappointed, but i couldn't resist the temptation of a vegan-friendly, eco-friendly Mexican joint while passing through Vancouver. The three items i sampled at Bandidas didn't disappoint - they didn't blow me away, but they definitely didn't disappoint. The enchiladas with mole were quite tasty (though i'm not partial to the vegan "cheese" so next time i'd order without).

What i didn't love about Bandidas was the atmosphere: it was quite noisy, and the servers i had weren't especially friendly - they did their business efficiently and after taking my order didn't speak a word to me even though i was sitting right at the counter. They were busy, and it showed. If i were to return, it would probably be only during off-peak hours.

What i *did* love about Bandidas was their commendable efforts toward sustainability (which you can read about on their website). For that, i add a fourth star to what otherwise would've been a three-star review. I look forward to the day when more restaurants follow suit...

Luis de Vargas 4, Seville, Sevilla, Spain

Nice chocolate cake

27 May 2013

I stopped by for dessert and the only vegan one they had at that time was a chocolate cake, which was quite satisfying. I'm always happy to find another place with vegan desserts (though Veganitessen wins for variety).

The rest of the menu looked interesting enough to warrant another visit at mealtime.

1262 Bergen Pkwy, Evergreen, USA

Tasty and vegan-friendly

30 Jun 2014

Beau Thai is a family-owned restaurant that serves very tasty Thai dishes.

There are plenty of vegan (or veganizable) options, including both appetizers and mains. This makes it one of the most veg*n-friendly places in Evergreen (along with Saigon Landing).

As with most Thai restaurants, just be sure to specify that you don't want fish sauce (which might otherwise be present even in vegetable-oriented dishes).

The curries are recommended.

Prices are reasonable and portions are generous.

It's located in the back corner of a strip mall, and there's ample parking in front.

The same family runs a Nepali/Indian restaurant two doors over.

1030 E 22nd Ave, Denver, USA

Best little veg*n café and bakery in Denver!

06 Feb 2014

Beet Box is a very welcome addition to the small veg*n scene in Denver, and our new favorite.

Great sandwiches, heavenly desserts, fresh baked goods, and very friendly service.

We're very impressed with their attention to quality, health, organic ingredients, etc. And they're working on more gluten-free options, which we'll also appreciate.

The brownie is exquisite!

They also have a frequent diner card that gives you free food after a certain number of purchases.

We'll come again and again. We only wish there was more on the menu for us to try! :-)

1432 W 29th St, Cleveland, USA

Friendly juice bar with a few food options

23 Aug 2016

I dropped by looking for food, and there wasn't much on offer — just a few pre-made items in the fridge. Fortunately, the collard wrap i picked was tasty and satisfying.

Service was friendly and street parking wasn't a problem.

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