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via dei Vagellai 18r, Florence, Italy


29 Apr 2011

Hard to find, with no obvious sign. But once there, it was so outstanding.
The decor is fascinating, with a courtyard in the middle of the place decorated with hanging coloured ribbons. The back seating area has a wall of art books for sale.
The dishes were so impressive, delicately flavoured, Italian dishes we had never had. Given time, we would have gone back again to try other dishes. Too bad we had no space for dessert of soy lattes!
You must go if in Florence. This is not the heavy Italian food you get everywhere else.

31 Avenue Simon Bolivar, Paris, France


31 Oct 2014

Went with a friend. Had the veggie burger with the extras, very tasty.
Would recommend it.

34, Quai d'Austerlitz, Paris, France

Great and cheap

12 Oct 2012

We tried before but they were on summer holidays. Glad I tried again.
There aren't that many options but what they have is delicious and so cheap! A veggie burger for 4.50? And fries for 2.50? At Loving Hut it's double that.
The cheesecake was pretty good, not my favourite ever but with a natural base so it felt guilt-free.
I'll go back regularly, particularly since it's about 5 minutes walk from my place.

Jodenbreestraat 24, Amsterdam, Netherlands

A very nice lunch

30 Oct 2011

We easily found this place, downstairs from a very cool alternative bookstore (take some time to browse here).
The place is very basic but the one person working was very quick to help us out. We had a quiche with salad and a homous plate with salad. Both the tofu quiche and the homous were especially tasty. I've had a lot of homous over my 25 years of being veggie and made a lot too, but this was unusual and really good.
Best of all it was really cheap, at about 3.50 euros per plate. Less than half what most other places would charge. We would definitely go back again.

P.S. they have vegan desserts (like 'cheezecake') and fair trade coffee and soy lattes and cappucinos.

13 Rue Lucien Sampaix, Paris, France

not for vegans

13 Apr 2013

I agree with the previous reviewer. Going with my wife and a friend at 11:30 on a Saturday, I was disappointed to find that my only options from either the breakfast OR lunch menu were soup and salad. And the salad wouldn't be available for another 30 minutes.
The soup turned out to be pretty bland potiron soup which I do better at home with no effort, so not a treat to pay for that out!
The latte was OK but nothing spectacular.
I will check in again in a couple of months; if there are no more vegan options, I will unrecommend this place strongly to my large network of friends, including a Paris Vegan meetup group.

Via San Gallo, 92/r, Florence, Italy

Good to find Vegan

29 Apr 2011

We were so happy to find a place that is fully vegan and so committed to offering a wide range of foods, drinks and products in their grocery section.
Breakfast of sweet treats and coffee was great.
Our dinner was OK, but not spectacular. Our ravioli filled with 'cheese' and topped with pesto sauce was a bit bland. Sort of one-dimensional flavouring. More depth is needed on the recipes. With a little inventiveness, they would be packed like the vegetarian place a couple blocks away.

Via Dell'Oriuolo 5/r, Florence, Italy


29 Apr 2011

We can't say that this place was particularly veggie-friendly. It is a bit different, being a sort of Mexican outfit rather than the usual Italian. But they were out of the Greek burrito (early in the dinner period)and the other veggie burritos we had were kind of disappointing.
Given a choice, we would not search it out again.

Cannaregio 1122, Venezia, Venice, Italy


29 Apr 2011

Gam Gam was our favourite restaurant in Venice and tied for best we found in Italy. Not strictly veggie, but they are SO helpful and friendly. We had their selection of (12) appetizers, all veggie, then a roasted eggplant dish. We came back the next night for two different dishes also great. Go early, they get lineups!

via Tito Sarrochi 1, Siena, Italy


29 Apr 2011

We took the time to search this place out, and found it to be no more veggie-friendly than just about any trattoria in town. Not worth the hunt, we walked away.
Every place in town has at least 1 or 2 'first plates' which are vegetarian,and then there are side dishes at the end which can be 'beans' or 'mixed greens'.

Via delle Ruote, 30 r, Florence, Italy


29 Apr 2011

We went back a second time as it was so great! Lineups before they open and full throughout the dinner period.
We shared dishes each time and liked all of them. Hearty dishes, big servings, reasonable prices.
And lots of desserts (if you have any space left) of which over half are vegan. The pear-apple tart was great.

92 Boulevard de Beaumarchais, Paris, France

Repas Vegetalien a Paris!

23 Jul 2010

On the eve of leaving France, my fiancée and I ate here on its opening night (waited patiently for days) and loved it. Very limited menu then, but nice to have vegan versions of French food a block from our apartment. Reasonable prices but helpings could be a bit bigger.
As soon as we came back from Africa, a year later, this was where we went. And now the menu has grown enormously, although two options weren't available that night. And the banana split was delicious! Piled with vegan whipped cream and creamy sauces. Treat yourself!

29 Greek St, Westminster, London, England

A decent start

15 Mar 2013

Being in England, trying a pub made sense. I was very hopeful as it was advertised as 'veggie/vegan'.
First, the premises are classic enough but looking a bit scruffy. Then, we couldn't eat in the dining room upstairs as it had been totally booked by the staff of Private Eye.
Our food came and it was OK. They could do better with their 'tofush and chips' if they froze the tofu a bit first to give it a bit of texture. It's weird to bite through the batter and get a slimy block of lukewarm tofu!
The foreign server was friendly, until her English coworker spent ages telling her off for a mixup in ringing in people's orders, which justifiably made her seem miserable.

So, no great atmosphere, and the dishes were just OK despite us being happy that they were all veggie and some vegan.
Work on this concept a bit more and you might be huge!

41 Rue des Bourdonnais, Paris, France


23 Jul 2010

We came across this outlet by chance, when terribly hungry on our way to Les Halles, and it fit the bill.
One had the veggie burger and the other a mock meat dish. Both were delicious with side items to round them out. Highly recommend it.

23 rue des Vinaigriers, Paris, France

Not a great experience

28 Aug 2012

First, we had trouble finding it, even with the address, since they have a tiny new sign on the window but a large ancient sign saying something else left above the shop. So beware!

I love natural foods but I'm not obsessed with antioxidants or trying some new rare superberry from the depths of the Peruvian jungles, so maybe this isn't the place for me. I like tasty food and was told to expect that. Disappointed on that account!
We tried between us a soup Vitale (complet/grande), a brochette and the plat du jour (petite).
The soup was OK, nice enough taste but a bit bland. Kind of watery. Then the brochette was a nightmare. Two little wooden skewers with a couple grapes, a couple bits of apple and some chunks of what turned out to be aloe vera gel. Both of us felt like throwing up, trying to chew these gluey pieces of nothing!
The plat du jour had a variety of things and was the only really good part of our experience.
I really like to support vegetarian places, especially those trying to do something different but it just wasn't a pleasant experience. How could so many people think this is a '5 cow' place??

20, rue de la Pierre Levée, Paris, France

Cool place

30 Oct 2011

On the first wet cold night of the Autumn, I met 3 other veggies here. We all got the plat du jour and it was very good. Three tasty creations on one plate, they had a little pot of a creamy gratin. And fried mixed mushrooms and tempeh with eggplant. It was all interesting and tasty but somehow just not tasty enough to take it to the 'excellent' level. And somewhat pricy. My companions all had chocolate or green tea mousse and weren't knocked out by those.
Worth a visit regardless. Unless you are allergic to soya!

38, rue de Verneuil, Paris, France

Not that impressive

10 Apr 2013

While I am appreciative of the many vegan and veggie options in my new city, they have to be worth the effort and the money. In my opinion, this one wasn't.
Empty when we arrived at lunchtime, service was slow; it seemed like our business was more of an inconvenience.
Then the options we got were not that delicious. We felt overcharged and underfed.
So, we won't be returning, unless someone says a great change has occurred.
Better off going to Potager du Marais or Gentle Gourmet or Grenier du Notre Dame nearby.

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