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Buenos Aires area, San Isidro, Argentina

Excellent- vegan, healthy and loving

20 Nov 2015

Excellent for stocking up your fridge and freezer with homemade vegan food. I also ordered cupcakes and cakes for birthdays and they rock. I love that it is not only vegan but super healthy. The chef, Rosario, is super conscious and passionate about cooking loving vegan food. She makes special raw gourmet stuff you can order. My mom (who doesnt eat gluten) is super happy with her burgers. She also makes sugar free desserts if asked.

Arévalo 1478, Buenos Aires, Argentina


29 Jun 2012

I like this place, the cuisine is open and the chefs and staff at night are nice (didn't have a great experience with the staff in the afternoon). The place is cozy and cute though it is small and inn so it gets crowded. The last time I went there I changed plans because it was just so packed it made me claustrophobic. They have more tables than they should. They have tables outside in the summer. The food is VERY good, almost everything has cheese or dairy or eggs but they can always veganize it for you. The whine's good. The juices are good. Very simple and modern.

Rua Harmonia, 278, Vila Madalena, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Chilled and nice night with friends

21 Aug 2011

I went with a large group of omnivorous beautiful friends and had a very nice evening. Almost nothing is vegan in the menu, but like the other reviewer said, the staff was very nice and helpful and offered to turn almost any dish into vegan. I had a risotto which was very fun to have because I never find risottos without butter in menus, this one only had olive oil and it was very tasty. My husband had pasta and it was ok, nothing spectacular. All of our omnivorous friends were very happy with the place and their meals. We all had juices... awesome ones! And I also had natural coconut water. Everyone shared a dish which broke my heart which was a grilled palmito... The palmito is the heart of a type of palm tree that even though some are planted for eating, about 99% of them are chopped down from jungles, many from the Amazons... now, I've seen these many times in my life, but canned, and this one really shocked me because it was the bark of the tree cut in half with the palm heart inside, it just made me so sad. I did not say anything because I did not want to sound snobby or annoy anyone but it just made me so sad... anyway/ I'm taking this review way deep in my heart! LOL I did love the place because it was very spacey and clean and it had very big windows and a beautiful view. I do not know the price because I was invited, but I think it was pricey. If you are vegetarian they have many options. The neighborhood is very nice.

Humboldt 2192, Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

They moved right in front

14 Nov 2012

I am leaving below the comment I did a while ago. I used to love this place. They now moved, right in front and when we went there to eat the kitchen staff was different, the place was not ready at all and the prices had gone way up! The food was ok, but not at all for what we were charged. First get your place ready, then make sure your new chef is awesome and theeeen raise the prices! Maybe it has improved but I am not taking the chance to go there again.

We had a great dinner and lovely time. The place is nice, the people that work there were very nice... and the food was AMAZING. It has lots of vegan options and they are marked with a little leaf on the menu (so you don't have to ask 20 times if something has animal derived ingredients), there are options for celiacs (marked on the menu too) and MANY RAW OPTIONS! The Raw Soup was specially powerful. Yummy juices. And you can buy cookies, sweets, bread, tea, etc. Everything's organic.
Updated from previous review on Sunday July 24, 2011

Gorriti 5657, Buenos Aires, Argentina


14 Nov 2012

It's a must for vegs in BA, very chill compared to the rest of the restaurants in the area (Palermo), and the people are very nice; the waitresses and the chef are the sweetest. Everything's clean and cute. If you're vegan, you can ask for the cheeses to be replaced by soy cheese, but don't be too enthusiastic about dessert, everything has either honey or eggs, but the juices are delicious so it's a good idea to order one for dessert. There's a tiny mini organic market. It's a good pick!
Updated from previous review on Wednesday February 24, 2010

Rua Manoel Severino de Oliveira, 564, Lagoa da Conceicao, Florianopolis, Brazil

Loved it!!

08 Jan 2014

I was so happy to find this 100% vegan and organic restaurant. The food is awesome, and super healthy. The green juice and cocoa cake was very good too. It is very clean too. It has a lovely deck with trees and outdoor seating. The staff is very nice. Wifi works great.

Gorriti 5132, Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires, Argentina


14 Nov 2012

The restaurant experience was awkward, we were the only two people there, the food took forever, it was ok. The store is super cool.

Florida 102, Buenos Aires, Argentina


14 Nov 2012

I am leaving the old review below. They have changed owners and some of the kitchen staff. The place is still cool, but the desserts where much better.... The old owners are now in a place 3 blocks from there called VITA and the delicious sweet stuff can be found there, however I prefer the comfort of Picnic, but the desserts from VITA.


This restaurant is way far from where I live but I go there a lot anyway because I love it. The food is 100% vegan and delicious, I understand that people might call it fast food because it comes out fast because of how organized they have all the stuff, but it is HEALTHY, not oily, not fried, not in my definition of fast food. The guys and gals are super nice. And I just LOVE the decoration, the couches, tables, walls, everything is beautiful. It is in downtown so the surroundings have a lot of people moving, but it is lovely because it is in one big corner and it has huge glass windows from where you can appreciate the beautiful architecture of downtown BA without the noise. The best thing is that they have yummy bakery stuff!!! OMG the raw strawberry cake and raw lemon pie and my Goodness- the cupcakes!!! (the ones that have cream on top). They also have a nice juice bar and they are very yummy. The place is very clean. Raw options.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday January 17, 2012

2301 Main St, Santa Monica, USA


21 Aug 2011

I discovered this place with my husband on our latest trip to LA and ended up going there almost every day for at least a chlorophyll lemonade to go. It is organic, raw and they say it is vegan but I do not agree because some of their meals have honey and also one of the lotions they sell contain vitamin D3 which comes from animal skin, but it is almost vegan. The place is very nice and they have big wood tables inside and cute small ones on the street. The food ROCKS... And the strawberry-chocolate parfait is from another planet. They make sweets and chocolates and very yummy truffles I think called "health balls" or something like that... They also sell ice-cream (not homemade). The staff is very nice. It is expensive but not terribly considering you are where you are. The restroom is not very nice and needs ventilation, it is extremely hot. Oh, they sell some very tasty homemade chips, try the blue corn ones. Considering how cool it is, it could stay open a little later.
Updated from previous review on Saturday August 20, 2011

Rua Haddock Lobo, 187, Sao Paulo, Brazil


21 Aug 2011

It's the best meal we've had in Sao Paulo so far. Delicious. The prices were pretty good considering how expensive this city is. The people were very nice. And there is a little shop with many goodies and books and tons of chocolate. EVERYTHING IS VEGAN. The deserts were delicious- try the banana cake, best in my life. The house is pretty nice... It's too bad it was such a cold night, because the tables outside were very cute. If it is cold then take a good sweater with you because, as most restaurants in Sao Paulo, it is not prepared for cold weather. The neighborhood is gorgeous, so you can go out for a walk if it's not too late. There is a street one block away called Augusta which has bars and clubs and we were told to go walk there which we did for about 10min but we did not feel it was very safe, it was late and cold, so we came back to the hotel. HAD A GREAT NIGHT!!!!!!! GOING BACK FOR SURE!!!!! I'M A VERY HAPPY COW TONIGHT!! ;)

Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina


14 Nov 2012

Cocina Verde is a delivery of vegan food with AWESOME raw choices. Totally recommend the ALMOND MILK, the cocoa macaroons (though they have honey) and the raw zuccini pesto noodles. The chef has a great sustainable system that gives you the opportunity to order returnable tupperware in case you are like me and hate anything disposable. I order almost every week. LOVE IT and totally recommend it.

Ramallo 2626. Capital, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Not my place to go

22 Nov 2015

The restaurant is surrounded by a very beautiful garden. The food is very expensive. The staff I met was unfriendly. There are very few (almost none) vegan options, there were more vegetarian options though, but meat all over the menu. I cant remember the vegan options now because it was a while ago. The food tasted good but it was not OMG.

Juramento 1665, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Glad to have this in town! :)

29 Nov 2015

I am so excited that there is a new, high quality, cool vegan spot in town! - make it double happy, since it is healthy too! :)

The place is small and very cute, take-out only, but has a bench outside were you can chill-out and eat.

The juices are cold-pressed, fresh, all-natural, and varied- very colorful.

The in-house chef is one of my favorite raw chefs. Many yummy raw foods to try. Gluten-free choices too. And also sandwiches, salads, cookies, etc.

The staff is very nice and conscious about what they offer and why they do it.

The hot new spot is located right next to China Town, which makes it a fun plan.

My favorite drink: Almond Cold Coffee - yumm!
My favorite dish (yet I have to try more!): Sushi


Estoy muy feliz de que exista este nuevo lugar, vegano y de alta calidad, en BsAs! Doblemente feliz porque además es saludable! :)

El lugar es pequeño y muy lindo, es comida para llevar, pero tiene un banco afuera para sentarse y comer.

Los jugos son cold-pressed, frescos, y variados- muy coloridos.

El chef es uno de mis raw chefs favoritos, así que hay muchas cosas raw ricas para probar. Hay opciones sin gluten. También hay sandwiches, ensaladas, galletas, etc.

El staff es muy amable y es consciente de lo que ofrecen y por qué lo hacen.

Este nuevo lugar con mucha onda está ubicado al lado de China Town, lo cual lo hace un plan divertido.

Mi bebida favorita: Almond Cold Coffee -yumm
Mi plato favorito (aunque me falta probar más!): Sushi

Aguirre 1620, Buenos Aires, Argentina


29 Jun 2012

Had a tasteless overpriced meal at a cold atmosphere. The place is not taken care of at all. It pretends to be a modern place and it is so tacky, so cold, so pretentious. The food was whatever as well as the service. The juices were good. The ice-cream was yummy but ridiculously overpriced. The worst vegetarian restaurant I've been in BA. BTW if you go, be careful with the nail on the lady's bathroom door. I am putting two cows on the rating because it is the minimum allowed, but it deserves none. Sorry to be so straight-forward, but I was astonished to see it had a 5 cow rating and just had to tell you guys the truth and save vegetarians from the same dull and sad experience I had.

JD Peron 1319, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Fast food in downtown

10 Mar 2016

Fun for having vegan fast food with friends.

Ideal for taking friends that are new to veganism.

Honduras 5900, Buenos Aires, Argentina


29 Jun 2012

I like this place. You can find delicious vegan options. This is not vegetarian as they also serve chicken and fish, but it is mostly vegan. The service is terribly slow so don't wait to be served at the table, go to the bar and take a look and order there and THEN go to your table. They are nice but have such an annoying slow tempo. Try the Tofu Empanadas or the Arepas de Mijo con Tofu or the seitan... good stuff. They have a cute organic store on the back with nice stuff. The house is beautiful but the art is not very beautiful. The bathroom is always clean, everything's very clean. The juices are great (ask for ice on the side). THE DESSERTS ARE AMAZING!!! and most are vegan and they have good choices for diabetics. It could cost less.

Rua Fradique Coutinho, 766, São Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil


21 Aug 2011

We had the best time today. :) The house is beautiful and the food was absolutely DELICIOUS. The host was the owner himself (almost sure of this), who was a sweetheart and very nice and helpful. It is a buffet with only about 4 non-vegan options out of 30 something, everything that is vegan has a V o it, so you don't have to ask all the time... But if you need to ask anything, they are willing to help and the host, Fernando, speaks perfect English. It is the type of food that you can feel was made with love. There are different rooms where you may sit, now, if you pick the one with the pillows on the floor, please take your shoes off first or you will have the same embarrassing experience I had when I read after I had finished eating that you were supposed to take off your shoes... No one said anything so I was only embarrassed by myself. ;) So if you like the sitting on the floor style take easy to take off shoes because you will be walking to and from the buffet and this room is one floor above. They make juices and teas and deserts, I had the organic grape agar-agar which was very good. They also sell a few products, I bought some organic spices and chocolates. Everything is very clean. There is good energy. And the price was very good about U$20 per person and we ate a lot and very good quality. Definitely going back on our next trip. Beauty tip for girls: if you wear lipstick take a pocket mirror with you because there are no mirrors in the bathroom, which BTW is very clean.

Balcarce 958, Buenos Aires, Argentina


14 Aug 2012

Good food, few but good vegan options. The organic beer is tasty and they have organic champagne which I did not taste. The staff is friendly. It is in San Telmo so it's a handy place to know if you are a tourist and want to visit. The building is nice, they have a coffee shop downstairs which I did not go but will go sometime. Everything's clean. Prices ok and credit cards accepted. The first floor is cozier than the upstairs. Don't order the tempurah, it is deep fried. The eggplants with mushrooms and smashed potatoes are yummy. Good juices. Nice for a family meal.

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