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887 W San Marcos Blvd, San Marcos, USA

hearty vegan pub food

I was pleasantly surprised by the number and quality of their vegan options. They have two regular vegan menu items: Reuben and shepherds pie. They also have vegan daily specials and the day we went they were "chicken" pot pie and eggplant "Parmesan" sub. We ordered the specials and they were both yummy. The only downside was we accidentally went on Wednesday night which is wing night - as in chicken. So it was extra crowded and it was a bit unpleasant watching everyone around us eat. However I appreciated that even on that night they had great vegan specials.

2001 W Swann Ave, Tampa, USA

Great food, terrible service

After all the glowing reviews, I was very excited to try Grass Root.

The food was really good, some of it excellent. The raw sandwich on "onion bread," ginger chicken and vegan Parmesan were all delicious.

However the service ruined the entire experience for us. We went there with a party of four and three of us got our food delivered to us. We waited a few minutes to see if the last order would arrive, but it didn't and our server didn't say anything when he dropped off the rest of the food to indicate it was on its way. We finally got his attention and asked where the last dish was, and he said it's on its way. Well considering it was another 15 minutes before the food arrived, it was obvious the order was completely forgotten. The food was for my niece, and she was very hungry and grumpy by the time her veggie burger got there. Everyone else was done eating. The server gave a unconvincing apology and then disappeared again.

We flagged him down for some water and I asked him if we could get our dessert. I had placed the order with the food just in case it got busy, which it did. He gave an excuse about having to take care of other tables first so it would be a while. About 15 minutes later we got the key lime pie and it was partially frozen. It wasn't inedible, but it certainly wasn't how it was supposed to be served. When the table next to us tried to order the key lime pie he told them it was frozen and they should take it to go if they wanted it. Oh really? Well why didn't he warn us if he was very well aware that it was frozen?

I am in no way cheap, but I can't believe they charge 50 cents a glass for tap water. It's not the price; it's the principle. Charging your customers for tap water is pretty much a slap in the face.

Unfortunately I would never return here even though the food is good and the options in the area are slim. I felt extremely uncomfortable after leaving this place, like the server was sending us a lot of negative energy. We didn't do anything wrong, and in fact we were extremely patient and tolerant considering the situation. One bad server can ruin an establishment and its reputation. I hope Grass Root will look into this.

609 S Howard Ave, Tampa, USA

Good, cheap and fast option for vegans

The champion burger is their original burger and it's vegan. It is a soy patty that comes with lettuce, tomato, onion, lettuce and tomato. I really love their air fries. They are baked and much lower fat than regular fries and very delicious. They also have a fun ketchup bar with different flavors such as spicy, mesquite, and garlic ketchup. You can order a combo meal with the Champion burger of air fries and a smoothie. They have several vegan smoothies on their menu. They indicate clearly which options are vegan or can be made vegan. This is a great place to take omnivores and a cheap meal on the run.

The only downside is they say their are healthy but they still have a lot of meat and it seems like they have more since the last time I visited.

610 S Armenia Ave, Tampa, USA

Delicious vegan options

I was so happy to find this place. They have two vegan pizzas on their menu. I had the vegan pesto pizza, which comes with artichokes, olives, red peppers, and tomato. The toppings were extremely fresh and high quality, and the pesto is very good. The crust is just how I like it.

They have another pizza on their menu with red sauce and lots of veggies, but I didn't try that one.

We also tried the vegan breadsticks, which are definitely worth ordering.

I would absolutely recommend this place to any vegan who enjoys pizza.

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