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Jaegersborggade 39, Norrebro, Copenhagen, Denmark

Great vegan fast food joint!

11 Jan 2016

Excellent burgers and hotdogs here! The service is a bit slow and indoor seating is very awkward, but during the summer it's great to sit outside. If you are in the area then you must go to this place!

Blagardsgade 17, Copenhagen, Denmark

nice cozy option

16 Jan 2013

very tasty food at a good price. ive only been there a few times and had the set menu each of those times, but i was very satified with the food although portions were rather small. Food comes our very quick. Nice atmosphere inside, but a bit cramped. The tables outside are nice and they provide blankets in case its a bit chilly. I know its denmark and everyone smokes, but it would be nice if you could enjoy your meal without 10 people chainsmoking around you. Overall though I would recommend this cafe and will definately go back.

Warschauer Str. 34-36, Berlin, Germany

Very Tasty!

24 Oct 2015

Had the Vulcan burger and Pumba burger. Both were excellent and I rank the vulcan as one of my all time favourite burgers! Many vegan burger places serve very dry burgers, but not Mister Vegan. The ones I had were very moist and the sauces they used were perfect. Although I didnt really have a deep conversation with Klaus, he seems to be a very likeable guy. If i lived in Berlin, I would definitely eat here very often.

Elmegade 30, Copenhagen, Denmark

awesome little shop!

06 Aug 2015

completely vegan ice cream shop. I've only tried the ice creams on a stick and they are great! twice I was there a few hours after they were supposed to close and they still opened the doors to let me in. very friendly staff.

4160 Woodward Ave, Detroit, USA

Great Menu!

11 Jan 2012

Very good menu with a lot of different/interesting options to choose from. Food is really tasty and prices are decent. The restaurant is in a very nice location and the staff are friendly and very knowledgeable about the menu. I havent found anything on the menu that i didnt like

231 San Alberto, Sucre, Bolivia

Good food

10 Jan 2012

Good set menu for 15-20bs which includes soup, main, dessert, and drink. Also has a decent selection of other things that you can choose from the menu at reasonable prices.

85/2 Tanao Road, Banglumpu, Bangkok, Thailand

great vegan cafe near khao san

16 Jan 2013

great food right off khao san rd. The place is very small and usually very crowded, but its cozy and sometimes its nice to share tables with other people. Great menu has excellent thai food and vegan pancakes, vegan deserts, kombucha, burgers, etc... A bit on the pricey side, but not too much. wait staff speak english quite well so its easy to special order items. Everything ive eaten here has been very good. Has a good vibe also.

751 Loa, Sucre, Bolivia

Decent meal for cheap

11 Jan 2012

a set menu costs 13 bolivianos for a salad, soup, main dish, dessert and a drink. Some meals are vegan, but most contain milk or eggs. They use soya meat, but not for every meal. The portions arent huge, but they are enough to fill up most people. Fast service since the food is already prepared. Next to Gringos Rincon Hostal and only a few blocks away from the plaza

Nørrebrogade 118, Copenhagen, Denmark

tasty vegan ice cream

06 Aug 2015

small ice cream shop that always has 1-3 vegan options although they don't advertise that they are in fact vegan. just ask the person behind the counter and they'll tell you which ones are safe.

33 Samsen Road, Soi 1, Banglamphu, Bangkok, Thailand

Good food/small portions

16 Jan 2013

The food here was very tasty and I have returned a few times to try other things. I thought the vegan sushi was rather nice.
As for he haw mok(spelled right?), well, it was very tasty, but it came in a bowl that you would normally server to a 5 year old. The food was gone in about 5 bites. Looking around at other tables made me realise that may kaydee is more about quality than quantity. All the portions are tiny. I recommend you go a little bit farther down and eat at ethos which is a bit more expensive but at least you'll walk away with a full stomach. The staff are really friendly and are always smiling, but its too bad they can barely speak english. It was difficult to ask what ingredients were in the food

Pichhola Lake, near Hanuman Ghat Hotel, Udaipur, India

Great options for vegans

20 Oct 2012

this great little restaurant is on the hannuman ghat side of the foot bridge just down the hill from dream heaven guesthouse. Good selection of vegan food options, including pancakes, curries, continental, snacks, coconut milk, deserts, etc... Prices are cheap. A meal will cost between 100-140 rupies. Also, the owners here are extremely friendly and love to talk. The food is also organic and they use much less oil than most restaurants which makes the food a bit healthier. you rcan also watch a movies of your choice. Good selection of bollywood and documentary films.

Soi Ram Buttri, Bangkok, Thailand

Great veggie/vegan food for cheap

16 Jan 2013

The menu at mr yims isnt as extensive as other places, but it is just a food stand. It has your basic thai food. Nothing fancy. The curries are good, but not fantastic. Everything mr yim makes has tofu included. This is the cheapest place i found to eat a meal that will actually fill you up. 30 baht for a plate of green/red curry is hard to beat. The place can get a bit crowded, and you almost always have to share a table with fellow diners, but thats not necasarily a bad thing. the service has always been good for me. I eat here almost daily.

Refsnesgade 47, Copenhagen, Denmark

Decent Vegan pizza

26 Oct 2013

The pizza here isnt bad, but it isnt great either. The amount of vegan cheese they put on the pizza was a bit of a disapointment for the price. Also, the vegan meats are rather bland. Its great they are trying, but it would be nice if they tried a little bit harder. I'm sure i will give it another try soon. There arent many options like this in Copenhagen.

264 Carlton Ave, Brooklyn, USA

excellent food

01 Jul 2016

nice cozy restaurant with really cool staff. not a lot of vegan options, but they exist and are very tasty. place is unmarked with no sign or anything on the door or window but there's tables outside letting you know that it is a cafe

San Alberto 215, Sucre, Bolivia

Basic fare

26 Oct 2013

Decent food, but far from special. Its hard to complain though. Its priced great for what you get. The servings could be a bit larger, but its enough to fill most people. Also, they seem to not really like the gringo crowd. You are often completely ignored even if you speak spanish while the Bolivians are catered to.

Vaasankatu 9, Helsinki, Finland

amazing burgers

11 Jan 2016

the best burger u have ever eaten! definitely check this place out if you're around Helsinki!
Updated from previous review on Sunday August 16, 2015

222 E Central Ave, Mackinaw City, USA

good food

25 Jul 2016

only a few tables, but there weren't many people there so it was fine. the food was very tasty and the portions were large. the workers were also very attentive and talkative.

Warschauer Str. 33, Berlin, Germany

Cozy atmosphere with tasty food

24 Oct 2015

Went here the day we arrived in Berlin. The food was not amazing, but it was really good. The portions werent as big as I would of liked, but they were large enough to satisfy my hunger. The wait staff seemed very friendly as well.

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