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26 Reviews

"A vegetarian oasis in Central America"
Guatemala City, Guatemala on 27 Jan 2013

"now open until 7pm"
Berkeley, USA on 19 Sep 2010

"If you are enlightened, you eat for free!"
Prague, Czech Republic on 06 Jun 2013

"Good choice for vegans"
Panajachel, Guatemala on 28 Jan 2013

"Tasty food but... horribly overpriced"
Washington, USA on 20 May 2012

"Excellent vegan/vegetarian choice"
Mississauga, Canada on 25 May 2011

Toronto, Canada on 26 Jul 2009

"A vegetarian oasis!"
Istanbul, Turkey on 16 Jan 2012

"Tasty, eclectic food and super value for money"
Kitchener Waterloo, Canada on 21 Aug 2013

"Unbelievable to find a mostly vegan place here..."
San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala on 28 Jan 2013

"It is Govinda – an inexpensive, welcoming oasis"
Bratislava, Slovakia on 06 Jun 2013

"A phenomenal experience and an undiscovered gem!"
Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala on 28 Jan 2013

"Excellent vegan food at bargain prices"
Panama City, Panama on 23 Jan 2013

"Inexpensive vegan choice"
Panama City, Panama on 23 Jan 2013

"Fresh, healthy options and reasonably priced. "
St Petersburg, USA on 19 Oct 2015

"Inexpensive, healthy & tasty"
Brussels, Belgium on 23 Sep 2014

"Excellent Vietnamese food, great value for money"
Montreal, Canada on 04 Aug 2014

"Tasty food in a very veg-friendly place"
Antigua, Guatemala on 28 Jan 2013

"Vegan... in Beamsville!"
Beamsville, Canada on 29 Dec 2017

"Decent choice for vegetarians, but a bit hyped"
Antigua, Guatemala on 28 Jan 2013

"Very accommodating to vegans with no compromise in taste"
St Catharines, Canada on 26 Jun 2017

"Excellent Caribbean vegan in Niagara Falls"
Niagara Falls, Canada on 01 Jan 2018

"Tasty, pure, satisfying"
Niagara Falls, Canada on 05 Sep 2011

"A vegetarian oasis in Savannah"
Savannah, USA on 19 Oct 2015

"Unique amongst Chinese Buddhist restaurants"
Vienna, Austria on 06 Jun 2013

"The Best Veg Place near Pearson Airport"
Mississauga, Canada on 05 Sep 2016

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