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1253 McGill College Ave, Montreal, Canada

Good food, but not worth the wait!

12 May 2012

I went to Le Bouddha d'Cuisine today on my lunch break from work. I liked the food last time I went and, given the lack of vegan options in the area, didn't have anywhere else to go for a quick vegan bite during work! The lady working there, however, took so long to prepare my food - about half an hour for two simple, AND RAW, meals - to take away that I was late to return to work. Instead, she wiped the counters and chatted away with customers while I stood there waiting for my food! I like the food, and it's great to have a raw vegan place - especially in a mall! - but I can't say I'm likely to go back after my experience today.

4031 Fairview St, Unit 103, Burlington, Canada


01 Aug 2010

I've been to a few different raw places, but this one takes the cake as far as I'm concerned. Though it's a small space (located essentially in the corner of a yoga studio's lobby), there's enough room to sit at the bar and enjoy what is definitely going to be a delicious meal or snack. I went with my family, and as such I was able to try several different menu selections. My mom had the taco salad, which was great; the pistachio taco meat is really great (what I had of it anyway: by the time my mom was full, the leftovers I got were all salad!). My girlfriend had the zucchini noodles (unfortunately I don't recall the exact name of the dish, but I think it's the only zucchini noodle option). This, too, was amazing. I even got the leftovers which I saved for dinner that night. I had the pizza, which came as two slices overflowing with veggies. I can only compare it to the raw pizza at WoW in Guelph, and it was even better. For such a small place, they really have a great menu with many choices. My family is resistant to raw food, but they both enjoyed their meals and ate to their fill (and, as I mentioned, still had leftovers to share!). If you're in or near Burlington, definitely eat here!!!

4 Erskine Rd, Primrose Hill, North West London, England

Best Vegan food in London!!!

05 Jul 2012

On my last night in London, I really broke the bank at Manna, but it was absolutely worth it! (For the record, you can eat there without breaking the bank, I just chose not to, electing instead for drinks, an appetizer, main course, and dessert!) I had conversations with all of the staff there that evening, including the proprietor and his wife; I've never dined by myself and felt less alone!! I highly recommend the bangers and mash (how can you not, when you're in London?) and the banana split is divine. They even provided me with some free snacks to take with me for my train the following day! Manna is a fantastic restaurant. You won't be disappointed. (Check the website for directions; they're spot on, even for someone as prone to getting lost as myself.)

21 Welford Rd, Leicester, England

Probably the best Indian restaurant I've been to!

15 May 2016

A recent conference I attended held a dinner at Shivalli, and I was extremely pleased! Usually I have to skip conference dinners because of a lack of vegan options, but they were more than abundant at Shivalli. The buffet was expansive to say the least—in fact, I was able to try a good number of Indian dishes that I'd never tried before, simply because they usually aren't vegan at most other places. If I wasn't crunched for time, I probably would have had a second plate to try more. For less than ten quid, you aren't likely to do better.

73 Caledonian Road, North London, England

Great vegan shop!

05 Jul 2012

I was thrilled to find a completely vegan store when I was in London this past weekend. Vx is fantastic! They've got lots of freshly baked and prepared food (I bought a lot of it and ate it over two days!) and many imported products from Germany and around the world. The woman who was working when I visited was very helpful and friendly, and even provided restaurant recommendations and directions for London AND Paris! Definitely stop by!

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