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10 Shelley Street, Soho, Hong Kong Island, China

Vegetarian stand-by, pricey, slow service

27 Mar 2009

I've lived in Hong Kong going on 4 years now, and Life is one of the restaurants I visit regularly - except that I mostly go to get a take-away salad and a piece of banana cake (I don't even like bananas that much, and I love that cake). Life has a great atmosphere, and the upper deck is lovely if it's not too hot or noisy from nearby construction (which is a constant in this city), but the benches are very hard to sit on. When I think of Life, I think of uncomfortable seating! The staff are often friendly, especially at the take-away bar, but slow upstairs - and I've had many a meal with a waiter that couldn't be bothered. When it gets busy, forget about it. I've had to wait upwards of a half an hour for my meal when I sit in the restaurant. After trying several things on the menu, I have to say that the veggie burger is my favourite, and a good sized portion. Very popular with the local expat crowd, who like to hang out there after a yoga session. Honestly, I'd tend more towards other places in HK unless I'm just popping for a salad, but it's a good place to take visitors.

21 Tai Wong Street East , Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island, China

My favourite veg restaurant in HK

26 Mar 2009

I love World Peace Cafe. The atmosphere is clean, refined, bright and cozy at the same time. The service is superb - the best in HK. As the servers are volunteers, they really care and are delighted to serve you and make any suggestions - a rarity in Hong Kong! The set lunch menus are a great value. I've loved every one of the soups I've had there, and they make a great vegetable curry with rice. Also a wide selection of organic coffees, fresh juices and soy drinks.

G/F, KS Lo Gallery, Hong Kong Park, Admiralty, Hong Kong Island, China

A lovely tea oasis

26 Mar 2009

Lock Cha is one of my favourite veg restaurants in HK. It's a traditional style teahouse with dark tables and walls stacked with teas. Each table has its own little brewing station. The servers perform an informal little tea ceremony that I find delightful everytime I go there. Of course, an extensive tea list. The dim sum is good, though not the best I've ever had. My favourites are their noodle dishes and dumplings. The jasmine sesame balls are a nice dessert. Their buns and stuffed mushrooms are not their best dishes, however, and I wouldn't order them again. The atmosphere is a calm place in the middle of HK, and I love to go there for a little tea and dim sum and chill out. Good place to meet a friend for a chat. Because of the proximity to the tea museum, they have bars on the windows which is a shame, because windows opened to the park would make this place absolute heaven.

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