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5420 E Burnside St, Portland, USA

Fabulous vegan comfort food

16 Feb 2015

We got there at prime Sunday brunch time, so there was about a 30 minute wait for a table. However, we asked for and received drinks (2 coffees and a fresh juice) while we waited. We read the menu while waiting and we're ready to order when we were seated. Food came out pretty quickly for such a packed house. I had the vegan "nests" of hashbrowns, vegan sausage, veggies, tofu scramble and vegan Hollandaise sauce. Husband had the special waffle covered in fruit, and the non vegan had the nests with poached eggs. All arrived piping hot and delicious.

It is a very small space, so it wouldn't work for a group of more than about 4. Here's hoping they do well enough to expand to a larger space!!

1212 Royal St, New Orleans, USA

An oasis

05 Jan 2009

We were 4 vegetarians in town for New Year's. My, but New Orleanians do love meat. This restaurant had great veggie options. The black-eyed pea and tomato stew was delicious, as were the black-eyed pea fritters. Others in the group tried various dishes, all of which were plentiful and tasty. We went there twice in the span of 5 days.

525 W 4th Ave, Anchorage, USA

Great choices for true vegans and vegetarians!

12 Aug 2012

New to Alaska? Get ready to hear, "Not even fish?!" every time you tell someone that you're vegetarian or vegan. We found Hott Stixx online, and there were enough small plate options for us to go there, since we didn't want to go to a brew pub or steak and seafood place. Imagine our delight to see "Ask for vegetarian and gluten free menus" at the bottom of the regular menu! Most everything on the vegetarian menu was actually vegan. Fresh, flavorful, truly vegetarian food. Ah.

82 Lower Main St, Morrisville, USA

Great food, not enough seating

13 Oct 2008

The night we went, the menu had 3 different veggie options and even a vegan soup. We were very impressed with the selection and quality of the food. I had the quiche and my partner had the VT mac n cheese. The "big salad" was delicious with greens, candied walnuts, carrots, red onion, tomatoes and goat cheese. The set up is odd--you order at the counter and they bring the food out to you. That's not immediately apparent, though. We went on a Friday night, and it was very crowded. What got us was that there were 2 tables with people using their laptops and not eating or drinking *anything*. Plenty of comfy chairs and sofas to use for that sort of thing. We blinked and missed the opportunity to grab one computer geek's table. Luckily, everything is fresh, so by the time our order was ready, we'd snagged a table. Snag your table first, if you can, then order!

1290 W 7th Ave, Eugene, USA

Tasted like my childhood

25 Mar 2014

We had only one night in Eugene, and I'm glad we chose the Cornbread Cafe for dinner. Truly vegan comfort food, and a great old-style diner setting. I had the chicken fried tempeh with mashed potatoes and gravy with a side of greens. Oh. My. Dog. The breading was perfect, the gravy rich and creamy, and the biscuits fluffy and heavenly. This is the sort of place I'd take my meat-eating TX parents to, so I could show them exactly what they're NOT missing by going to a plant-based diet.

705 5th St, Orland, USA

Unexpected Gem

20 Nov 2012

My husband and I have attended Farm Sanctuary's Celebration FOR the Turkeys 3 years in a row, and Farwood Bar and Grill is listed on the Farm Sanctuary webpage as a vegan friendly restaurant in Orland. We went there last year and were impressed enough to go back.

This time exceeded all expectations. We did not have a reservation, but we were seated in under 30 minutes. The hostess was very apologetic about the wait, but we felt it was reasonable considering that it was Friday night at the only nicer restaurant in town.

It is a typical bar and grill *except* that they have a separate completely vegan menu. 3 different appetizers and 4 entrees to choose from. The dessert menu was limited to mango sorbet the night we were there. They'd run out by the time we wanted dessert, but our server returned with vanilla tofu "ice cream" at no charge.

The food was delicious, perfectly proportioned, and nicely presented. Service was outstanding. We will definitely return whenever we are in Orland.

200 E Grayson St Ste 120, San Antonio, USA

Even my dad likes the veggie burger here

18 Oct 2010

When my husband and I visited my family in San Antonio, they humored us vegetarians by going to Green with us. Every single one of them loved the meal they ordered. My steak-loving dad raved about the veggie burger, my equally meat-loving brother-in-law praised the nut loaf. Sweet potato gnocci were a hit amongst 2 other relatives. It's not that the meat substitutes are at all like meat in texture or flavor, it's just that they're *good*. Everything is fresh and flavorful. My family continues to go there on their own, and it's the first place we want to go when we eat out in SA.

2 Lincoln St, Sitka, USA

Groovy place in a tiny town

11 Aug 2012

A vegan and a vegetarian join a group tour of Alaska that has meals included. They repeatedly must remind the group leaders that, no, they don't even eat fish. Striking out on their own, they find the Larkspur Cafe and finally have a truly fresh meal and whole grains! Funky atmosphere, great service, many vegan/vegetarian options on the menu. Nice acoustic music the night we were there, too.

504 Frenchman St, New Orleans, USA

Nice find

05 Jan 2009

It is a REAL challenge to find veggie options in this town. Mona's provided our group with lunch on 2 occasions in 5 days. The Greek salad, hummus, falafel, and veggie skewers were all great. The guava juice was amazing. The veggie dolmas were disappointing and oily. The place is a little grimy, but the tables and dishware were all clean and the service was pretty good.

13469 Wetmore Rd, San Antonio, USA

Great little take-out place

06 Aug 2016

All plant-based and delicious. Fresh and hot menu items as well as grab-and-go.

So fabulous to have a local, fresh vegan eatery!!

Mesones 62-A, GTO San Miguel de Allende, San Miguel De Allende, Mexico

Wonderful experience

19 Mar 2010

I'm not sure why one reviewer said the menu was "uninspired". Maybe it was before the new owners took over. There were lots of excellent choices, and everything is made fresh when you order. Great selection of juices and smoothies. My polenta was perfectly prepared. We read a lot of menus that day, and "El Tomato" definitely had the greatest variety of options and the best prices on veggie options in the centro district. Certainly not cheap by Mexican standards, but the portions were perfect, the service was excellent, and the place was bright and comfortable.

4123 24th St, San Francisco, USA

decent options

10 Dec 2015

Nothing fancy, but tasty. Grilled veggies, chili verde tofu or wild mushroom options as fillings for tacos or burritos. Vegetarian black & pinto beans. Fresh salsa bar with lots of options. Reasonably priced, and easy to order vegan.

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