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Pilestaede 32, Copenhagen, Denmark

Tasty food, nice desserts

The food here is good and creative, though if you don't buy into the "raw" or "undercooked" approach to preparing food, you might feel too limited in options. We had sandwiches that were tasty, I had sublime hot chocolate sweetened with agave (there was a choice of what kind of "milk" and I think the almond milk is better - I returned a second time and did not specify almond milk and it was a teensy bit less amazing), and a dessert. My second time was just for cocoa and dessert. The apple "cake" (I don't remember what they called it) was excellent, as was the triple chocolate. Prices are steep, which is not surprising for Copenhagen. This is a casual restaurant, you order at the counter and they will bring the food to your seat. There are no water-service vegan or vegetarian restaurants in Copenhagen as far as I know.

Nordre Fasanvej 230, Copenhagen, Denmark

The best in Copenhagen

Everything is relative. Copenhagen does not have any really classy, gourmet vegetarian or vegan restaurants, as some larger cities do (well, I have been spoiled by what is available in New York City, but I live so far away from there; sigh). But given the options in Copenhagen, this place has good food and the best value for your money. You can pay for an "all you can eat" buffet. It is not a huge buffet, sort of like a kitchen counter, but the food is good, almost everything was vegan when we were there (two times), the bread is good, they had a very good eggplant dish, and the atmosphere, though informal, is warm and pleasant. Note that dessert is not included in the 125 kr "all you can eat". I didn't get the "all you can eat" buffet (my spouse did), but soup and a plate to fill one time (they have different size plates for different prices). I could imagine some people clearing out half of the food or if a few "all you can eat" customers came at the same time, I don't know if they'd be able to keep up. I say this to indicate that it seemed like a small, home-like operation, and you feel like you have to be moderate in what you take, or you won't be leaving any for the next guy. The location is a bit less convenient and not the most attractive of neighborhoods, but there is close bus transportation. We came back a second time, which is an indication of our preference for this restaurant in Copenhagen. They require that you take your shoes off to go in, so check your socks for holes.

Nikis 30, Athens, Greece

excellent food, many vegan options

We (two couples) ate here three times and enjoyed every meal. The food was excellent with many menu choices, and many vegan options. Great soups, salads, first courses, and main dishes. I won't name all that we tried in those three meals - too many to remember. A few more vegan options for dessert would be nice, and though coconut oil sure makes tasty desserts, maybe something lower fat would be good, too (thinking of the chocolate pie).
Though the menu says that the herbal teas were their own blend, the Bengal Spice was simply a Celestial Seasonings tea bag (for 3.5 Euros!). If it were their own blend, it would not be right to use the Celestial Seasonings tea blend name, but since it was not their own (pretty obvious), they should have said so on the menu. On a different night they made me hot chocolate with 100% cocoa and soy milk, after I inquired about their hot chocolate and found that it was made with a product that had sugar in it (I'm not big on the commercial hot chocolate mixes).
There were two macrobiotic menu items - a macrobiotic plate and udon noodles with veggies and ginger. I had the first one on my first visit and the udon noodles my third visit. Both were superb, and it was weird to me that the waiter said (on our second visit) when I inquired about the udon noodle dish that I should know that the macrobiotic options aren't particularly tasty and that they have those items on the menu for people who insist on macrobiotic food. I didn't order it that night (was kind of scared off), and the next time, I inquired again (because it says on the menu "ask about", like maybe it is different on different days), and he said "same as last night". I ordered it any way, and was I glad I didn't listen to him. The ginger flavor in it was great, there were fresh green beans, a delicate (giner) sauce, sweet potato pieces, chard, and it was excellent. I don't keep a macrobiotic diet, but who cares? It was good!

Zoodochou Pigis 8-10, Athens, Greece

Not much of a bakery

We came to this store primarily to buy some vegan bread and baked goods. Their website states: "Our Vegan Bakery part of the shop is another treat we are happy to bring you, providing your everyday selection of fresh quality breads and vegan pies. You can just come by to pick up freshly baked bread for home ..."
We found only some packaged breads and nothing particularly exciting in breads. There was a larger choice of such breads in a different health food store that was more convenient (the one next door to the Avocado restaurant). The owner was VERY friendly, and did give us, as a gift, some home-made bread (a portion of a loaf), but there were no such breads available for purchase. We did buy some of the spanakopitas and potato pie, and a sweet pie made with similar type dough (none of which was whole wheat, which I would have preferred) - all very tasty, but I was expecting a "bakery" to have cakes, muffins, etc. We bought a bunch of stuff - we needed some provisions for our stay in Athens - but were quite disappointed. As I said, the owner was very friendly, but bottom line is we came to buy stuff that we wanted, and this was a disappointment.

Via Celsa 4, Roma, Rome, Italy

Tasty food, nice desserts, pleasant atmosphere

I'm not a big fan of Indian food, but I did enjoy the fixed lunch of the day. However, as I find with most Indian food, the portions are rather small. A large metal plate with a portion of rice, a small metal bowl of soup to eat with the rice, an even smaller bowl of chutney. We were given bread (for which I think we were charged extra, as is the case in every restaurant we were in in Rome) and bottled water (again, extra charge, as every place in Rome). There was also some salad, included. I had very good house tea and a very tasty dessert. My companion had a very tasty dessert (tea and dessert not included in the lunch meal). I would have liked the rice to be whole grain (it was very tasty basmati rice).

187 9th Ave, New York City, USA

One of the things I like to come to New York for

Blossom Vegan Restaurant (9th Avenue Chelsea) is among the best vegan restaurants in the world. I like traveling to big cities, and one of the things I like to do is try different vegan and vegetarian restaurants. I don't think any city in the world has the choice of quality vegan restaurants that New York City does (I don't mean falafel joints, fast food places, juice bars, and the like, or those health places that serve you a bowl of grain and beans or stewed vegetables - I mean creative attractive cooking). And in New York City, there are several excellent vegan restaurants, Blossom being among them. Given that I have to restrict the carbohydrates I eat, I am, nevertheless challenged to find what to select from the menu, but I ended up choosing two first courses, rather than a main, and enjoyed them very much, and I got to try different dishes that way. One of them was the raw zucchini rolatini, which was tasty and served beautifully. The service was excellent, as well.

Frederiksborggade 26, Copenhagen, Denmark

Good, but nothing amazing

From the description "upscale" I would have expected a lot better. The food was good, but nothing amazing, the prices very expensive (that was upscale), it was informal - order at the counter and they let you know when it is ready. "Upscale" to me means fine dining - waiter service, a proper menu, a less casual decor, etc. There are upscale vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the world, but not in Copenhagen. I ate some soup, which was good, and it came with a little puny piece of bread. The menu is not extensive. My spouse had the hot plate and it was less than he expected.

via dei Vagellai 18r, Florence, Italy

We went when the menu choices were limited

It was not the right time for the more interesting dishes, and the vegan options are limited, so we had an avocado dish - sliced thin with an interesting sauce. Quite tasty, and the bread was also tasty. We shared a dessert, which was good.
The shop was certainly interesting and different - like sitting in a small library. (But the nearness of the WC kind of ruined the atmosphere, as the WC opens right into the room where we ate.)
So this review is based on a limited exposure to what they have to offer, but I'd say give it a chance.

9 Rue Jacques Coeur, Paris, France

they ran out of food twice

I wish I could review this restaurant, but we came here two times during the advertised opening hours and they had no food left. The first time it was before 3PM, and they said that they were also closing earlier than usual because they had to go someplace. The second time it was around 2:30 PM, and once again, they were out of food "we had a busy day". The proprietor was nice enough, apologizing and suggesting another place in the area (we were there before and not particularly impressed), but I think that any business that wants to thrive must prepare extra food, and if there is leftover, they can offer it to some of the many homeless in the city.

1307 3rd Ave, New York City, USA

Enjoyed very much

We went to two gourmet vegan restaurants in NYC - V-note and this one. This was less fancy as far as the decor, no tablecloths (maybe because it was in the afternoon?) etc., but the food was also very good, though I thought my GRILLED PORTOBELLO STEAK was a bit too salty. Or maybe it was the capers on it. But the sauce was great, the asparagus excellent, and overall I enjoyed the creativity of the dish. My spouse had the CAJUN SEITAN SANDWICH and enjoyed it a lot. We also had tea for me, coffee for him and shared Chocolate Mousse pie, which was super. It was rich, but the chocolate was bitter chocolate and we loved it. Service was good.

762 Valencia St, San Francisco, USA

I'm sure I would have liked a different dish

OK - so I'm not an expert on Japanese food. I ordered the Moon Garden, described as steamed tofu custard with broccoli, shimeji mushrooms, kabocha, snow peas, atsuage tofu, broccolini, carrots, asparagus, zucchini, soybeans and gingko nuts.
I expected a lot of vegetables, and as it turns out it was almost all tofu custard and just a little bit of vegetables. The custard was OK, but not to be the whole meal - I wanted more vegetables. The menu looks very interesting and I'm sure I would have enjoyed something else. I guess you have to try different things, but since I live thousands of miles away from SF, I won't have a chance for quite a while. A shame! My spouse ordered Cha-Ya Nabe, a vegan sukiyaki, and he was very pleased. The atmosphere of this restaurant is very nice, the service was good, so I wish I came out feeling more satisfied.

151 Ibn Gabirol St, Tel Aviv, Israel

Good vegan food, mainly for take-out

We came here to eat some kind of lunch, aware that it is not a restaurant, but meant for people to take-out the food. We figured there must be some little spot to eat there, and we were right. A very small counter with a couple of bar stools. There was a nice selection of dishes, all looking very appetizing. I had a quiche (cashew "cheese" with dried tomatoes) and an interesting salad, and it was quite tasty. My spouse had a plate with a selection of different burgers, red rice, zucchini, and some other things that I don't remember. The rice was fine, but nothing special, but everything was quite good. It would be welcome if they would expand and have more of an area to eat there (and a rest room facility). (They had a kashrut certificate, which is unusual for such a place in Tel Aviv - appreciated for those who require it.)
We also went by the following morning at around 10:35 (opening time is 10am) and found that they were not yet ready with many choices of food. We would have taken some sandwiches for lunch that day, but they did not yet have their bread. We would have had a fruit shake of some kind for a late breakfast, but the way the woman who was there then looked to see with what she could make a shake gave the feeling that they were not geared up.

531 Divisadero St, San Francisco, USA

Good vegan food

This is not a fancy place, but pleasant for lunch or an informal dinner. We ate here two times. One time I had the pizza and a small salad and thoroughly enjoyed. If you eat real cheese, don't order a vegan pizza, but if you don't eat real cheese, this was very satisfying, the bread used was thin and crisp. The other time I ordered the grilled beef and vegetable tahini salad. It was good, but could have used more tahini. I would have ordered the phillo (that's how they spell it) dough pie, but was told that it is not whole grain flour. My spouse ordered a combo - soup and a grilled sandwich one time and enjoyed it but not amazing and the second time he had beef stroganoff, which was good, and garlic bread, which wasn't anything so impressive.

8 Iakhou Street, Athens, Greece

Great food, cool atmosphere

We were one gray-haired couple and one young couple. We all enjoyed the great vegan food, and the young couple was thrilled with the "cool atmosphere" (and the gray-haired couple were OK with it). Like a vegan pub.
I didn't expect such terrific vegan food in Athens. We each ordered something different (souvlaki, tex-mex burrito, add-it-on, which seemed like an English breakfast, and ratatouille, and everyone was pleased, and the portions were very satisfying. I did want to order a Greek salad, and was disappointed that they were out of almond feta "cheese", but the rocket and spinach salad, which two of us shared instead, was good. We also all shared a portion of the cheesecake. Considering the rave reviews, it was not as good as anticipated, but it was good. The cherry topping tasted like a commercial topping, and was too sweet (and to my taste, so was the cheesecake itself).
Highly recommended, and would come back again.

250 Camden High St, Camden, North West London, England

Good food, disgusting place

We enjoyed the food that we ate, though it was not amazing, but the place itself was disgusting. Aside from the neighborhood seeming quite seedy, walking from the tube station, the restaurant itself was gross. The ceiling was moldy and peeling, the noise level from loud music and talking abominable, and the bathroom - absolutely disgusting. Though the desserts looked good, we decided that it is impossible to enjoy tea and dessert in such an atmosphere and we left.

58 Rue Rambuteau, Paris, France

Convenient location, decent food

We enjoyed our quinoa burgers (or whatever they called them). Each of us (my spouse and I) ordered a different variety. I was disappointed to find that though a side of fries was posted on the board, it came with white rice. However, they were willing to give me some vegetable stew instead of the white rice, which was tasty. In general, I found in Paris that vegan does not necessarily imply whole grains. Of course it needn't, but in many places they are rather correlated. The place is simple, informal, and pleasant.

Via Maurizio Bufalini 19r/21r, Florence, Italy

burgers, sandwiches primarily

We ate here the first night we were in Florence, simply because it was the nearest to where we were staying, and we were exhausted from our trip.
The atmosphere is very casual. Serve yourself when it is ready, bus yourself. The proprietor (or worker - don't know) was helpful in explaining the choices, even searching on the Internet to find the translation for the type of flour used in the buns (buckwheat).
For the type of place and type of menu, the burgers were tasty. I also wanted a cup of tea herbal and some cookies. He had barely any choice of tea left - a bunch of empty Yogi Tea boxes on the shelf. The cookies were simple, and tasty enough. I do appreciate the value placed on healthy food, and this place is fine if you want a casual bite of lunch or dinner (which was our case, because it was late already).

1522 1st Ave, New York City, USA

Amazing food, a bad mishap

I came with high expectations, I was looking forward to some gourmet vegan dining after being in other cities with the more typical grain-and-veggie-stew fare, and I was not disappointed. I ordered the Pistachio & Pepper Dusted Tofu and it was scrumptious, the lemon truffle emulsion adding such a nice flavor. My spouse - how could he with so many exciting, different, menu items? - ordered the lasagna. It was good but he didn't seem as excited as I was. Well, that's what you get for ordering something that lots of places make. We had two amazing desserts: the cheesecake and the Tiramisu. Sooo good! I often skip dessert, because it has to be really special to go for it. Even vegan has calories (they do use sugar, and the tiramisu was made with coconut cream). These were worth every calorie. But the mishap - oh boy! The tables for two are close together. A woman at the table next to me knocked over her wine glass - it would be red wine - and it splashed all over me, staining my cream color cardigan, a salmon colored top, my pants, my spouse's shirt. What a mess! The waitress tried to find a laundry stick, but couldn't, so she brought me a bottle of sparkling water, which I did enjoy drinking the rest of after trying to use the non-absorbent cloth napkin and then some paper towels to clean my clothes, but there were too many stains and I didn't feel like being so wet, and it didn't work, anyway. So I gave up until I got home and worked very hard at getting most of the stains out, but I still have a stubborn spot on my cardigan. The waitress offered us a dessert on the house (which is why we had two instead of a shared dessert), but they should have offered some greater compensation for having my clothes almost ruined, and no guarantee that I wouldn't have a rather expensive loss. True, the restaurant isn't the one who knocked over the wine, but I still think that they should take some responsibility for their customers' clumsiness. I won't let it ruin my review of the food. The ambiance was also pleasant, with some live music part of the time.

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