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383 Kenton Rd, Harrow, North West London, England

Blue fantastic

22 Feb 2013

A family group went on a Friday on the spur of the moment.

Parking was a little difficult but we were greeting by Blue Gingers parking attendant who showed us where there was a space.

Initially apprehensive since this looks like a pub however were were warmly greeted. Asked if we had a booking we said no, however they still managed to accommodate us.

Blue ginger serves a range of Punjabi, Gujrati and south Indian Dishes with soft drinks, mocktails or the hard stuff.

We ordered the bites, chilli paneer, garlic chilli paneer, crispy bhajias, crispy okra. Service was fast and the food was delicious, served with some table chutneys.
Next we ordered mains Veg Manchurian, Paneer Manchurian, Garlic stir fry vegetable and stir fry broccholi pak choi, jeera rice and pilau rice.
all washed down with either beer, salted lassi, lemon soda, or fizzy drink.
Service was rapid and they do not add 10% service charge on the bill leaving it to the discretion of the diner.

Highly impressed, no over salting and thirsty feeling, there were a number of families with young children and so the initial apprehensions were ill founded. Dishes were not greasy.

547 Kingsbury Road, Kingsbury, North West London, England

Indian vegetarian bites

09 Feb 2010

Jays is in Kingsbury near the station and so parking can be difficult, however if timed before 8 there usually is no problem.
We order the bites and do not go for the main meals.
Bites include Chilli Paneer, Chilli mogo, Masala Dosa, Crispy Bhajia, Crispy mushrooms, Bhel poori.
Drinks we choose usually are salted Lassi or falooda.
Service is very good, price is very good, when ordering they take notice of our requirements (kids like milder food!).
They did not take credit cards when we last visited due to a defective machine, however this was no problem.
Food was excellent, not overly spicy or hot and not over salted. A thoroughly recommended restaurant.

195 Streatfield Road, Kenton, Harrow, North West London, England


09 Feb 2013

This restaurant has closed down

156 Kenton Road , Harrow, Middlesex, North West London, England

Reasonable but not exciting

17 Feb 2013

This review is dated since we visited a couple years back.

I have an expectation that some of the food is prepared fresh however my impression is that food is reheated from frozen food prepared for their catering business next door.
You have also an option for the buffet.

The menu options were limited although the prices were reasonable.

22 Golders Green Road, London, UK, North West London, England

Decline in range

22 Feb 2013

We have visited TAO for a number of years.

Unfortunately it has got worse, I say this with a heavy heart since I really enjoyed visiting.

When I first visited there was a very large range of vegetarian dishes and some of the soy really appeared like meat. We had to ask if it was really.

We just 2 days ago and we were confronted by the sign that they now serve meat dishes. Although there is a little segregation the fact it is buffet only means people tend to hover meat ladden dishes over the vegetarian selection!

The vegetarian section is very limited now, there was no fried sea weed and the tofu range has dropped to 6 hot dishes with rice and noodles adjacent to the meet section.

There was a range of diced vegetables but some looked limp.
I went for some chicken style tofu initially. It was chewy but at least warm. towards the end of my meal they topped up the dish from a microwave. I though ahh some fresh tofu. Alas it was cold and chewy!

Although the buffet is only £7.90, drinks £1.50 it can be considered very cheap. However the decline in quality does not make this a special night.

6-7 Dominion Parade, North West London, England

Good Value, but needs a couple of tweaks

17 Feb 2013

I'm writing this after I submitted a review about Sakonis in Wembley.

The buffet range is much better here than Wembley, parking is also easier.

However the menu still suffers from over salted food and greasy food. Apart from these complaints the food is reasonably priced and very tasty.

I have visited Sakonis over a number of years and it has always been a favourite with the kids and the whole of the family.

When it first started in was novel, fresh, highly competitive, the cleanliness of the decor, the fast service.
They have lost their way a little, however new diners will still appreciate this non pretentious restaurant.

Service is better than Wembley.

127-129 Ealing Road, Wembley, North West London, England

Sakonis changing times

17 Feb 2013

I've visited Sakonis in Wembley over 10 to 15 years.

Over that time little has changed except for the prices marginally increasing and the introduction of a buffet which initially was competitive but now seems dated and limited.

When sakonis first started it had little competition and was the best.
Today we compare it to others and their harrow branch.

The buffet menu: a range of items under a hot plate. Range is better than most restaurants but less than their harrow branch. Gives access to a range of dishes but price not competitive if there is a group of 5 and you share dishes.
items dry out a little under hot plate.

The set menu: much better than the buffet but to sample more of the menu recommend sharing amongst group of 4 or more. can specify level of heat.

service is sometimes very slow but when they can started everything can come at once.
Food can be oversalted, unfortunately you do not notice immediately but spend the night drinking water!

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