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65 Moonmuang Road / Mun Mueang Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand

good place/friendly staff/relaxed place

been there 3 times,good prices, good people, nice food, its not a gourmet food but its simple nice daily food and fresh,support the 100% veg restaurant than the veg friendly restaurant, you can meet always nice people at 100% restaurant and not just random people

Samsen Road, Soi 2, Bangkok, Thailand

this is not vegetarian restaurant!its veg friendly

this is not vegetarian restaurant! see the menu that has sea food and meat sausages!it shouldn't be tag as vegetarian
food its so so, i ate there 3 times, the vegs was overcooked,some dishes was very poor with cheap vegs such alot of onions and cabbage!, some dish as tom yam was nice,and one salad i had was nice too
location is nice thought

Tanao Rd, Bangkok, Thailand

simple nice cheap daily food

nice people, many selection of vegan food such fry seaweed and vegan sausages and snacks for out, simple but taste food to eat in but not so great selection,simple place, just to eat and go,no aircorn room.5 minutes walk from khaosan road

223/2 Soi Pu Thorn, Phuket, Thailand

ordinary jay style

ordinary jay style with pre cooked food, none aircorn simple place.cheap food

85/2 Tanao Road, Banglumpu, Bangkok, Thailand

good food-bad enviroment-random staff behivor

what i don't like about ethos is the enviroment,i don't like that japanese type seats,not very relaxed in my opinion,and those forgoten farnags with the lptop seating for hours!this is restaurant not a skype center! and all in the close distance! the prices is more than the similar vegs restaurant around the area, the food is nice, the staff is not that friendly,i guess is random days in all the restaurants around how they behive to you

313/37 Moo 10, South Pattaya Rd, Pattaya, Thailand

great selection of food

yes i agree,oasis in a crazy town! since there is not many selection of vegan food its liek oasis and not expensive,food prices are 60-70 baht each dish, enviroment is simple but has aircor so its a plus,lots of vegan food.negetive point is not so much green salads

Venizelou Eleftheriou 57, Panepistimiou, Athens, Greece


its like a delivery fast food place with a health food store beside,the food its just ok nothing special,some food are average some are better,nothing special really,once iv been there the toilets was dirty as hell and i hear the owner give the minimum salary,doesn't pay extra work time, and doesn't pay insurance, the stuff change all the times and the atmosphere are eat and go fast

46 Fernandez Street, Puerto Princesa, Philippines

Inspirational restaurant

Ethnic style simple enviroment but clean and cool place. conscious owners with nice etnnic menu, average prices and vegan choices.
Great selection of shakes and smoothies. Healthy books to read as well.

Updated from previous review on Friday September 30, 2011

49 Ong Sim Phai, Phuket, Thailand

Best vegetarian restaurant in phuket island

This screws is wrong at the map. It at chaofa road soi 7 at 24 supermarket and next to a 7eleven. You cannot see the restaurant from main road, if you head straight down from 24 supermarket you will see it
Visit almost all the vegetarian restaurant in phuket i have to say this is far the best. Most of vegetarian retaurant in phuket is jai style, cooked premade food and cold pre cooked dishes serve with rice, this is real retaurant with many collection and good prices. You can order spicy or none spicy and all the traditional thai dishes. Friendly onwers and open till late at night. I was happy to found that place, if you bored eat over cooked oily food made many hours before like most restaurants in phuket pay a visit to this place
Updated from previous review on Thursday December 01, 2011
Updated from previous review on Wednesday March 14, 2012

98, Noble House, Madras Lane, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

MSG palace!

If you like healthy food it's not your place. Not a single salad, only some veggies serve with main dishes. Alot I mean alot of fake meat. Glutene temple of Penang! I ate and I left the place feeling tired and exhausted ! The food have nice presentation with kinda fusion menu and tasty bus as. Said lots of MSG dishes. There some healthier selection as the noodle soup. Many dishes was oily as well. Overall it's nice restaurant but not more than once per week and not if u are raw foodist

33 Lorong Madras, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Cozy place

It's cozy place with great selection of food:) it's jay style not real restaurant with cold dishes pre cooked so the quality is so so, however some are really good like the zucchini raw pasta and 1-2 other dishes. Notice that those they complain for msg that msg is in all south Asia in instant noodles, soy sauce, substitute meat, miso and many other variety of food. Unfortunate it's everywhere from cheaper restaurant to most expensive so in my own view is needless to mention it. I found negative reviews about this restaurant about msg when the same person list a positive review for another restaurant that is also use msg, so why to discriminate?

57 Soi Sukhumvit 39 (Prom-mitr) Sukhumvit Rd, Klongton-Nua Wattana, Bangkok, Thailand

amazing gourmet healthy restaurant

one of best restaurant i ever been!!
amazing gourmet food,tasty,cheap compare to raw food gourmet in west, fast serve food, amazing selection of food, great juices,nice atmosphere, what an oasis!!

33 Soi Phutorn, Phuket, Thailand

Lot of variety of food

clean great selection of vegan food maybe the bigest in puket
Pre cooked food and papaya salad and pumpkin soup
many products to buy and take away

2A-1 1Fl, Jalan Sungai Ara, Desa Ara, Sungai Ara, Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia

Great food great place a way far from george town

I really like this place since is vegan without onion and garlic dishes. Japanese style with retro atmosphere and Eco messages. Food was great and serve quiet fast even the restaurant was semi-full. The staff speak English and are helpful. Toilet is Asian style not for restaurant in my opinion. The restaurant is on second floor u must ring the bell for door to open. I really want to go again:) my only complain was that seems was having management issues since they change my order 3-4 times! Due to rice running off dishes and they make mistake at my bill as well. Can be random incident as well of course due to many costumers while the Chinese new year holidays. However I recommend this place. To go take a bus from central station in Komtar with bus number 302 and mention the street name and the school name written above. Notice that working hours change I already contact site management for that

34/1 Ratmakka Rd, Chiang Mai, Thailand

below average quality food-taste but enviroment

well..iam nto that generous with the review..chef my self i have to say the taste is poor..the enviroment the presentation of the food is nice but in taste no..iv been twice my friend been there and none like it,below medium...iam eprson that eat thai food not western and my reviw is on thai food,i have no idea the western type of food,the prices are higher than the normal and compare prices-food quality is not good,i found that the most vegs are precooked too.i don't understand suck nice ppl that they put their effort to this restaurant have this pure quality food

175 Samsen Road, PhraNakorn, Banglamphu, Bangkok, Thailand

gourmet food in a good price,unique dishes

very good relax enviroment,wine bar,oeganic products and very very nice staff and the owner is super friendly and cozy..the menu is small but have unique dishes a mix thai-europian style, you can ask to make anything you like into your own way,vegan friendly wifi for free,quiet, music was jazz,english speaking, gourmet food,nice coffee, fresh juices, and some dishes are excellent for this price! reall gourmet food. only point is that in my opinion must add more green fresh salads^^ 15 minutes walking from khaosan rd

243 Jalan Kimberley, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Simple outdoors regular carbo Chinese dishes

Simple place with many noodles selection with a lots of carbo dishes. Simple regular Chinese outdoor restaurant

Chakraphet Rd 490, Bangkok, Thailand

unexpected indian delight

be there recently i have to say i was very happy to found this cheap indian restaurant with very nice menu.
the place is aircorn simple place with a wide big screen play indian video clips and amazing food.locate other side of india emporium center across the road at cakraphet road not far from khaosan road. number bus 56 or 53 o3 3 goes near there from khaosan road. i try almost all the menu and i found all from medium to excellent taste.
i give 4 to 5 rating compare quality and price balance.
some dishes can be made in no onion and garlic option and many are sweetable vegan choises.

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