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1137 Doss Ave, Orlando, USA

Good food

10 May 2012

The food I ordered was great, including the samosas, Dal Mahkani and roti. The guy that took my order must not have spoken a lick of English. When I asked questions about dairy or butter, he looked confused and mumbled something ( I don't think they were words in any language), so I just gave up and went on with the order, hoping I'd guessed correctly. I didn't receive or get charged for one item I ordered - not sure b/c it had dairy or if it was a mistake. It's a little out of the way from where I was staying (near convention center) but good food.

Am Graben 30, Linz, Austria

great beer

09 May 2015

Just stopped here for a beer outside, not realizing it was on HC. Some great bio beer choices from Brauhaus Gusswerk in Salzburg. most Austrian beer is pretty plain but this is good "micro brew" style.

933 E University Dr, Ste 112, Tempe, USA

Great place

10 May 2012

I don't think I've been there since March of 2011, but I've there multiple times by myself as well as with non-veg coworkers and we all loved it. Great vegan food that leaves you feeling good.

74 Lono Ave, Kahului, USA

Expensive But Delicious

26 Mar 2014

A little hard to find - go to the 74 building (looks like a doctors office building) and the door is in the back to the north side. Nice guy running the place. Some acai bowls contain bee pollen and or honey. Cool fermented coconut products available. He also makes fermented nut cheeze abd sells to local businesses. The raw bars also made there are divine! Things are a bit expensive but you're getting primo stuff.

305 Dairy Rd, Kahului, USA


26 Mar 2014

I had a delicious kale salad with other greens - plenty of toppings available. When I was there most of the hot bar was vegan (lots of different stuff) and looked delicious. Great store. There's also a smoothie counter.

601-B S New York Ave, Winter Park, USA

nice place, decent food

10 May 2012

Cool oudoor covered courtyard and inside reminds me of a coffee shop - the kind of place a vegan hippie feels comfortable when travelling alone. Good food - had a pizza - not the best and not whole wheat crust but decent anyway. And they have Oberon - hooray!

2655 E Grand River Ave, East Lansing, USA

Find cool stuff here

14 Aug 2016

You can find stuff that's hard to find elsewhere. And *the best* vegan blondies anywhere.

Dametzstrasse 30, Linz, Austria

nice, can be busy

10 May 2015

P'aa was overbooked for Saturday night, so we went to the Yellow Crocodile after 8pm - a lot of people eat there before seeing a movie, so after 8 is a good time to go once the movies are started - it was still pretty busy though. I had a delicious tofu curry and organic beer (Bio-Zwickl).

3022 Packard Rd, Ann Arbor, USA

Good Healthy Different

11 Aug 2013

This food makes you feel good afterwards! A delicious, healthy, non-fried samosa wrap the size of a burrito?! Count me in! Owner is a friendly former UofM oncologist that researched nutrition in relation to cancer and created these feel-good recipes out of a desire to share true health with everyone... fun guy to talk to. Many of the dishes have similar styles and ingredients, but it's still fun to sample all. A bit out of the way from downtown but they also have a cart at Mark's Carts on Washington St. Atmosphere is not what they're going for - it's not really a date place, just fast casual style, and the food comes pretty quickly.

1137 11th Ave, Honolulu, USA

Great Post-hike

22 Mar 2014

Hiked Diamond Head and this place was fairly nearby. Not much of a hike but after driving for over an hour across town and waiting for parking, then hiking in midday sun I was hungry. Nice breezy cool place. The tofu delight was so tasty! She said the chef can whip up vegan desserts (though none are listed) but I didn't try any. Parking lot is nearby but like anywhere you need some luck to find a spot.

1827 India St, San Diego, USA

sauce not vegan?

03 Nov 2015

didn't visit but called and asked if they delivered to the Sheraton. they said no and hung up. Called back and got someone a bit more patient that started to take my order for the vegan pizza. Asked if I wanted the real cheese or Daiya. Then asked if I wanted sauce on it. I asked if it was vegan and he said no it's got cheese in it. I decided not to order since I need some kinda sauce on my pizza. Went to a different joint on HappyCow where they were very friendly and could make a vegan pizza with sauce but no cheese.

7048 International Dr, Orlando, USA

Quaint gem

10 May 2012

This place is pretty near the happening International & Sand Lake intersection, but tucked out of the way in a weird little plaza. Awesome, flavorful vegan dishes (I had the veggie combo), and the injera is half whole wheat half teff. They have a lunch combo that's a little different. I was there for dinner, and I think the combo is really the only way to go as a veg*n, so you get some good greens, beans and salad.

Talstr. 29, Hamburg, Germany


20 May 2015

Delicious vegan quesadillas. Welcoming staff. Made me feel like the rest of the food would be good too.

Bartelsstr.12, Hamburg, Germany

tasty salads

20 May 2015

Delicious vegan salads, food marked as vegan, even cakes. Non-veg friend's food took forever to come out, but she enjoyed it.

312 Ferry St, Douglas, USA

amazing and funky fun

14 Aug 2016

My non-vegan wife said this was probably the best vegan pizza she's ever had, and I'd have to agree, myself a vegan. The owners were fun and friendly. The ice cream was great too. A great surprise for Saugatuck which hasn't always been so vegan friendly. Perfect visit for post-Oval Beach dinner.

Schulterblatt 53, Hamburg, Germany

can accommodate

20 May 2015

nothing really vegan on menu, but they were nice to prepare a good vegan pasta with vegetables and tomato sauce for me. other non-veg friends thought their food was ok, nothing special. very nice owners who chatted us Americans up.

2200 Fuller Ct Ste 8B, Ann Arbor, USA

great like the first

29 Jul 2015

Amazing food just like the first location, but worth variations on the themes. wish it was open more often, but it's a great lunch spot and easy free parking. So glad to have it on the north side.

127 Hoffman St, Saugatuck, USA

tasty coffee and treats

14 Aug 2016

Great cold brew, but didn't see organic as an option. Got a delicious vegan carrot cake muffin and green smoothie.

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