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2425 18th St NW, Washington, USA

Fa la la la-laa

14 Jan 2013

It is a dive. A srrrious dive. Brace your date, as they'll need to be a good sport. It is also delicious. A srrrious delicious. Brace your belly, you will likely overdo it.

They sell falafel sandwiches, decent potato frites (though lacking in Dutch frite sauces) and have a soda fountain that takes up a sixth of the dining room. Squeeze cheeks.

The falafel is well seasoned, moist, and cooked competently. It may or may not be your favorite falafel. but it's solid good falafel.

The toppings bar, however, is going to make the eyes pop out of your head and largely merits the 5 stars. You've spreads like hummus & baba g., various pickled things, beets, slaws, dressings, i could just keep going. Easily 40 items and you will run out of sandwich before you try half.

Keep an eye out for their mobile unit at area street faires--NOT TO BE MISSED, as i assure you, you will not find better fair fare.

3740 12th St NE, Washington, USA

Best bet in Brookland

09 Jun 2012

i've eaten at Brookland Cafe maybe 100 times now. i'll never forget my first visit--super unassuming exterior (you might not even realize it's not abandoned) reveals a tiny but high-swank little restaurant. The folks who work there are super positive, push vegan options DIY many if not most of the sauces. Everything's got a little zing to it.

Cuisine is American--burgers, fries and other sides.

The vegan options which are extensive--choice of about 8 sandwiches, a half-dozen sides (more if you're ovalacto).

i recommend bringing a friend so you can share the vegan shrimp appetizer (white yam). i'd get the vegan fish sandwich, fries (mixed spicy & lemon seasoning), slaw or carrot salad and a lemonade.

Sandwiches are in the $8 range.

i hear tell the chef used to work at Soul Veg, but i've no confirm on that.

314 Carroll St NW, Washington, USA


09 Jun 2012

The cartoon soup chef superhero hanging over Soupgirl is a hometown success story. They delivered subscription pots of (coincidentally vegan/kosher) soup to the kitchen inept and added a retail operation as they grew--directly across from the Takoma Metro.

The cafe itself has that cold post-industrial look which lazy architects love and i suspect everyone else finds, well... cold. Window-facing seating overlooks the sky over the Takoma green which more than makes up for it.

Three pots of self-serve soup for you to choose from (sometimes some bread) and a sparse selection of drinks are your menu. The same are all available for takeout--an option to drop in on your way home.

The soups are fair. It is a vegan soup shop and that's beautiful. And most people are helpless when it comes to making soup, so relativity tempts overstating the case. The 'Girl absolutely kills that ubiquitous "Amy" of horrifically bad store-bought foods fame. That isn't, however, the same as killing at Iron Chef, ya dig? If you make good soups at home, you will be underwhelmed.

But for a decent bowl or three on a cold day, the Soupergirl leaps tall buildings in a single bound.

Odd hours have changed frequently. (Many things Takoma close early on Fridays for Saturday sabbath observers--Adventist, Jewish, etc.)

1370 Park Rd NW, Washington, USA


28 Sep 2009

i occasionally purchased from Sticky Fingers when they were in the little Shop on 18th. Go-To folks if you want to pay someone to make a cake.

The new shop's in my neighborhood so i frequently visit now.

Awesome check in for takeout (picnic/outing/roastrip/lazy).
Sadly, the bakery is not impressive--dry, cakey, over-sugared--you can do better yourself, except for the consistency in decoration for which they get props.

As others mentioned, they sell a cinnamon-roll mislabeled as a sticky bun. It's just eh.

A great spot to stop in for a bite and some takeout treats. Not nearly serious enough selection to brand itself primarily a bakery (mostly cupcakes, a few cookies, nothing else; no bread). EXCEPT the hoarde of b'laptopped scenesters who never leave eat up the limited seating.

i DO love Sticky Fingers and will continue to visit (it's a vegan cafe), but unless you've been living away from our people you won't be dazzled.

3809 12th St NE, Washington, USA

One of the better Yes!es

20 Jan 2011

For those not in the know, Yes! Market is a popular DC region health[ier] food store. *Most of* the produce is organic, higher quality than box stores like Giant or Safeway. Vitamins, organic wines, vegetarian staples, some Hugh-end meats and cheeses, bulk foods, etc.

This also means more expensive

Some Yes!es are better than others. This is one of the best.

Large bulk aisle, loose tea, great coconut-milk frozen treats options, they stock a variety of flatbreads, Twin Oaks tofu (a commune) and don't try to fudge rotten produce in the old-stuff bin (like some places, ahem, georgia ave).

This is main grocer, and the
only one in this neighborhood. Has parking if you're a driver. Not cramped either.

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