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6005 Berkshire Ln, Dallas, USA

One of our top 5 Raw Restaurants

Dallas is virtually a wasteland for healthy restaurants, but Be Raw was a shining star. The food is amazing! Very delicious and beautifully prepared. If you happen to be in Dallas and want to eat healthy and clean, this is the place to go.

778 Higuera St, San Luis Obispo, USA

Bliss is bliss!

Happy Cow did not let us down with this jewel of a Cafe. Although you have to walk from the main street into a building with other shops, Bliss sits in the back of the building and opens up onto a courtyard. When we were there there was live music and a lively crowd just outside. There is seating out in the courtyard but we elected to stay inside because it was a little chilly.

The food was wonderful. We tried a couple of different dishes. The salad was really impressive with all kinds of local and organic ingredients. The juice was good as well.

We recommend this cafe to anyone interested in living healthy!

922 Orange Ave, Coronado, USA

Great Salads - Quinoa Burger has cheese in it!

We specifically went to this cafe to have the quinoa burger and were disappointed that it contained cheese so we just had salad. We were really impressed with the salads and left satisfied. The chain uses mostly organic ingredients and is best for lunch.

153 E Morse Blvd, Winter Park, USA

Wonderful Food!

My wife and I were so happy to find a raw, vegan, and conscious restaurant in Orlando. We also were happy to discover the Winter Park area which added to our experience. We had the Mayan Tacos and they were amazing! Flax seed/apple tortillas filled with a walnut and vegetable filling. Our server was one of the most educated people we have run into when we travel. She has eaten raw for seven years (only 24) and had the clearest and intense blue eyes we have ever seen! I recommend this restaurant to anyone that wants to eat healthy and well.

2920 University Ave, San Diego, USA

Wonderful, Incredible, Creative, Delicious!

The food is amazing. Everything is organic which is wonderful. The only draw back is that if you do not quite like what is on the menu then that night isn't for you. The good thing though is that around the corner are Sipz and Ranchos, so for a vegan and haalthy eater your trip to North Park is not wasted. The soap, salad and entrees were all creative and delicious and not salted, wonderful!

1559 S Novato Blvd C-2, Novato, USA

Raw, Vegan, Sprouted and mostly Gluten Free, YES!

Just had lunch there after seeing a review in the local newspaper. The food was and is wonderful. But most importantly many of the items are made with sprouted and low glycemic ingredients which are important to those of us managing cancer. It is wonderful to have a restaurant close by with such wonderful and delicious food! What we really liked is that there was a wide selection of food to go.

1435 N McDowell Blvd Ste 100, Petaluma, USA

Sunflower Center Sets the Standard for Health!

The Sunflower Center is the healthiest restaurant we have ever found! The completely organic, vegan, and gluten-free menu has many wonderful options. The staff is happy and engaging, the atmosphere is created for inner peace. The food consciousness here really sets the standard for physical and psychological health - not to mention the exceptional desserts!

618 N Thornton Ave, Orlando, USA

A True Gem located in a Wasteland

My wife travel several times a year and always use Happy Cow to find vegan and organic restaurants. We are so happy we found the Dandelion Cafe! We only wish we had eaten here at the start of our trip except near the end. We actually did not go to a business banquet our last night in Orlando just to come back! The food is wonderful. You can build your own lunch or dinner and have many choices. They take great pains in serving local and sustainable food. The restaurant is located in a small converted house that gives it a real cafe feel. The staff is very aware of the importance of healthy eating. They had just hosted Charlotte Gerson about a week before we arrived. This is a must destination for those wanting to eat healthy!

8020 S Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, USA

One of the Best!

We have been following Happy Cow's recommendations for a couple of years now, and we found Darbster to be one of the best yet. The menu is varied, all of the food is delicious and to top it off, it is a non-profit benefiting animals. The wait staff is great and the chef came out and introduced himself to every table. We cannot recommend this restaurant enough!

601-B S New York Ave, Winter Park, USA

Meat Eaters Vegan Kitchen

The restaurant's menu contains a lot of Soy based meat substitute products and is not organic. We are always happy to find anything Vegan when we travel and enjoyed the atmosphere and large salads and organic wine that they offer, however there was no gluten free options for their pizzas and calzones. It was not clear how much of the food was organic. Because of the limited options in Orlando this is okay but there are others that are more healthy. We were surprised that our server did not know what GMO foods are!

1965 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa, USA

Great Food, Lots of Selections

We are always looking for Asian restaurants that use organic ingredients and are tuned into the requirements of Vegans. Although not totally organic they do use some organic produce and they have some totally vegan and gluten-free items. We go there about once a month with my wife's parents and sister and have never been disappointed.

1827 India St, San Diego, USA

Great Vegan Pizza

This is an out-style take-out type pizza joint that has some indoor seating and a patio out back. We ordered the vegan pizza with diaya cheeze and loved the selection of vegetables, the sauce, the crust and the diaya cheese! A good place to enjoy Little Italy for lunch or a light dinner.

555 S Sunrise Wy Ste 301, Palm Springs, USA

Great Place to shop and eat!

We traveled to Palm Springs for a meeting and spent 4 days there. We went out of our way 4 separate times to eat at the small cafe inside the store and to shop. The menu is varied and is mostly Vegan. The owner had a very good knowledge of the health benefits of different foods and was touting his use of turmeric in one of there many fresh juices the make the first time we visited. All of the food is organic in the cafe!

3910 30th St, San Diego, USA

Great Mexican Food and Organic!

We were very impressed with the food. The chef does some great things and uses mostly organic ingredients. We loved this place so much that we returned from dinner for breakfast the next morning and had the buckwheat pancakes with blueberries and the breakfast burrito with Organic tofu scramble, potatoes, onions, peppers, etc. - wonderful! This is a most "eat" restauran when in SanDiego for a Vegan.

73-595 El Paseo Rd, Palm Desert, USA

Wood Fired Gluten Free Pizza!

We stayed in the area for a couple of days and on our last night we visited Sammy's and were very pleased to find that they can make a vegan and gluten free wood -fired pizza that was fantastic. They also serve huge salads. Not all organic but a great find nonetheless.

427 Morro Bay Blvd, Morro Bay, USA

Shine shines!

We traveled to Central CA to go to a wedding and we always use Happy Cow to help us find Vegan, organic and sustainable restaurants and markets. We were not disappointed with Shine Cafe.

Although we only were able to have breakfast here (twice!) we were incredibly impressed. The buckwheat pancakes were to live for! You had the option of adding two different berries or nuts to them as well. They have a Vegan honey made from apples that is wonderful. They use all organic TVP and Tofu which was also impressive. The tofu scramble was delicious. We loved the food so much that we got a to go order of their veggie wraps and ended up eating them at the wedding we went to!

The only item that could be added to their menu that would make this a 5+ star restaurant is fresh vegetable/fruit juices, although their smoothies (made with almond milk) were wonderful.

If in the area, you must try Shine out!

3914 30th St, San Diego, USA

Lots of Choices

We came here for dinner and tried the sushi and an asian dish. The food was good however there was little too much emphasis on TVP and Soy for our liking (and not organic) but there was plenty of "safe" food to eat for a Vegan. There was a large selection of different items.

1101 N Beckley Ave, Dallas, USA

Wish we had a Spiral Diner!

We ate a both the Fort Worth and Dallas locations and loved each one. We were happy that there was a great selection of food and that it is all Vegan! The wait staff was fantastic and the atmosphere lively. Oh, and the food is great!

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