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200 E Grayson St Ste 120, San Antonio, USA

Redefining Earth Friendly Food

11 Nov 2010

Being a San Antonio resident, I realized that there wouldn't be too many options if I was going to try to rid myself of animal products in my food. Most dining here is tex-mex, burger joints, taco places and fast food none of which offer vegan options that are free of animal products.

I had been vegan in my own kitchen for three months until I realized that there was even a vegetarian restaurant here that was friendly to so many other "non-mainstream" lifestyles (like kosher diets, vegetarian/vegan eating). A friend of mine (my first vegan friend actually)told me about GREEN and he took me to the restaurant almost immediately. I was suddenly taken back into a world where I had options, where I didn't have to worry about flesh or fats from animals in the kitchen that may find their way onto my plate.

I had options! I tried some of their suggested plates for newbies to the restaurant, and I picked a burger with "cashew cheese" on it. A lot of the ingredients in the menu I had heard of or read about on the internet, but to see them on A menu was so new to me, it was refreshing to find out that I would be able to try these new foods and methods of cooking without having to prepare them all myself in my own kitchen. Most importantly, I felt like I had a 100 percent SAFE outing in San Antonio.

I would like to tell you what you should get if you are a vegan, but so much of the food is delicious, and so much of it can be made vegan for you. Even though it's vegetarian--they have gotten much better throughout my few months of going there with making dishes vegan. Green does NOT skimp out on cheese substitutes, for example, they use Daiya cheese, which is a great way for vegetarians to see that the options are out there for other things other than "REAL" cheese. It's also delicious on their Enchiladas (I would strongly recommend their Italian Enchiladas).

As I became a regular I got to know the friendly staff and have chatted with the owners on just about every trip. They try out new things as lunch specials, and they DO listen to your feedback. With pizza nights on Monday's, all vegan desserts, there's always a nice treat to make you return.

Green is a tiny glimpse of a possible future. Vegetarian and vegan food is flavorful, and this is a great starting point if you're an avid meat eater. Try some wheat meats, try some of the Buffalo Tofu or Steak Fingers.

Living without animal flesh is a truth whose time has finally come. Green can help you realize that.

606 W Cypress St, San Antonio, USA

One Item to Try!

11 Nov 2010

The Cove has good intentions. It is a great place to take fellow meat eaters and to still enjoy this one delicious vegan item on their menu.

I'm referring to the "Vegan Bacon Cheeseburger" that another reviewer posted. This item is worth coming back for, it's great for non-vegans also!

My only problem with the cove is that it sells this image of "happy" or "responsible" meat. As a vegan, I don't think this helps further a socially proactive approach to veganism. There are many mainstream buzzwords on the menu such as "humanely raised" or "organic/free-range".

I still applaud the cove for being conscious of veganism, but it should definitely try supporting it more. With an item as tasty as that burger, and vegan night (every first Thursday of every month) where they experiment with new vegan dishes, it is something they should definitely cater more to. Vegan food is as "conscious" as cooking can get, which is something that they're aiming for--they just kind of miss their mark by saying that their meat is any less cruel than some other restaurants dead meat.

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